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The initial bacterial inoculation during natural birth is followed by a top-up from mom’s breast milk. The important role that maternal intestine microbial balance, type of delivery and feeding choice have on an infant’s gut flora is evident, but what are the implications for the baby’s health? A recent animal study supports other findings which show that normal gut flora can affect brain development and behaviour. Optimise your own intestinal micro environment so that your baby’s exposed to beneficial bacteria during birth and breastfeeding.
Conversely, a diet high in fibre, from fruit, vegetables, legumes and wholegrain, provides prebiotics and keeps bowel function regular, allowing good bacteria to flourish. Moms giving natural birth or breastfeeding should consider balancing their intestinal microbiota by taking a probiotic supplement.
Joining the popular flavours of Vanilla, Strawberry and Tropical Fruit comes the latest addition to the Vaalia Kids Yoghurt range – Banana. Featuring real banana puree swirled through rich, creamy yoghurt, it’s packaged in a convenient, freezable 140g pouch.
Vaalia Kids Yoghurts have been specifically developed to suit the nutritional needs and taste preferences of 4-12 year olds. All yoghurts in the range also feature a combination of the probiotic cultures Acidophilus, Bifidus and LGG, are low GI and free from preservatives, artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and gluten.
Make sure that the probiotic you’re choosing is supported by clinical studies and that the studies were done on the finished product and not just the bacterial formulation.  The reason for this is because the finished product has been tested and its effectiveness is guaranteed at time of consumption. It’s critical for the bacteria to be alive and in the proper amount, if not, probiotics won’t work.

In the case of Bio-K Plus, a brand to watch in the probiotics field, its probiotic capsules have an enteric coating to survive the journey down the digestive tract and into the stomach (unless they are coated, probiotics often cannot survive our stomach acid).  Its probiotic supplements have also undergone numerous clinical trials and its testing is done on the finished product as you find it in stores, which confirms its reliability and effectiveness.
It is very comforting to know that the probiotic strains in Bio-K Plus are coated to survive their entire digestive journey.  It is also nice to know that the strains have gone through clinical trials on the finished product.
You can win a coupon for a free 6 pack of Bio-K Plus ($30.00 Value) as a part of my health and wellness prize pack at the 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz. I’ve never heard of these, we love yogurt here, but this sounds like another way to get in probiotics. We usually get ours from yogurt, so thanks for educating me on another way to get probiotics. What’s up, yup this article is actually good and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging. WHO defines probiotics as live microorganisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis is BioGaia’s own patented probiotic bacteria. She takes care to eat, supplement and exercise correctly and to avoid toxins during pregnancy. Breast milk ia also a constant source of prebiotics (beneficial bacteria’s food), and anti-adhesion molecules, (which prevent pathogenic bacteria from sticking to and colonising the gut). The investigators found that mice without bacteria in their gut had altered gene expression, which changed brain signally pathways involved in learning, memory and motor control.
Vaalia is the only brand of yoghurt in Australia to include Omega 3 DHA, which assists brain and eye development in children, in its range of yoghurts for babies, toddlers and kids.
Because Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis naturally occurs in the human body it is uniquely adapted to reside in humans.

Once her bundle of joy enters the world, she’s sure to breastfeed and introduce the right solid food at the right time. For this reason, researchers are investigating the potentially beneficial role probiotic supplementation in pregnant women may have on their babies’ microflora and health.
These beneficial bacteria and supportive compounds are thought to play a key role in protecting breastfed newborns from infection, including middle ear, respiratory and urinary tract infections and gastroenteritis. They found that these detrimental changes could only be reversed if the mice were exposed to microflora while developing. With its exceptional and documented health benefits in several areas, Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis is considered a truly superior probiotic bacterium.Recommended dose5 drops daily.
But few moms realise the critical role the microscopic inhabitants of their guts can play in their babies’ long-term health.
They also have delayed gut colonisation by the true intestinal bacteria, mainly bifidobacteria. These findings support previous studies which showed associations between autism and schizophrenia, and microbial pathogen infections during the perinatal period. This different and delayed biodiversity of intestinal bacteria may increase the risk for skin diseases, allergies and impair immunity.

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