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This study was conducted to compare the broiler performance and carcass measurements fed diets containing a probiotic and an organic acid with those fed a diet containing antibiotic.
Although, there is a growing number of letters investigated the effects of dietary inclusion of these feed additives on poultry diets, fewer studies compared the efficiency of probiotics and organic acids as an alternative for AGPs.
Viability and performance index: The chickens were daily inspected and the number and the body weight of dead birds were registered. Sampling procedures for carcass analysis: At the end of the experiment (43 days of age), 20 male birds (1 bird per pen with 5 pens per treatment) the nearest to the mean weight of the pen, were randomly selected, weighed and killed for determination of the carcass characteristics. RESULTSThe effects of using probiotic, propionic acid and flavomycin on the MWG, MFI and feed efficiency of broiler chickens are shown in Table 2.
In conclusion, some results of this study demonstrated that probiotic and especially propionic acid have potential to be used as suitable alternative to AGPS in terms of some performances criteria, especially in starter phase of broilers nutrition. Please note Food First are not currently taking on new clients.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
My 2 month old has been having poops with mucous and some more watery than others since Sunday. Instinct is pretty strong when it comes to our babies so if you think something is not right it probably isn't. In a completely randomized design, 320 commercial broilers were assigned to four dietary treatments.
Comparison of Broiler Performance and Carcass Parameters When Fed Diets Containing a Probiotic, an Organic Acid or Antibiotic Growth Promoter.

Mortality rates were calculated through dividing the number of dead birds by the total number of the birds and these rates were shown as percentage. Then, determination of the thigh, breast, abdominal fat and carcass yield percentage (g kg-1 of BW) was performed.
However, further studies are necessary to amplify the results of this experiment and to determine whether these results are likely to be applicable for other rearing conditions.ACKNOWLEDGMENTWe thank Anvar Amozmehr for his special assistance in this experiment. Orange can be normal but if it is frequent and accompanied by mucous I would think something was up. It might not be bad enough to make him fussy yet but if the gut is frequently damaged and irritated it could get worse so I would try to get on top of it. Today I took him to his pediatrician to confirm and he didn't agree because he's not fussy, he's gaining weight well, no rash and stool is still a good color. For preparing other diets, control diet was supplemented with a probiotic, propionic acid and an antibiotic (positive control) at the levels of 0.1, 2 and 1 g kg-1 of diet, respectively.
At the first 2 week, the birds fed diets inclusion of probiotic and propionic acid had significantly lower MFI than both negative and positive control. A food intolerance would typically be indicated by blood in the stool which is what happened with my son. Birds fed control diet had significantly more MFI than the propionic acid diet in the second 2 week period. At the day 43, one male chicken from each pen was randomly selected and killed for determining the carcass parameters.

During the second 2 week, flavomycin and propionic acid made a significantly lower MFI compared to those fed control diet while no significant difference was observed using a diet supplemented with probiotic. Metabolic weight gain just was significantly increased during the first 2 week by propionic acid. There were no significant difference among the diets for MWG and MFI in the second and third 2 week, respectively. The birds fed probiotic and propionic acid, either significantly or numerically, had better feed efficiency and lower metabolic feed intake than negative control. Thigh, breast, abdominal fat and carcass yields were unaffected by probiotic and propionic acid compared to negative control birds. No significant difference was found between the birds fed control diet and those fed supplemental growth promoters in the third 2 week period.
Although there were significant differences in performance index among the negative control group and those supplemented by propionic acid and probiotic groups during the first and the second 2 week, this difference just remained significant for propionic acid during the second 2 week.
In conclusion, probiotic and especially propionic acid have potential to be used as suitable alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in starter phase of broilers nutrition.

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