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The present perfect has a couple of uses, and if you understand the ways it is used, remember them, and practice, you're on your way to mastering this tense. Similarly, we use the present perfect to talk about our experiences without saying when we experienced them.
We also use the present perfect to talk about action that started in the past and continues to the present. I hope you make the small guide site's blog of English lessons your go-to site for learning and practicing English online. Past, present and future tense practice for pre-intermediate to intermediate level students. English Intonation exercise: A multiple choice quiz with audio recordings to practice pronunciation and intonation in expressing feelings.
We have video slide shows for Young learners in six different grades beginning from easy to difficult.
Grammar and Vocabulary can be learnt and practiced using these free interactive exercises for online learning. Pronunciation Exercises- Self-grading pronunciation & intonation Quizzes + phonetic vowel sounds video, phonetic mp3 download.
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Downloadable ESL Products: With a combined 6 Ebooks for Kids, you are armed with the best teaching materials for young learners in the industry. Loaded with: PPT Lessons, Flashcards, Printable Handout Worksheets, Video Slides, Games and Activities to go with the resources. Since its creation in 2007, the ESL Tower has rapidly expanded into a portal site with partner sites.
A verb phrase or periphrasis is the combination of two verb forms, one inflected and the other one a non-finite form . As the Food and Drug Administration continues to decide if it is safe for people to eat genetically modified fish, U.S. The ones with specific time are in the past tense, while the ones without specific time are in the present perfect. Like the above examples, we have to use the past tense if we want to say exactly when we did them. This is usually used with for (to indicate duration) or since (to indicate the beginning of the action).
A quick note: this particular usage can have a similar meaning as the present perfect progressive. You don't need to be a professional teacher to use our materials.It is an effective, affordable private and public teaching solution for parents and schools. Never again worry about lesson plan for young learners because we have free worksheets, Video Slides, Powerpoint presentations , Interactive Quizzes, Games for Classrooms , Flashcards, Kids Grammar, Reading & Spelling Worksheets and More to take off the burden of kids lesson planning. ESL Powerpoint Games, ESL Board Games, Card Games, Interactive Games, Game Templates for your to build your own exercises. We have self-tutoring video slides, Grammar Quizzes, Vocabulary Quizzes, Pronunciation & Intonation Exercise, Business and Survival English Materials and more self-tutoring English Exercises.

To help you with your computer-assisted lesson plans, we have created over 50 state-of-the-art powerpoint presentations and Video Slides with embedded audio recording.
Using our free Mandarin lessons online, you can quickly learn Chinese through free mp3 audio lessons, video slides and several interactive games and quizzes. These ebook packs are loaded with materials of the highest quality, designed to save you great amounts of lesson planning time and teaching energy. The present perfect uses "have" or "has" as an auxiliary verb and the past participle as a main verb.
You can sign up by entering your email address just above and to the right.This blog is supposed to go hand-in-hand with the small guide site, where you will find more lessons, exercises, and tips to help you learn and master English.
They make teaching of beginners, young learners to pre-intermediate levels quite easy.There are ipod compatible versions as well.
With over 6556 resources, we lead the way with offering free resources for English teaching and learning. If you are looking for a specific vocabulary or grammar point, you can use the search feature just above. Our team is made up of full-time English teachers who are still creating and updating this website on an almost daily basis.
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