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But I'm sure you know by now that my approach to life is never an "ONLY THIS" philosophy.
While I would be more apt to agree with this statement, I do not consider it entirely true either. So, I am going to share some of the information in the article, but mostly I will give my own holistic approach on nutrition and exercise. These are just very basic types though, the appearance of lots of tummies could be a combination of different things going on on the inside, and that is what we are going to talk about today.
How to correct with exercise: If you are used to being very inactive, start out walking daily. Hormones in dairy and meat (even organic!) HUGE barnyard animals have lots of hormones in their bodies naturally. EDIT: I just found this awesome article about another reason for "the pooch" in otherwise lean women. How to Spot: The fullness of the stomach appear to be out of place on the body that it is on. Food intolerances (gluten, alcohol, yeast, dairy are the most common) You have probably had these your whole life and not really made aware of it because there are not any outward symptoms like other allergies. Imbalanced intestinal flora- The use of antibiotics, birth control, and the eating of processed food, KILL all of the "good bugs" that help us breakdown and digest our food properly.
Unnecessary Weight gain-  Some weight gain is natural during pregnancy, but all too often women just eat whatever they want while pregnant. Of course being in shape BEFORE you get pregnant will virtually guarantee that you will have an easier pregnancy, faster delivery, and faster recovery time after the baby is born. This post is not about living up to some perfect body type that the media makes you believe is ideal. When doing ab exercises, it is important to always pull your belly button in to your backbone- always be "sucking in your stomach" this will help engage your core AND help your muscles form the correct way.

I emphasize "health" here because- you could maintain a "skinny" body by being anorexic or obsessive about counting calories. Whatever is showing up on the outside of the body is doing so due to something going on on the inside- usually something directly related to the food we eat. The belly weight is more or less evenly distributed and mostly concentrated in the belly region on the body. This type of stomach is usually more firm and not so jiggly- depending on your body fat percentage. Your body has been through so much AND the baby has likely depleted all of your vitamin and mineral stores.
Just something to think about to all you ladies that are thinking of becoming mothers soon. Make  sure you are at least getting 2 liters of water a day*, especially if your body is retaining water, as odd as that sounds. If you do not do this, your muscles will form in a convex shape and make your tummy look round.
An approach that incorporates our entire lifestyle- not just what we do in the gym 5 days a week. I was recently inspired by a random article here that argues there are 5 different tummy types and in order to get the stomach you want, you first have to identify which type you have. INTERESTING FACT: In Korea, this type of tummy is referred to as "Ddong Bae", which literally translates to "Poop Belly". High fiber foods will cut down on inflammation, and allow your body to relax and release the fat.
All of the aforementioned "culprits" inflame the intestines, causing them to actually swell inside! If food is left in your body too long, it will start to ferment and rot causing gas and bloating.

If you are working out and you still have a bloated belly, chances are you have an issue with one of the causes listed above.
You should be eliminating your bowels about 3 times per day, or a number equal to the number of meals you eat! Fat will only make you tired and slowwwww you downnnnn. Join an exercise class like yoga, Pilates, Karate, dance, aerobics, etc!
Getting your body moving will aid your body in releasing everything build up after 9 months. Please consult your local holistic practitioner before beginning a new diet or supplement regimen. Makeups, hair products, deodorants, scented feminine hygiene products, fabric softeners, perfumes, and lotions all carry estrogenic agents that are constantly being circulated in our bodies when we use them. Then after your body has been reset itself, you can gradually add back in the culprits one at a time to pinpoint the offender. Most professionals agree that you should not return to strenuous core exercises for 3-4 months postpartum.
But I can say in full certainty that Paleo diets are bad news.To start, Paleo diets are high fat diets- fats from animals are known to cause everything from heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They are HEAVY promoters of supplements, and will sell them to you in monthly shipments of $200!

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