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A lot is being written these days about the importance of probiotics for maintaining or restoring good health. Medical researchers are finding that one of the keys to good health could be tied directly to the good bacteria living in our guts – specifically, in the world of microbes that live in our digestive tracts. Historically, until about 2001, probiotics were considered only within the realm of complementary and alternative medicine.
Huffnagle’s research documents the key role of good bacteria probiotics and prebiotics in restoring healthy balance to our bodies, improving immune system functioning, and curbing inflammation. He advocates the use of probiotic foods and supplements to prevent and relieve allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, yeast infections, and the negative side effects of antibiotic use.
He presents new evidence that probiotics may help fight asthma, cardiovascular disease, breast and colon cancer, autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia—and even obesity (a factor in joint pain and overall health). Since probiotic microbes do not cause disease, there’s no such thing as having too much of them. PREbiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that promote the growth of beneficial micro-organisms in the intestines.
It presents the important relationship between our digestive system and our immune system in an informative, easy to understand way. The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases.
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If you’re at the place in your life when you areA truly ready, willing and able to heal you gut, the probiotic foods are much more likely to help you (early on) and the prebiotic foods are much more likely to hurt you (early on). Since my 101 days of gut healing ended, IA can tell you that I have had a ton of probiotic foods. Unfortunately, I seem to be the one in a million who have a horrible reaction to fermented products.
I react terribly to all probiotics and am positive that I have SIBO so I’m confused where to start if your gut cannot heal with bad bacteria present. Both prebiotics and probiotics have been proven to be very effective at helping to keep the intestinal tract functioning properly. XProbiotics do not always work, simply because the body may reject them as being unhealthy bacteria. XProbiotics are effective only if they are designed to withstand the extreme acidity of the stomach. XOnce the friendly bacteria reach the small and large intestines, they need dietary fibre to stay alive.
XProbiotic products aim to deliver extra intestinal flora to the gut to aid with digestion, which may engender temporary colonies of bacteria that assist the body’s natural flora.
With prebiotics, you can always be certain that your body will pass them along until they have reached the friendly bacteria and help them to grow. XLive microorganisms introduced into the body to help reinforce the number of bacteria in order to influence the microflora balance.

Prebiotic vs Probtioic – Why feed and grow your own bacteria is better?video in Chinese with English subtitles.
Help maintain feminine health and balance with vH essentials® Probiotics with Prebiotics & Cranberry Feminine Health Dietary Supplement. Take 2 capsules daily with a full glass of water for support of feminine and urinary health†. What are probiotics?Probiotics are “friendly bacteria” that can offer a variety of health benefits including support of digestive, immune, and feminine health. How can probiotics support feminine health?A healthy vaginal flora is comprised of many different species of healthy microscopic bacteria.
How can prebiotics support feminine health?Many lifestyle factors can disrupt your protective microbial balance including menstruation, sexual activity, antibiotics, contraceptives, smoking, stress and menopause, to name a few.
Estudo publicado em julho de 2014 na revista Hypertension da American Heart Association, aponta que o consumo regular de probioticos e capaz de reduzir modestamente a pressao arterial sanguinea. As fontes e especies de probioticos consumidos entre os participantes variaram entre os ensaios: quatro estudos utilizaram iogurte, dois utilizaram leite fermentado, um utilizou suplementos probioticos em forma de capsula, um utilizou bebidas probioticas, rosa mosqueta e um utilizou queijo probiotico. As reducoes na pressao arterial sistolica e diastolica foram de aproximadamente 3,5 e 2,4 mmHg, respectivamente, embora os investigadores observaram reducoes maiores entre os individuos com pressao arterial elevada no inicio do estudo e aqueles que consumiram varias especies de probioticos. No entanto, os autores destacam que mesmo uma pequena reducao da pressao arterial pode ter importantes beneficios para a saude publica e as consequencias cardiovasculares, como demonstra um dos estudos analisados, o Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation (HOPE), que apontou uma reducao de 3,3 mm de Hg na pressao arterial sistolica, juntamente com uma reducao de 1,4 mm de Hg na pressao arterial diastolica, foram associados a uma reducao relativa de 22% no risco de mortalidade cardiovascular, infarto do miocardio ou acidente vascular cerebral.
The diagram below is important to understand because it clearly illustrates how the common precursor cholesterol (from the diet or synthesized from acetate) is converted into several different hormones in our body–cortisol, testosterone, DHEA, estradiol and many others. I have yet to come across any peer-reviewed literature to support (or refute) this theory, but it makes sense–physiologically and clinically.
So the BOTTOM LINE is:  if we want our sex hormones to be optimal and balanced throughout our lives, we need to manage sources of STRESS.
At the functional medicine conference I attended this past week in Arizona (IFM, Institute of Functional Medicine), much attention was placed on women’s hormones and their interactions with stress hormones, environmental toxins, cardiometabolic dysfunction, and carcinogenesis. Below is a chart from a functional medicine meeting I just attended (IFM)  outlining the progression of symptoms and laboratory values in a woman experiencing perimenopause.
Probiotics are micro-organisms, mostly friendly bacteria and some yeasts, that we consume to create a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. Remember to take probiotic supplements just before each meal (15 minutes or less before eating).
Exposure to heat kills them so they won’t be able to provide you with their full benefit if you cook them.
As our understanding of the immune system and how it works has expanded, so has the understanding of the importance of probiotics and probiotic microbes in the gastrointestinal tract in regulating the immune system.
He has published more than 90 articles about microbes and the immune system in peer-reviewed scientific journals, academic reviews and textbooks.
Foods that are high in soluable fiber will provide good prebiotics in your gut, allowing your probiotics to thrive so you can avoid illness and enjoy good health. Huffnagle is Professor of Internal Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Michigan Medical School and a leading authority on the role of the gut microbiome on inflammatory processes (Huffnagle, 2008). In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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However, if the conditions which lead to the depletion of the intestinal flora persist, their benefits will be short-lived.
While probiotics are generally mass and cheaper, good quality prebiotics are generally niche and more expensive, since it is made from food sources, and especially more so if it uses organic ingredients.
It cannot be digested; therefore it can reach the intestinal tract to be fermented by the good bacteria to promote its reproduction, hence intestinal flora balance. When balanced, these microorganisms create an acidic, low pH environment that is protective and helps to maintain feminine health.
The goal of supplementation with this product is to maintain an optimal bacterial balance and support urinary tract health. It is not intended to replace a physician's diagnosis or advice and should not be construed as individual medical advice. Os estudos duraram de 3 a 9 semanas e a dose diaria total de probioticos variou 109 a 1.012 unidades formadoras de colonias (UFC). E afirmam que futuros estudos sao necessarios para determinar como os probioticos reduzem a pressao arterial.
Chronic sleep deprivation has been shown to increase insulin resistance, a risk factor for obesity and diabetes. Probiotics are essential to our health – an unbalanced gut microbiome produces chronic inflammation in the gut and in other parts of the body, leading to all sorts of autoimmune diseases and other serious health problems.
He is the co-author of The Probiotics Revolution: The Definitive Guide to Safe, Natural Health Solutions Using Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods and Supplements.
They make sure an extended shelf life for the different probiotic supplements, and they do not require refrigeration at all. SIBO is pretty specific, so you’ll have to be really focused and diligent in your healing. Unfortunately, many factors can disrupt a healthy balance and render a woman vulnerable to unwanted vaginal symptoms. If your gut microbiome is lacking in probiotics, pathogenic bacteria can move in opportunistically and take over. And the problem with this is that YOU, miss Gutsy friend, have a gut filled with bacteria that, last time I checked, you probably don’t want to be feeding. Antibiotics can wipe out good bacteria as well, leaving a void where disease-causing bacteria can grow.
Effect of Probiotics on Blood Pressure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials.

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