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This is the longest stretch we have ever had without her needing to get on meds." Your dog is a member of the family so treat him like one.
You'd need dozens of pills to get the benefits of just one dose of our dog probiotic powder. We offer a money back guarantee whereby if you do not see a positive improvement in the first 45 days, we will refund your order no questions asked.
More digestible, nutritious, and flavorful than rawhide, but with a similar tough texture that makes them last far longer than biscuits and other soft treats. With a library of info, media, and research data pet shoppers are sure to find what they're looking for. Best Natural Dog Probiotics helps with digestive imbalances that cause gas and diarrhea, yeast and skin irritation.

Our unique blend has 4 dog specific probiotic strains and 74 essential minerals giving your dog the fuel he needs to keep happy healthy and active.ENJOY FRESH AIR AND THE SHOW HOME YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED Tired of gassy smells and loose stools? Naturals Dental Care Chewy potato and rice formula Unique design and chewy texture cleans dogs' teeth as they chew and helps freshen breath. Our probiotic formula is the first line of defense, restoring balance in your dog's digestive system. No more smelly, messy pooch!GIVE YOUR DOG HIS DAY Is your dog exhausted and anxious from scratching all day? They taste great, are healthy and safely digest, unlike rawhide that have a risk of blockage. Unlike some other dog probiotic supplements, we have ensured our proprietary blend has four dog specific probiotics, which help prevent inflammation to stop your dog scratching, finally giving much needed relief.WANT MORE MONEY TO SPOIL YOURSELF AND YOUR PET?
Please always supervise your pets so they do not gulp our treats without chewing them first.

Our tasteless odorless powder mixes easily into food and is completely undetectable so your dog won't even know it's in his food.LOVE IT OR IT'S FREE We know you want the best dog probiotics.
With over 10 BILLION CFUs per jar, you can be confident you are getting the best for your money.
When you buy, if you are not amazed with the difference in your dog's health within 90 DAYS we will happily give you a FULL refund no questions asked!
Also it gets absorbed into the kibble as you spray, unlike powder products which may fall to the bottom of the bowl.100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!- While we can't guarantee that every problem your dog has will be handled by DOG PROTM, we are confident many will and guarantee you will be satisfied with it.

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