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For most of the summer, I have been using (and loving!) TULA Skin Care with Probiotic Technology. Be sure to subscribe to Fabulous Forever using the form on the top right of the homepage, and use the social sharing buttons below the form to follow me on social media. A hydrating and clarifying moisturizer that instantly calms acne inflammation and reduces and prevents breakouts.
Biocomplex: a booster of antioxidants, vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid to improve the appearance of skin.
So I had to put Meela in because she just kept jumping on the bed while we were taking these.
Now, you all know I love trying out beauty products, especially when it comes to skin care.

Even before I used this cleanser, I would at least wash my face with water after removing my makeup… After cleansing, I put on the exfoliating mask and left it on for 5 minutes.
It hydrates my skin without feeling too heavy, which is key because its 91 degrees today in New Jersey.
A quick search on the AAD web site pulled up this press release about probiotics for acne and rosacea.
After I washed that off, I finished with the hydrating cream. Overall, my face felt clean and smooth. According to the brand, probiotics help prevent breakouts, and reduce skin inflammation, redness, and sensitivity. I tried all 3 of these products a few nights ago, and one of my favorites was the exfoliating mask.

I actually haven’t used the products in 2 days, since I’ve been rushing to get to bed, but my face still feels so smooth! I try to exfoliate as often as I can, as I do think it is such an important step when it comes to skin care.
It’s one of (in my opinion) the best ways to fully clear your skin of excess dirt, and it also leaves your skin feeling so smooth.
But to go in order of how I used my Tula products: I first used the face cleanser after I took off my makeup.

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