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The NEW 40 Ways to Waffle E-book loaded with 40 never before seen Gluten Free, Paleo & Vegan recipes! The Easy Breakfast Recipes E-book loaded with 40+ Gluten Free, Paleo & Vegan recipe options!
Please bear with me, I'm almost ready to unveil the new Club Angell, so in the mean time, if you have any trouble, just hang tight, I'll have it up and running by Monday! The Probiotics Revolution: The Definitive Guide to Safe, Natural Health Solutions Using Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods and Supplements by Gary B. If the thought of bacteria conjures images of germs that should be avoided at all costs—and certainly not ingested—think again!
Thanks to an explosion of research in recent years, one thing is clear: probiotics, the healthy bacteria that inhabit the digestive tract, are the body’s silent partners for good health, optimizing the power of the immune system to fight disease and the “bad” germs we fear. Our guts ecosystem is impacted by our dietary choices, and with more and more evidence appearing, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that changes in the gut microbiome may stem from poor dietary choices and may be a driver of disease. This book will help you understand and appreciate the significant role both prebiotics and probiotics play in our overall health. This is very important to me as a cancer survivor.I am often forced to take anti-bio-tics because the immune system is compromised.
I would love to get the Canada’s Diabetes Meals for Good Health book because my husband is diabetic.
I would like to read The Complete Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness.

I would like to read The Complete Guide to Natural Homemade Beauty Products & Treatments. Our big purchase there would always be beets, so that we could bring them home, boil and pickle them. It played a huge role in saving my health, and putting my hashimotos disease into remission!
This book shows you how simple it is to make vinegar and then infuse your homemade vinegar with fresh herbs, garlic and lemon zest. I’m really interested in doing more than just water kefir but I’m totally intimidated!
I started drinking it about a month ago with the first two weeks giving me tons of energy…now every time i drink it i feel sluggish…could the sugar be the cause? Some friendly bacteria, called probiotics, are not only beneficial to your health, they’re essential.
A diet filled with toxic Frankenfoods, processed sludge, high sugar and fat foods, and pharmaceuticals push our bodies to the extreme. It provides recommendations on how to practice biotic-balanced living through an 8-Step Biotic-Balanced Program. And in the face of factors like stress and poor diet, which decrease their numbers, how do you keep your supply well stocked? Our bodies were not designed to digest unnatural products and as a result, we have a body out of balance and persistent health issues, and it all starts in the gut.

Here is an up-to-the-minute, highly accessible guide to probiotics and the foods and supplements that contain and support them—many of which may be in your diet already. Did you know we carry tens of trillions of micros in our gut, and they can be influencing our health?
Many conditions can compromise this healthy balance from a poor diet to overuse of antibiotics. To start us off, they’ve included 175 irresistible vegetarian recipes that will assist us in making a transition to a healthy diet easily, deliciously and without sacrifice. From the book you can expect, a wealth of knowledge on the art of fermenting, and the history behind it and a plethora of recipes that you will love. My newest book, The Complete Prebiotic & Probiotic Health Guide, A Vegetarian Plan for Balancing Your Gut Flora, explores the link between your gut microbiome and your overall health. Following this program will supply our bodies with optimal nutrition and reduce our risk to develop health issues.

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