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The bioactive ingredients market is emerging with increased awareness and growing health concerns. The global market for bioactive ingredients is projected to reach $33.6 billion by the year 2018. This report classifies and defines the bioactive ingredients market value in the overall bioactive industry. The global bioactive ingredients market has been analyzed in terms of value on the basis of the classifications mentioned below.
20 Company Profiles (Company At A Glance, Recent Financials, Products & Services, Strategies & Insights, & Recent Developments)* (Page No. The aging population and an increasing number of chronic diseases generate health concerns in the consumers’ minds, which are major factors that push the bioactive ingredients market. The concept of bioactive is modern and still seeks opportunities in several parts of the world.
The major applications for bioactive ingredients include functional foods, functional beverages, dietary supplements, animal nutrition, and personal care. On the basis of geography, the bioactive ingredients market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and ROW. Did you know that when you enroll a new distributor on your team and they get qualified in their first 30 days you earn a fast start bonus? Onesta’s Probiotic Color Care Shampoo contains color-enhancing extracts of Certified Organic Chia and Fennel. Improves scalp circulation and strengthens hair’s biological defenses against damage from chemical treatments, environmental stresses and styling practices. This complete protein’s firm film forming properties bind to the outside of the hair shaft to help protect hair from environmental damages without any buildup. Penetrates inside the hair fiber’s cortex to reduce split end formation while providing intense conditioning and longer lasting color. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. People are turning towards healthy food that fulfills the requirement of essential nutrients in the body.

Animal feed manufacturers tend to attain more output from animals when nutritious ingredients are used in animal feed. The different types of bioactive ingredients covered in this study are prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids, peptides & proteins, phytochemicals & plant extracts, Omega 3 & structured lipids, fibers & specialty carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, carotenoids & antioxidants, and others. It also includes qualitative and technical data pertaining to bioactive ingredients such as sub-types, source, application, etc.
Consumers are shifting their eating habits from hunger-satisfaction to the intake of healthy food in order to either fulfill the nutrient deficiency in the body or to prevent the deficiency of major nutrients. However, the growth prospects of this industry are extremely high in the future due to the involvement of various herbal ingredients that tend to gain the consumers’ trust in developing nations.
According to this analysis and study by MarketsandMarkets, the five categories mentioned above are the most widespread applications of bioactive ingredients. Asia-Pacific has proven to be the dominant market with largest market share and highest growth rate for the next five years.
Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. Our exclusive formula of Lactobacillus Probiotics support a healthy scalp, while a combination of quinoa and vegetable proteins help to protect, defend, and strengthen damaged hair. Between the weight gain, swelling, and endless morning sickness, those nine months can feel like ninety. Formulated to help maintain digestive balance and boost the immune system naturally, Premama Digestive Aid delivers a daily probiotic solution in a delicious vanilla caramel-flavored chew.
Having a chew, rather than a pill or liquid, is wonderful for anyone who is on the go and may not have access to water. With increasing education, people are gaining awareness regarding the types of food & beverages that help in maintaining a balanced diet and proper health. This report covers the five major applications of bioactive ingredients mentioned above: functional food, functional beverages, dietary supplements, animal nutrition, and personal care. The major regions that are considered for the study are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World.
The report also provides a comprehensive review of market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and key issues in the bioactive ingredients industry.

The role of bioactive ingredients is incredibly significant in the overall industry, as the quality of ingredients used in a product directly affects the market for that product. The overall industry of food and beverages has not been taken into consideration as functional food and beverages in their basic functions are different from regular food and beverages. Each chew contains 2g of dietary fiber and 1 billion+ CFUs of probiotics, which have shown through research to help maintain a healthy intestinal balance and support immune function, and may also help ease constipation, bloating, and other minor digestive discomforts associated with pregnancy.
Manufacturers are also taking into consideration the convenience factor for consumers and providing them with healthy nutrients in the form of food & beverages instead of supplements.
Although both the industries are interdependent on each other, the impact of the ingredient industry is higher on the product industry. Dietary supplements are taken as a part of pharmaceuticals as the products are served in the forms of capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids that supplement certain nutrients that the diet of a person is deficient in.
Their prenatal vitamin powder was a lifesaver when keeping even a bite of food down seemed impossible. The vegetarian, naturally flavored chews can be eaten 1-4 times daily and are available in packs of 28. Animal nutrition is gaining significance with increasing concentration on the diet served to animals with the growing meat and meat products industry. For instance, various mineral-enriched or vitamin-enriched herbal creams, shampoos, etc., are entering the market with guarantees of better skincare, hair care, etc.
Another reason is the growth of the milk industry that pushes the manufacturers to provide animals with quality food. It is technically termed as cosmeceuticals, which involves healthy and nutritious ingredients to treat skin, hair, etc.

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