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Start with a quick search for a particular flavor…or special occasion…or even your favorite color. We’ll gather some tasty suggestions that match your cravings, revealing ways to make your day delicious! The fun has just begun—now you can use your creativity and Duncan Hines® products to bake something delectable, original, and truly you!
To make the cupcakes, follow the directions according to the instructions on the back of the Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Classic White cake mix box. Simply take a paring knife and create a cone in the middle of the cupcake being careful to leave a rim. Please help me by voting EVERY DAY from now through September 24th!  I’ve been doing pretty well so far, but can use a little extra push in the contest.  Your support means the world to me.  For those of you who have been voting, tweeting, facebooking and emailing, thank you a million times over! And yes, Matt did eat all of the different items we served.  I, however, had my once-a-year cheeseburger and lots of salad on the side. As for the birthday desserts, it was a menu of all things Matt loves:  Yellow layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, warm salted chocolate chip cookies AND warm chocolate chip cookie cheesecake (Thank, MOM!) just out of the oven, and finally these Mini Lemon Cupcakes with Perfect Silky Buttercream. While I would never request a lemon dessert for my birthday, I’m glad that Matt did!  These cupcakes were the perfect balance of lemon flavor without an intensely sweet or overly sour note to them.  If anything, Matt thought there could have been a little more lemon in the frosting, but I really wanted it to just compliment the cake, not overtake it. Mini Lemon Cupcakes with Perfect Silky Buttercream   Save Print Mini lemon cupcakes with the silkiest lemon buttercream.
I was going to say, Matt must have been the one who requested these cupcakes because I know you aren’t a serious lemon lover! OK--now I feel like one of those whiny online recipe-review losers who give recipes low ratings because (as one sees from their comments) they are idiots who don't know how to cook.
Still, they looked gorgeous with a swirl of Nana Burke's buttercream on top, and tasted even better.
These cupcakes are easy to make, it makes one dozen perfect cupcakes that are moist and delicious. These cupcakes are perfect with a vanilla glaze, a swiss meringue buttercream or your favorite whipped american buttercream.
Wow!  These patriotic candy apples would definitely be the talk of the party.  The only problem… they may be too cute to eat!

These red, white, and blue sprinkled Oreo pops are an easy treat for a Fourth of July party.
Ice cream cupcakes?  Say no more.  This homemade vanilla bean ice cream almost looks like frosting. This layered cake looks like something that even I could do.  What a surprise it would be to cut into the cake and see the bright, bold layers. Trifles are always a beautiful dessert choice for a holiday celebration.  I love to see the colorful layers through the glass bowl. Use licorice as an easy Fourth of July treat for your party.  Add a pretty apothecary jar and some ribbon and you have a cute decoration as well.
These patriotic, chocolate dipped pretzels would be a simple, easy treat to make with your kids. I love the simplicity of this patriotic party favor.  I wish I knew where to find the red and white licorice.
For those of you who are looking to maintain your beach body, a fruit parfait is a festive and healthy way to celebrate the holidays. Decorated cupcakes are a classic way to bring some fun to your dessert.  This would be another dessert you can have your kids help with. These fruit and marshmallow skewers would be simple to put together and something you can let your kids have seconds or thirds with. Be on-trend by making  these star watermelon pops with striped paper straws.  This is another treat that looks too cute to eat. I featured these darling homemade ice cream sandwiches in my Friday 5 a couple weeks ago.  What a cute dessert!  I love it! Cereal treats are one of my favorite things to make because they are easy.  This patriotic Chex mix would be an easy treat to bring to a summer potluck.
Cake pops are here to stay and this bouquet of blue cake pops would be a fun additional to your Fourth of July barbeque.
What is your favorite patriotic or summer dessert?  Do you have any fun plans for a Fourth of July BBQ ? If you like these ideas, be sure to become a fan of Makoodle on Facebook or subscribe to our feed to stay up-to-date with Makoodle’s latest ideas and projects.

Her passion is developing original conventional baking recipes as well as special diet recipes to include dairy-free, gluten-free and grain-free. I love your blog and will continue to vote :) The desserts (and meat) for the party all sound fantastic. I never know if my cupcakes are going to become round mounds of cakey goodness, or fall falt and sulk in their little liners.
I think what most people don't realize is that this happened to me totally by accident. Frosting can only fix so much before you end up with a mound of whipped sugar that's taller than your cupcake!
When I saw it, I thought it was neat that two varying methods of temperature would make the same batter react SO differently.
Trends & News Does the Next President of the United States Have to be an Inspirational Speaker?by Maurice DeCastro Aug 24, 2016 Image: What Women With Degrees Do For The Workforce! Both blueberries and blackberries work well for blue while white apricots and peaches are perfect for white. Making a fruit salad using these choices is a healthy and not to mention refreshing way to incorporate some patriotic colors into your menu.
Speaking of refreshing…Color Coordinating the ClassicsInstead of trying new desserts, you can also alter some of your favorites!  Red, white, and blue frosting, sprinkles, and candy can turn any brownie, cookie, cake, or cupcake into a holiday appropriate treat. His red, white, and blue sake drinks (PRINT THE RECIPE) will make a perfect addition to any party.Red, White, and Blue Sake by Nick NisticoFor those who want more kid friendly options, milkshakes and smoothies are excellent for drinkable desserts.
You can use cottage cheese, yogurt, or ice cream as a base and choose which fruits to add (red and blue ones, of course!).  Then add milk and ice to get the correct consistency and temperature.

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