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There really is no dignified way to say it, so I'll just say it: Ethan has always been a super constipated baby.
I noticed a difference in Ethan's digestive comfort on the second day of him being on BioGaia's probiotic drops. With his tummy troubles out of the way, Ethan is free to play, grow, develop and explore the way a baby is supposed to. WIN IT: Thanks to the amazing people over at BioGaia, one lucky reader will have the chance to win BioGaia baby probiotic drops! Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics? John’s love of food originates from his childhood experiences of natural, healthy food growing up in the Irish countryside and he has kept this passion throughout his life.
Upon his return to the UK in 2003, he was shocked to learn about the typical diet that had become established in the West. In ‘Good Food’ John outlines how to create a nutrient rich diet and explains why it’s so important for our health. We really enjoyed John McKenna's latest book and we'd definitely recommend it to anyone interested in healthy eating and nutrition.
I hope you're happy with your OptiBac Probiotics product - if you require any further information please contact me on [email protected], and do let us know how you get on with it. Enviro-Works Path & Patio Cleaner, manufactured in the UK, is a probiotic environmentally friendly cleaning concentrate liquid containing naturally occurring microbial strains making it the perfect one-stop cleaner and stain remover for paths, patios, terraces and decking. The liquid is specially formulated for effective cleaning use and stain removal on paths, patios, decking and other hard surfaces.
We cover all local areas including: Sidcup, Footscray, North Cray, Bexley, Bexleyheath, Barnehurst, Joydens Wood, Erith, Belvedere, Thamesmead, Abbey Wood, Welling, Dartford, Slade Green, Green Street Green, Longfield, Hawley, Wilmington, Eynsford, Crockenhill, Crayford, Swanley, Swanley Village, Hextable, Horton Kirby, Farningham, Chelsfield, Farnborough, Orpington, St.
Thrive and level review – youtube, Loved the taste and no bad side affiects to me and it has alot of protien in it and its probiotic and enzyme full. Le-vel thrive experience review – legit business or scam?, Tired of all the biased le-vel thrive experience reviews on the internet? When he was a newborn, we dealt with gas and colic and his reflux and as he got older, we moved onto the sheer joys of constipation.
For starters, I was thrilled to see that their ingredients were way more gentle than the previous probiotics we've tried.

You can add it to a cool bottle of milk, juice, water or other liquids (you don't want it to be too warm so it doesn't kill the good bacteria in the probiotic), in food or you can even give it via spoon.
The grunting, writhing in discomfort, the pushing, the straining, the misery was over and done with that quickly.
They also come in the form of probiotic straws and chewable tablets, perfect for children of all ages.
Made by a natural and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. John McKenna has been writing about food and the food industry for many years and has published books such as Extreme Greens, Hard to Stomach, as well as writing regularly for the Irish Times. John was also a doctor in West Africa for many years where he encountered and enjoyed many natural and simple diets. In fact, much of the focus of ‘Good Food’ analyses the now typical Western diet and exposes its low nutrient value and high toxicity content, particularly linked with processed foods.
As part of this John mentions the importance of gut health and how live cultures are so important to our health.
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In its diluted form the path and patio cleaner is safe to use near your lawn, plants, pets and ponds and carries no hazardous warnings. I'm talking an entire day (or two or three or four) of grunting, writhing in discomfort and a devastating inability to have a bowel movement. Working with BioGaia has been wonderful as not only have we been able to change Ethan's digestive health for the better with their fabulous probiotic drops, I've been able to catch a glimpse into BioGaia as a company. John first approached us after hearing of our charitable donations to the Patient Welfare Programme in East Africa and was very impressed by the knowledge and training of Steve from our sales team, who was only too happy to help in John's research. John theorises that the typical Western diet is strongly linked to the rise in diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer, as well as being responsible for the sharp increase in food intolerances and allergies.
Furthermore because of its “probiotic ” nature it keeps on working long after you have applied it! Paul's Cray, Southeast London, Kidbrooke, Eltham, New Eltham, Mottingham, Catford, Lewisham, Lee Green, Woolwich, Greenwich, Charlton, Plumstead, Chislehurst, Bromley, Bickley, Petts Wood, Grove Park, Beckenham, Gravesend, Greenhithe, Swanscombe, Northfleet, Southfleet, Meopham, Northwest Kent. Just ask my husband about the time we were out to dinner and the entire restaurant was turning around to stare at the little boy in the highchair (that'd be Ethan) who was grunting and carrying on in such misery so loud that everyone could hear and undoubtedly lose their appetite.

In fact, it's one of the first bacteria naturally established in your newborn's digestive system. I put five drops on a spoon for Ethan and he slurps it up in the morning before he has his breakfast.
The BioGaia probiotic drops were doing their job quickly and, most importantly, naturally and safely. So I expect that if these compounds are helpful, they would be helpful in their natural forms as well.
His digestive system was regulated and he was able to have normal, painless bowel movements.
We went through months of all-natural, herbal supplements or laxatives before I consulted with our pediatrician and we both acknowledged that probiotics would be the best route here.
Most other probiotic strands -- like the one I've tried previously -- are only temporary inhabitants that come from your food intake.
His overall demeanor changed when he no longer had to spend upwards of five hours straining to go to the bathroom. Armed with determination to end Ethan's grunting and absolute misery once and for all, I consulted a nutritionist at a local health food store. His entire feeding habits and bathroom habits have completely transitioned into a much more pleasant experience (for him, for us and for every patron in whatever restaurant we eat at in the future!). He was quick to point me in the direction of "the best, most gentle probiotic on the market for babies." He sold me.
It had to be served in a cold bottle which contradicted Ethan's reflux thickener that was added to a warm bottle.
It must have tasted as great as it smelled because getting Ethan to take it was a struggle. The diarrhea ensued until I made the decision to stop the probiotic -- in which case the diarrhea stopped. I couldn't help but notice the ingredients included dairy and fish, none of which seemed helpful in my little guy's tummy.

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