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Researchers studied the innate immune response of the children following stimuli of the innate immune system and transcription profiles of peripheral blood monocytes.  The study found the autistic children who suffered from behavior fluctuations following infection and chronic GI symptoms produced less pro-inflammatory and counter-regulatory chemokines than the children in the other groups. The same group of children also had significantly different monocyte transcript profiles than the children in the other groups.  The research also showed production of the chemokines CCL2 and CCL7 was 4 to 5 times greater in autistic children with chronic GI symptoms who suffered from behavior fluctuations following infection compared to the other groups. Autistic children may be less interested in their social environment because their brains generate more information at rest, a new study suggest. Scientists found that the brains autistic children generate on average 42 percent more information at rest than the brains of normal children.

Researchers believe the latest study offers a scientific explanation for why autistic children withdraw and detach from their environment. Using magnetoencephalography to record brain activity, researchers found that autistic children's brains at rest generate more information than non-autistic children. Researchers said the latest study provides support for the "Intense World Theory" of autism, which states that the disorder is the result of hyper-functioning neural circuitry, leading to a state of over-arousal. Diarrhea Drug Overdose May Lead to Heart Problems: FDAOverdosing on the diarrhea drug Imodium to help stem opioid addiction can cause heart problems, the FDA said.

Researchers believe the findings may explain autistic children's lack of interest in external stimuli like social interactions with other people. The latest study also quantified interactions between brain regions, such as the brain's functional connectivity, and determined the inputs to the brain in the resting state allowing them to interpret the children's introspection level.

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