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When Julia asked me if I’d like to review her new cookbook, Delicious Probiotic Drinks, I was pretty stoked.
This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a portion of the proceeds. I like the idea of vanilla bean yogurt without all the sugar – just a natural sweetener: honey! Unpredictable beverage marketIt is difficult to predict forthcoming trends in the beverage industry, said Murray, with the market affected by fluctuating factors like ingredient trends and emerging health concerns. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers.
Watch this free webinar about patented ingredient, BioCell Collagen®, a clinically tested ingredient for promoting healthy joints. With 20 grams of protein per serving, the new Lifeway Protein Kefir is a tasty, probiotic way to promote muscle recovery after a session at the gym, a game on the racquetball court, or any other vigorous exercise.
This cultured milk smoothie with Lifeway’s trademark tart and tangy taste combines 12 live and active probiotic cultures with the perfect amount of protein considered optimal by sports nutritionists to aid muscle repair.
Summer is synonymous with watermelon, and now Lifeway is celebrating the season with a limited-edition Lowfat Watermelon Kefir that will hit store shelves in June. BevNET Beverage School is an on-demand, video-based learning tool and online community designed for entrepreneurs and newcomers to the food and beverage industry.
Published 8x per year, BevNET Magazine is the leading industry magazine for analysis of trends, innovation, marketing, and product development.
The BevNET Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores current trends and news from the food and beverage industries. Probiotic yoghurts and yoghurt drinks may not be as healthy as they are claimed to be - the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found that there is not enough evidence that these products have a positive effect on the immune system and digestive health.The manufacturers of these products had been claiming that these foods could help relieve digestive irregularity and boost the immune system, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. It is easy to fall into the trap of convincing marketing promising you good health if only you just drink this, or eat that product.
Probiotics, the helpful critters that support bacteria living in our guts, are getting a lot of press in recent times for the number of health benefits they bestow. However, probiotic milk or yoghurt drinks such as Yakult are not the quick health fix you’ve been looking for. We’ve all seen the ads telling us that one small container of yoghurt or milk is all we need on a daily basis to rid us of indigestion and flatten our bloated stomachs. A standard Yakult bottle contains 6.5 billion bacteria of the Lactobacillus Casei Shirota strain, named after the creator of Yakult, Dr. While this sounds like a lot of bacteria, it is less than half, or even quarter of the amount of bacteria usually found in practitioner-quality probiotic supplements.
Refined forms of sugar that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream causing blood sugar spikes. Regular sugar consumption actually feeds bad bacteria in the gut and over time leads to insulin resistance, weight gain and a myriad of chronic diseases. The amount of sugar added to Yakult, Original and ‘Light’ is so high, it is actually more than you would find in a can of Coca Cola per 100ml! A highly processed and nutrient deplete milk substitute, most likely made from low-quality dairy products.
Dairy has the potential to cause digestive inflammation and allergies, and is poorly tolerated by many of us, so this is not a smart or safe food choice for most people. Unspecified flavouring could mean anything from harmful chemical additives to naturally derived flavours. No problems with added water, but there are easier ways to get your daily water intake up without the added sugar and chemicals. This artificial sweetener commonly known as Splenda, is far from a natural addition to Yakult.
Apart from a range of disease promoting effects, recent research shows that in animals, ingestion of sucralose causes a 50% decrease in good gut bacteria, increased intestinal pH and actually contributes to an increase in body weight. Well there’s hardly any debate about the harmful effects of plastic food packaging on our bodies, let alone the environment and planet. Most cheaply produced plastics contain a number of toxic chemicals and compounds that can directly, and negatively influence gut health.

If you have not yet been informed about the dangers of plastic and other toxic compounds used in food packaging, read more here. There is a substantial amount of evidence to show that certain probiotic supplements are, in fact, extremely effective for improving digestive health, immune health, allergies and a range of other health conditions. The problem is that most research does not apply to commercially produced food products such as Yakult. Over 6 bottles of a standard Yakult drink are required PER DAY to provide the amount of bacteria found to improve immune (Natural Killer Cell) function- that is over a third of a cup of sugar per day, just from Yakult!! Furthermore, health improvements only occurred in people with low immune function, indicating that individuals with healthy immune systems may not benefit from Yakult at all.
The majority of studies showing improvements in digestive health and bowel regularity from Yakult, are of very small scale (read: unreliable results) and financially supported by… surprise, surprise, Yakult!
The most recent research reviews and study results not sponsored by the manufacturer, have found conflicting evidence or insignificant effects from Yakult ingestion in comparison to Placebo products on immunomodulation and protection against colds or respiratory symptoms. It’s true that most, if not all of us, have some degree of bacterial imbalance in our digestive tracts due to high stress levels, toxin exposure, medication use and poor diets. If you are suffering from poor digestive health, frequent infections, suffer from immune dysfunction or allergies, you will most certainly benefit from probiotics. However drinking a tiny bottle of sugar-laden, low dose probiotic “milk” is not your answer.
The best way to get a therapeutic dose of probiotics without any synthetic additives or sugar is to take a supplement in the form of a powder or capsule. Emed has a range of potent Practitioner Only probiotic supplements that contain a wide range of bacteria strains to support all aspects of gut, immune and general health. For people suffering from food allergies, atopic conditions such as eczema and asthma, or even sinusitis and hayfever, probiotics can significantly improve gut health to reduce allergy symptoms and hypersensitive immune reactions. Research has also found that probiotic supplementation during pregnancy can reduce the risk of infants developing allergies so this is an important supplement for the mums-to-be out there! Of course, taking a supplement isn’t all you can do to improve the health of your digestive system. We would love to hear from you but please don’t put your URL or business name in the comment text as it looks like spam and will be blocked. Caution: Sometimes the gas during secondary fermentation can build up quite a bit, so be careful when opening the bottles.
To keep it consistent, I test all dairy-free protein powders with 1 frozen banana, half a serving of the protein powder, and just enough dairy-free milk beverage for a thick shake. The flavor is a touch bitter, perhaps from the hemp protein with the dark cacao, and gently sweet. But what shines most aboutA Pure Food Probiotic Plant Protein Powder is that stellar ingredient list.
Certifications: Pure Food Probiotic Plant Protein Powder is labeled as vegan and made purely with organic and non-GMO ingredients, but we did not note any certifications. Thanks for sharing this insightful review- this protein powder sure is packed with some awesome ingredients! Please note that ingredients, processes and products are subject to change by a manufacturer at any time. I fully admit that the idea of fermenting kombucha on my kitchen counter is way, way out of my comfort zone.
Who doesn’t adore the the heady flavor and irresistible flecks of vanilla seeds fresh out of the bean, not to mention the complex sweetness that honey lends? Published with permission, although I did rewrite it a bit because it felt wrong to copy it word-for-word!
She loves creating irresistible and flexible recipes that help multi-vore families like hers keep the peace - deliciously. Made with a focus on sustainability, sourcing local and regional milk free from synthetic growth hormones and antibiotics and using non-genetically modified ingredients, all 14 new Lifeway SKU fit in perfectly with the Lifeway mission to make high quality probiotic products accessible to all.
It’s a probiotic-plus-protein punch that not only leverages the carbohydrates in the kefir to increase protein absorption, but also provides the immunity-enhancing benefits of probiotics to help keep both casual exercisers and serious athletes in the game. This summertime special is lightly sweetened with only 8 grams of additional sugar and has just 20 fat calories in each 140-calorie serving. The food industry's probiotics sector has complained that EFSA uses excessively rigorous scientific standards, similar to those used in the pharmaceutical industry, to assess claims.

It may sound harmless, but don’t be fooled- putting an artificially manufactured fibre substitute into your food is unlikely to have the true health benefits of natural fibre found in fruits and vegies.
Sucralose is a synthetically made chemical, based on a glucose (sugar) molecule with added chlorine- yes, chlorine molecules to mutate it into a compound the human body is unable to recognise or process. While all probiotics are considered safe and friendly in a broad sense, not all probiotics possess enough health benefits to be considered therapeutic. This way, you can also select the most suitable supplement for your individual health needs, containing scientifically trialled probiotic strains. Many dietary and lifestyle factors also influence digestive function and wellbeing, so speak to your Emed Practitioner to find out the best way for you to improve your health today! The beyond pure, organic ingredient blend is impossible to resist, and fortunately, the product delivered a good smoothie, too. It took a moment to get used to, but my taste buds settled in nicely and I loved that there wasn’t an overpowering stevia taste (at least with my frozen banana preparation). Nonetheless, check with the company on their manufacturing processes for all varieties if potential allergen cross-contamination is an issue for you.
Alisa is also a professional recipe creator and product ambassador for the natural food industry. We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy.
All foods and products should be considered at risk for cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. Think kombucha (lemon ginger!), ginger beer, kefir (raspberry kefir soda!), even lacto-fermented lemonade (and a probiotic Arnold Palmer made with it!). You heat up a half gallon of milk, stir a little store-bought yogurt with live cultures into it, and let it sit in a warm, dark place for several hours so that the good stuff multiplies and then magically, you have a whole huge batch of yogurt! Yeah, Julia explains it wayyyy better. Those two simple ingredients flavor the creamy, fresh homemade yogurt that is now my new breakfast obsession. It’s also 99% lactose-free, gluten-free and all-natural with 12 live and active probiotic cultures, 11 grams of protein, and 30% of your daily recommended calcium, plus the natural watermelon flavor everyone loves – no melon carving needed!
But their complaints don't help the consumer, who simply wants to know whether probiotic food products, which range from yogurts and yoghurt drinks to dietary supplements, are likely to benefit their health.Probiotic expert Bob Rastall, head of Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading, firmly believes probiotics are useful for health.
2007, Effects of a Fermented Milk Drink Containing Lactobacillus casei Strain Shirota on the Human NK-Cell Activity, The Journal of Nutrition, Vol. 2006, Evaluation of immunomodulation by Lactobacillus casei Shirota: Immune function, autoimmunity and gene expression, International Journal of Food Microbiology, Vol. We loved the very creamy consistency and thought the flavor was a solid four stars, just a touch bitter, but still pleasant in our sweet banana preparation. Yes, you can useA Pure Food Probiotic Plant Protein Powder in baked goods, in coffee or to make hot chocolate, without missing out on the good bacteria. He stresses that probiotics are considered to be "functional foods" - products that have ingredients or components in them that can improve health or reduce disease risk in humans. The bacteria and yeast in the water kefir consume the sugar and turn it into a probiotic rich, fizzy drink. Always check with a healthcare professional before making any changes to your diet or exercise program.
We also offer ample resources for gluten-free, soy-free, food allergy, vegan and paleo diets. Rastall said that by increasing the population of the so-called good bacteria (probiotics), the health of the gut could be improved. My husband loves bubbly water, bubbly sodas and now he loves the fizzy experiments I’ve been making in the lab.
As a precursor to her section on probiotic-rich smoothies, she includes instructions on how to make homemade yogurt – both with dairy and with coconut milk.

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