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French dairy giant Danone has withdrawn claims from the controversial EU nutrition and health claim process because it is waiting for procedural guidance from the claims assessment agency, the European Food safety Authority (EFSA). Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. EU-banned marketing terms like ‘probiotics’ need to be reclaimed and recently reworked definitions and criteria can help win ongoing regulatory and research battles, ISAPP told a microbiota congress in Barcelona on Saturday.
Probiotic – bacterium should be a member of a specific species supported by evidence of general beneficial effect in well conducted human study. Under the EU nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR), terms like ‘probiotic’ and ‘prebiotic’ have been deemed unauthorised implied health claims since December 2012, although a prebiotic-gut function like claim was approved last year by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Yakult has joined fellow probiotic giant Danone in winning health claims for its probiotic yoghurt drinks in Switzerland.

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The European Fool Shaving Agency (EFSA) has approved the EU’s first probiotic allegation after years of playing hard to get your health claim.
Probiotic players obsessed with winning health claims needn’t bother as consumers don’t value them anyway, a leading consultant says. Still learningDanone said companies were still in a “learning stage” about the “new and complex procedure” and that, while it remained confident about the strength of its claims, it decided it was better to remove the claims from the process until further guidance was issued by EFSA, due by mid-May.Groupe Danone corporate communications director in health, nature and external communication, Agnes Berthet-d'Anthonay, said the regulation was not clear in its demands on companies and that it was, “better to know the rules before playing the game”. We welcome the new process and remain committed to working with EFSA.”Danone is not the first major food or ingredients supplier to pull out of the European claims process.

In the article 14 disease reduction and children’s claims list, something like 10 claims have been withdrawn from the likes of Nestle, Unilever and Valio as well as the Irish Dairy Council and the France-based Association of the Food Industries for Particular Nutritional Uses of the European Union (IDACE). The 2006 nutrition and health claims regulation aims to formulate a centralised health claims list under the nutrition and health claims regulation that is due for completion in January, 2010. Activia and Actimel, and versions of them that sell under different names in different markets, are some of the most successful functional foods in the world, with sales in the billions of euros.US 'misleading' claims caseMeanwhile, last week it emerged that Dannon, the US arm of Danone, is settling class actions mounted against it for making misleading probiotic health claims.

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