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Intro: Making a Probiotic Ginger BeerIncorporate probiotic bacterial into ginger-based beverages!
I have been talking to you about my first cookbook for 8 months and am so thrilled to announce its latest and greatest milestone.  Delicious Probiotic Drinks is now available for pre-order!  The book will officially be released in February of 2014, but you can order it off Amazon right now!
Fermentation is a pretty popular thing to do at home…maybe not as popular as watching The Voice, but popular nonetheless. Folks who are already die-hard kombucha drinkers (making kombucha at home will save you TOOOOOOONS of MUUUULAAAAAAHHH…just sayin’). Detailed how-to instructions on how to brew kombucha, jun (related to kombucha), kefir, kefir soda, rejuvalac, ginger beer, lactofermented lemonade, cultured vegetable juice, yogurt, and smoothies. LOL, fortunately there are no test tubes or bunsen burners required for making the recipes in my book, or else I would have been a lot more intimidated too! Honey, I have so many things fermenting in my refrigerator, and that doesn’t include the sourdough starter.
Julia, this is sooo exciting for you…and for me, as I get older my digestive tract does weird things, I’m totally ordering your book so that I can get my gut good! Hi Joy, it depends on which drink you are trying to make, but for the most part, the only thing you need for fermenting probiotic beverages are large jars. Being a fermented beverage, this has a small amount of alcohol that increases the longer you let it sit. Grate the ginger coarsely and muddle it with a small amount of sugar in the bottom of a glass.
Seal the jar and let it stand at room temperature for 24 hours, up to 48 hours if you like a stronger-tasting beer. Except my name’s not Olivia, I haven’t owned a leotard since 2005 1995, and I have never done aerobics…in public.

Whether you’re a newby or seasoned fermentor, this book has ideas, tips, and tricks that you can apply to your fermentation skill set. They boost your energy level as well as your immune system, and are chock full of Vitamins and minerals.
Once you get the base recipes down, adding ingredients enhances flavor as well as the health benefits of the drinks. Pre-order Delicious Probiotic Drinks now so that in 3 months, you find 10 bucks in your pocket…or something to that effect. I promise, everything in the book is easy, but starting out the drinks do require some patience (which was my biggest challenge).
I’ve been dabbling a little bit in lacto-fermentation and I would love to learn more about making probiotic-rich foods at home!!! Drink it within two days and you’ll stay relatively sober, plus avoid any risk of exploding jars. The calcium helps kefir grow, but if you have good fresh grains it shouldn’t be necessary. If you’re one of those people (like me) who loves finding the 10 bucks you forgot about in your jacket pocket, or (more to the point)receiving packages you forgot were coming to you, pre-ordering is your jam! Probiotic drinks help stabilize the amount of stomach acid you have to ensure your system stays comfortable, regular, and healthful.  Included in the book is a detailed run-down on why each individual drink is healthful for you. I have no idea what any of this is, other than ginger beer (and that’s because Stephie taught me about that) and smoothies. They are so worth the effort, though I totally get fermentation is not necessarily a thing most people just pick up and do. I am still a little unsure, but I guzzle ginger beer like it’s goin’ out of style, so this could be just the thing for us to experiment with!

Alternatively, you can peel and slice the ginger very thinly and add it directly to the jar.
It also includes lots of information, history, tips, suggestions…there are smart things I done writ in that ther book. Generations of Turkish shepherds swear by it, but the traditional kefir recipe is more like a thin, sour yogurt.
Although, I will admit that I have a picture of the lab in science class with test tubes and bubbly things coming out of said test tubes in my mind. To be constructive I am telling you, your bottles have a high chance of blowing after a few days at room temperature. I have bottled beer in everything from plastic to mason jars, and currently I use grolsch bottles (because they are reusable-not because of fear of fracture).
As much as we would like to make beer making a science - it ain't - all your doing is mixing soup on a diffirent level - and using rot to make alcohol. That would either drop the microbes out of suspension or stop them from processing the sugar.
The yeast can create alcohol and the whey will add a tang to the brew.Using some potassium metabisulfite and potasium sorbate as stabilizing agents may help.

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