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American star Hailee Steinfeld insists no one should change who they are to fit in with others. Actress-and-singer Hailee Steinfeld felt inspired to write a song after refusing to follow the crowd.
The 19-year-old star demonstrated her vocals in Pitch Perfect 2 but has only recently branched out into recording and releasing her own music. The DNCE frontman, who had a high-profile relationship with Gigi Hadid last year (15), has been with the model "for a while now," a source close to Jonas tells People magazine. "Joe is super happy with Daiane," adds the insider.
Ariana Grande enjoyed a date in a tattoo parlour on Thursday (25Aug16) as she decided to get inked with her new boyfriend Mac Miller. Pop star Joe Jonas has reportedly found a new model to romance in Brazilian beauty Daiane Sodre. Set in the 1980s and created by the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things follows the story of the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana as they deal with interdimensional monsters, superpowered children, and a menacing government agency looking to bury the entire thing, as a dark conspiracy forms. Stranger Things deals with a lot of moving pieces, but that’s OK because there isn’t one aspect of the series that’s boring, or that doesn’t have you clamoring for more. The series starts off by introducing viewers to the small suburban town of Hawkins, Indiana. Stranger Things is split into essentially three different age factions whom we follow: the kids, the teenagers, and the adults. While most of the series’ references come from the 80s, the teenagers (Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Barb, and the malicious couple that are Tommy and Nicole) feel directly ported from Freaks and Geeks.
Finally, we have the adult cast, with Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers and David Habour as Sheriff Jim Hopper. The supernatural elements of Stranger Things have gotten a bad rep, and truth be told, they’re not as great as the the other aspects of the series. Out of the supernatural realm, the government agency (lead by Matthew Modine) is cool, calm, collected and ruthlessly efficient. Ultimately, Stranger Things is able to harness the power of 80s media in a way that I haven’t ever quite seen before.
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Set during the American Civil War, the new movie is inspired by the life of defiant Southern farmer, Newton Knight, played by Matthew, and his armed rebellion against the Confederacy.
The series is a love letter to horror and science fiction genres of the 80s, paying clear homage to the best movies of its timem such as Goonies, Nightmare on Elm Street, and all things Stephen King.
While other shows can sometimes be weighed down by the need to create a certain number of episodes or run for a certain amount of time, Netflix’s strength recently has been allowing showrunners to run with whatever they need to tell the story they want told.

Crime doesn’t happen here, folks get along (aside from some bullying), and there’s a general sense that everyone is looking out for one another.
That means that we have characters here that are uncomfortable in their own skins, attempting to navigate high school while also dealing with the looming threat of the “Upside Down.” What makes these characters work is not only their true-to-life actions, but some of their unorthodox ones as well. Ryder portrays a grieving mother who is simultaneously trying to hold onto her sanity following the disappearance of her son, while also juggling bills, a horrible ex, and the needs of her older son, Jonathan. In the very first episode, Stranger Things unites viewers against these antagonists by killing a character who had perhaps less than five minutes of actual screen time. Its strengths are more than just it taking elements from these movies and joining them together — it’s that it does it so flawlessly. A collection that shines with flair all over, it blends innovation through design with a beautiful composition. A finish of pure class that weaves chaos, agility and control under one roof, it's an enviable delivery that does more than tackle the tastebuds.
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By running just 8 episodes, Stranger Things manages to be lean and mean, feeling almost more like an exceptionally long movie rather than a series of installments. This makes things especially complicated when, after a spirited game of Dungeons and Dragons, a young boy named Will Byers goes missing.
The casting is incredibly on point here, as this group of friends always seem like real kids, which means the horrifying situations they find themselves in while trying to protect Eleven and discover their lost friend Will make it all hit home that much harder.
These are young adults, prone to mistakes and growing as characters in front of the audiences’ eyes, but they also break free of stereotypes. Eventually, most of these give way to her desperate need to find the truth behind Will’s abduction, but her personality makes  for a riveting watch. Looking like something out of a nightmare, the creature walks into our reality, and is like a combination of an alien and a venus fly trap.
The series is up there with some of the best the 80s had to offer, and somehow manages to fit fit seamlessly both in that era and in our own. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Upcoming Movies club tagged: hancock will smith charlize theron upcoming movie. Simply emphatic, the pack takes form in the shape of the new X16+ PURECONTROL, the new Messi 16+ PUREAGILITY and the re-washed ACE 16+ PURECONTROL. Landing in the heart of the action at Euro 2016, it'll be donned by the likes of Gareth Bale and is dedicated to harnessing speed.
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While a second season seems like a given, the first could stand on its own, and we’d still be left with something amazing all the same.

Though we know that Will’s fate has been determined by an otherworldly sinister entity, but for the townsfolk of Hawkins, it’s frightening and confusing. Nancy (the “brain”) walks on the wild side and embraces it, while Jonathan (the “outcast”) stands up for himself with a bite to match his bark. Joyce is always one small step away from falling into despair, and chain smokes while she nervously attempts to make contact with Will using Christmas lights. It’s worth experiencing this show and going back to your childhood, or just experiencing the childhood of that day. Not simply a shining aesthetic but engineered from every angle, each silo reinforcement the adidas statement that is focused to delivering match-winning performance product. A DYNAMIC TECHFIT COMPRESSION upper keeps wear-in time to a minimum by moulding perfectly to the foot. Many have been quick to assume the track is about masturbation and Hailee insists she was aware of the double meaning, but it doesn't bother her.
Simpson, Game of Thrones, The Americans; these are some of the best shows of 2016, and it’s very, very hard to compete with them.
Over the course of its first season, the show manages to present us with a lot of otherworldly and supernatural elements, but at its heart, it’s the characters and their trials that manage to take us along for what is a fantastic ride. Seeing how the characters interact with one another makes one, conversely, also want a solo series for each of them. As crazy as things get, Joyce remains a rock for the audience, but not as much as Habour’s Hopper. Granted, you don’t necessarily get a lot of explanation as to the monster’s motivations or what the inner workings of it are, but I feel that kind of runs with the overall theme of the show.
It doesn’t need to have nuance or go into the intricacies of its operations, it simply needs to be an enveloping threat for our characters to overcome, and it achieves that in spades. But somewhat surprisingly, a small, 8-episode series from Netflix, Stranger Things, is making a case to be named among the best.
Their mistakes are such that we may question them at first, but eventually come to relate to them. The Sheriff of Hawkins is something of a mess, waking up littered in half burnt cigarettes and empty beer cans, but his steadiness and charm shine through. Did we ever truly need to know the intricate origins of Pennywise to realize how terrifying he was? It’s refreshing to say the least, and mimics the kinds of teens you might see in a John Hughes film.
Though at first he doesn’t believe Joyce, when he realizes the truth in that is happening, more layers of the well-meaning Jim and his depths are revealed. Did we need to see the Thing’s home planet to get the best understanding of its motivations? Habour brings a true humanity to Hopper that makes him a stand-out among an already talented cast, and if there’s a dry eye in the house during his moments in the finale, I’d be shocked.

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