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Consisting of a low-calorie diet plan, a fitness plan, and your Lichi Super Fruit family of products, the Lichi 30-Day Challenge will have you on your way to weight-loss success! Processed, packaged, and fast foods* Many of these foods offer little or no nutritional value and are just fillers for “real” food. Fish and Lean Meats rich in proteins* Your body needs a balance of protein, carbs, and fiber to run at its best. Because life can get crazy and even your best intentions can be thwarted, this Healthy Eating Plan can be modified to fit your lifestyle. If you pay close attention, you will see that our daily caloric intake falls short of the recommended 1600. Now that your have your healthy eating habits and meal plan in place, it is time to look at your workout regimen.
If you don’t have enough time in your day to workout steadily for an hour (and really, who does?), try to combine various exercises that equal 500 calories burned.
We created a sample fitness routine for you, and hopefully it will help you plan out your workout regimen that fits your lifestyle. Follow Us!Join us on Social Media to get all the latest diet tips, blogs, giveaways and Lichi coupons.
Kefir is an ancient cultured milk product with origins in the Caucasus Mountains near modern day Russia. I recommend everyone to add some form of probiotic (such as Kefir) to your diet immediately. Live Kefir Probiotic will add healthy bacteria to your system, which has a large array of positive effects.

What you put in your body has to provide essential nutrients and fuel your workout so put low-calorie, nutritious foods where your mouth is to get results. The most natural sources of these nutrients can be found in leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit, lean protein and natural healthy fats.
Perhaps one week you have a big client dinner and you know that the Italian eatery won’t have light options.
We do this to allow for room for any substitutions or to save up our calories and splurge on a tasty cocktail or cup of frozen yogurt at the end of the week.
Today, Kefir is made from a variety of milks and other foods such as coconut (our favorite) and rice milk.
Go to Body Ecology and buy a Kefir Starter, they have many years of experience making REAL healthy living probiotics. Buy a pre-made drink or supplement, such as Coco Biotic which can get you started right away.
You can create this calorie deficiency by reducing your caloric intake and amping up your workouts.
Filled with lean protein, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, our Lichi Diet Plan keeps you satisfied and full. With a little flexibility and planning, your diet can be healthy, delicious, AND nutritious! Any kind of physical activity from cleaning to gardening requires energy and your body will use reserved calories as fuel for your activities. Avoid fake sweeteners such as Aspartame, Sucralose, or any type of corn sugar (no, it is not natural).

I use this beverage quite a bit and have found it to be easy, great tasting and inexpensive. Aim to get at least 45 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity four to five times a week to see maximum results.
You will be more likely to lose weight since your body won’t get used to any one activity and you will actually enjoy working out more! To prevent injury or soreness, stretch your major muscle groups like your hamstrings, calves, and back.
It costs around $30 for a bottle, but you only need a cup or so per day, so it ends up being less than Starbucks and you will probably end up eating less and feeling better. Cut out one snack option or reduce your dinner calories to make room for your beloved glass of wine.
Target your glutes, hamstrings, calves, arms, shoulders, and obliques to get a total-body circuit workout. Just be sure to start with small weights and alternate lifting days so your muscles have a chance to rest in between lifting routines.
If you need help with machines or have a question about form, grab a gym trainer or do your homework online. Probiotics have the ability to transform your life, if you just take the time to do them correctly.

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