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Medikoi Probiotic is a multi-season food, scientifically formulated to significantly improve digestion and nutrient uptake resulting in very low waste, Medikoi Probiotic improves fishes colour, growth and health. Medikoi Probiotic is a multi-season food, scientifically formulated to significantly improve digestion and nutrient uptake resulting in very low waste and an all round improvement in colour, growth and health.
Before understanding the type of diseases that originates in the digestive system it would be better to know about the digestive system. Next the particles enter into the small intestine which is the place where the absorption of nutrients into body occurs. The leftover paste then reaches the large intestine where majority of waste particles are stored. Eating too much of junk foods and fried items can spoil the natural balance of the stomach interfering with digestion. Leading sedentary life and sitting for extended hours without any physical activity can lead to many digestive diseases.
Many diseases like Crohn’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis have idiopathic (unknown) causes.
Change in stool habits is the first sign to indicate that something is wrong in your GI tract.
Burning pain in the chest region, difficulty in swallowing or eating anything, pain in the rectal region, irritation of rectum and passing blood in stool are some other symptoms of digestive system disorders. For constipation including plenty of fiber and drinking plenty of liquids can help in improving the symptoms.
Changing eating habits can help a lot in overcoming many of the problems related to digestive system.
If medications are the root cause of your problem your doctor may provide suitable alternative drugs to control the symptoms. Corticosteroids, antibiotics, aminosalicylate drugs and immunosuppressive agents are prescribed by your gastroenterologist to control the symptoms.
Bulking agents, osmotic laxatives, purgatives and stimulants are largely used for treating constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Surgical option is available for certain diseases like piles (hemorrhoids) when non-surgical options are not effective for patients.

Overall many of the problems and diseases of the digestive system can be managed and controlled by following specific diet regimen and including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in daily diet. Digestive system is one that includes series of organs that are involved in converting food into nutrients which in turn is absorbed into the body via bloodstream. Several gastric juices are secreted in the stomach to break down food into proteins and other nutrients. Water from the paste is absorbed into the body here and other waste products are stored until it is eliminated in the form of feces through the rectum. It may range from common issues like constipation or bloating with heartburn, or serious problems like blood in stool, colon cancer or difficulty in swallowing.
Diet plays in important role in deciding the disorders or other problems in the digestive tract. Soft mucous membrane of the stomach can get irritated when it comes in contact with acidic items and hot spicy foods. It occurs when the acid from the stomach is forced upwards into the esophagus causing chest pain.
It can effectively reduce the inflammation of the tissues leading to bowel movement thus facilitating healing.
Doing exercises can help in overcoming constipation and it can strengthen your pelvic muscles. Saliva contains salivary amylase an important enzyme that facilitates breaking down of starch. The food stays in the stomach for about 1-2 hours which finally leaves the stomach in the form of semi liquid known as chyme which then enters the small intestine. In the liver nutrients are further separated into sugars and carbohydrates and assumes a new form of protein which can be transported into the blood.
By restricting or eliminating certain foods many of the diseases that may occur in the digestive system can be prevented.
Eating food in untimely manner and going to bed with heavy stomach can affect the process of digestion. For many others work atmosphere forces one to sit before computer or laptop for hours together.

A long flexible thin tube is sent through the anus (rectum) along with lighted instrument through which the inner organs of colon can be studied to detect presence of polyps or tumors inside. Human digestive system is medically called as gastrointestinal tract and any problem, diseases or disorder in these organs are to be consulted with gastroenterologist. Teeth is a vital organ that helps in chewing the food thus breaking it down into small pieces. At this point various enzymes secreted from the pancreas and gall bladder come into action in the duodenum. Unwanted food particles and toxic chemicals are filtered in the liver and sent into the large intestine. Hence let us see what are the causes and symptoms of various diseases and the available treatment.
Alcohol intake and smoking can directly interfere with the functions of gastrointestinal tract causing complications in the long run. It is necessary to do minimal exercises daily to keep your stomach and other organs in good condition.
GI endoscopy, endoscopic cholangiopancreatography is some other testing procedure to detect problems in GI tract. The pyloric sphincter valve opens and closes involuntarily once the chyme gets ready to be emptied into the duodenum. And most of the problems related to acidity and heartburn can be controlled by eating little food frequently.
Certain types of yoga poses can force the acidic enzymes from the stomach into the throat causing heartburn.

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