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This American antique buttocks basket from the mid to late 19th century has great form and wonderful patina.
These days the trend of the toe nail designs is getting out being quite demanding and fashionable among the women and teenage girls. You can easily make the toe nails appear as striking looking with the designs of half moons. At the time of late night parties you can add the toe nails with the amazing polka dots as well. Here we will be pasting with some images related with the stunning toe nail art designs 2015 for summer season!
Oak Splint construction in good condition, please note a couple minor breaks, but the color is spectacular, really what you're looking for in a nice old basket like this.

Besides giving some pretty look to the hands it will be ideal to give some kind of the interesting look to the toe nails as well.
If in case you are planning to paint up the toes for a spring wedding brunch then the best idea would be to combine a pink polish in the company of a metallic silver. Just search for the extraordinary style of nail art work now and make your toe nails appear as attention grabbing on the parties! Small handmade nails, showing perfect age and rich old patina in the wooden oak handle that wraps under the bottom for stability. As you will be searching inside the fashion world you will be finding with the exceptional designs of toe nail designs!
Just starting at the side of the base of the toes you will draw a semi-circle in the midst of the silver polish to produce a half-moon shape.

Now you will be applying with the dots of white or silver nail polish as just with a toothpick. You can just lace the side that is almost sticky on the top of your nail and then softly press down firmly. You can even make the use of the end of a bobby pin so that you can amazingly create the polka dot pattern.
This nail art work will be perfect alternative as alongside with the flirty solid white summer dress.

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