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When we look deep into a really good digestive component there comes the enzymes(break’s macromolecules of food substances to small building blocks by which body can absorb). The enzyme Papain is found only in papaya,which is more effective than pepsin(enyme activated only in acidic pH) and can digest protein in any pH of stomach environment. The fruit of this plant usually has an elongated shape with a greenish-yellow or orange color. It also contains lutein and zeaxanthin and tone are substances that protect the eyes from age-related blindness (cataract). Eating pineapple is good for your body– eating a few slices of fresh pineapple a day can defend your body from harmful free radicals and disease. The enzyme Bromelain found in a pineapple helps to digest food by breaking down the protein particles within it and clean blood by removing debris and toxins from the blood stream. Increasing your daily intake of antioxidants is also great for boosting your immune system. Due to pineapple’s anti-inflammatory properties it can alleviate the oncoming signs of arthritis while at the same time improve the condition by strengthening the bones.
Since pineapples are rich in vitamin C, it can fight off viruses that cause cough and colds. Eating pineapple can highly cut down your sweet cravings because of its natural sweetness, saving you from a lot of sugar-induced calories.
Pineapple contains enzymes that make skin elastic, improve skin hydration, and remove damaged and dead cells. Along with above health benefits pineapples are also beneficial for people who are suffering from acidity, removing intestinal worms, relives sore throats and bronchitis, protect against age-related eye problems, prevent muscle cramps and soreness, promotes proper kidney functioning and regulate blood sugar.
Disclaimer: This article is published for information purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician or other medical professionals, you can use the information shared here at your own risk.
Sugarcane is a tall grass with a stout, jointed and fibrous stalk that looks similar to bamboo.
Prefer foods that are wholesome, contain digestive enzymes, detoxifying and easy digestible; this help stop acid reflux as well as heals GERD. Wholesome foods are the ones that your body appreciates, the ones that help you stay healthy. Frequently take foods containing digestive enzymes such as papaya, pineapple, sugar beet, and fresh aloe gel or juice. Take Cabbage, Garlic, Ginger, Grapefruit, Green Tea, and Turmeric regularly to detox your body. Green leafy vegetables are helpful for GERD such as artichokes, asparagus, cucumbers, pumpkin and squash. Bone broth made from grass=fed animals preferably by slow cooked to extract essential nutrients can provide nutrients. People with GERD can consume healthy fats such as coconut oil and ghee (from grass fed cow). Increasing fiber intake in steps slowly preferably from fruits and vegetables, this support healthy bacteria in your guts as well as prevent constipation.
Coconut water: help keep the body hydrated, because it is rich in potassium and electrolytes.
Coconut oil: contains lauric acid, a natural compound help kill candida, boost immunity and fight inflammation. Sip water with meals: If you require drinking water during meal, only sip warm water or herbal tea. Eat less for dinner: Most of the acid reflux attack happen in the night, thus it is advisable to eat less for dinner, specifically cut down carbs and high fat or fried foods. Use gum, this keep producing saliva, digestive enzymes, and thus eases digestion & reduce acid reflux. The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund’s Veterinary Adviser, Richard Saunders, has been working tirelessly on researching the new strain of Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease and trying to establish an import license for a vaccine to deal with it.
This is great news for UK bunnies as it means that every owner should be able to request that their vets order in the new vaccine as it will be sold by NVS who are one of the largest veterinary medicines distributors.
As per the previous post – YOU STILL NEED TO USE THE NOBIVAC VACCINE made by MSD to ensure your rabbits are covered against myxomatosis and RVHD1. Remember that no vaccine is 100% effective (for humans or animals) but by vaccinating against these diseases it means your rabbits have a chance of survival. Until your rabbits are fully vaccinated, its more important than ever to keep your bio-security measures high (and I would still continue with good bio-security after full vaccination).
See the flystrike post here to see ways you can protect your bunnies against biting insects too.
Sadly it can be very hard to know just how widespread in the pet population RVHD1 and RVHD2 is due to the swift fatality of the disease. There has been a sharp rise in incidents over the past few years where rabbits (and other small furries) have been stolen from gardens.
So I urge ALL pet owners to ensure their gardens are as safe as possible, not only from the threat of natural predators, but from humans too. It may sound obvious, but if you have a small furry then make sure it is always INSIDE a secure environment that is fully enclosed.
Make sure that both the pets enclosures AND the garden gates are secured using heavy duty padlocks. Although it will not physically stop anyone from entering your garden, it can be a good visual deterrent. Don’t store your bins outside your garden fence as this makes it easier for someone to climb over the fence!
Photos from the event and those from previous events (see above), show some common handling techniques used at shows. The photo above (taken by me in 2007) shows the types of cages that the long haired rabbits have to sit in. Many of the rabbits that do have food in with them, are being fed on a muesli diet – again this has been scientifically proven to contribute to dental and digestive problems. The RWAF state that rabbits should live in bonded, neutered pairs, be fed on a good quality diet (not muesli style mixes) and be housed in spacious accommodation that allows at least 3 full hops in any direction.
I advise anyone who agrees that these types of shows DO NOT promote animal welfare, to contact the companies involved. Please do consider contacting Burgess, the show and the BRC directly (via email, Facebook, Twitter, letter etc) to see if you can get answers to some of the questions raised and show your displeasure with the event. RVHD and Myxomatosis are diseases found throughout the UK and can be fatal to un-vaccinated rabbits. As a result, the RWAF, with valuable assistance from the APLA, Ann Pocknell (Finn Pathologists), Mark Stidworthy and Daniela Denk (IZVG) and Tariq Abou-Zahr (Great Western Referrals) have been putting together a disease risk assessment. We (RWAF) have now successfully established an SIC (Special Import Certificate) for a suitable EU member state vaccine, Cunivak RHD, and placed an order for a small number of vaccines to establish an ordering system into the UK. So for owners – this means you will need to ask your vets to order in the new vaccine which will take a few weeks for them to sort out. Please contact your vets and ask them to start the process of ordering in the new Cunivak RHD vaccine. If your rabbit is vaccinated with the Nobivak combi vaccine AND the Cunivak vaccine, they will have been vaccinated against Myxo, RHVD1 and RHVD2. Cue the glass balls hanging from the ceiling, partially filled with straw and 2 young rabbits dumped inside. These poor rabbits look extremely young although Markus Lupher will not declare their exact age.
Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 places a duty of care on people to ensure they take reasonable steps in all the circumstances to meet the welfare needs of their animals to the extent required by good practice.

Making sure that animals have the right type of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest.
Luckily the good people of the world quickly saw the true horror of this publicity stunt and started to retaliate. Raw green papaya is amazingly packed with vitamins,enzymes and phytonutrients.They help in raising the enzyme levels and uptake of nutrients,thereby strengthening a natural immune system. Add required water (upto the papaya gets covered) cover with a lid and cook until the fruit becomes soft. Papaya is considered one of the favorites for eating fruits that abound throughout the year, giving us not only sweet, luscious melting in the mouth feel, but also provides us with a large amount of useful health ingredients. Normally grown active in southern Mexico, Central America, Thailand, Africa and Asia also grows well in Australia. It helps in treating ulcers, dissolve membranes in diphtheria and reduces swelling, fever and promotes healing and recovery operations. Pineapples are loaded with vitamins, enzymes and minerals including calcium, potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, thiamin (vitamin B1), vitamin B6, and dietary fiber. Pineapple is also a rich source in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene, which helps your immune system.
Excess consumption may result in diarrhea, extreme menstrual bleeding and lead to miscarriages in pregnant women. Just take few pieces just 30 minutes before or after food for benefits without any gaseous side effects in some people. Bone broth is easy to digest nutrient rich food good for recovery from various health conditions including GERD. The Filavie RVHD vaccine is available in 1 dose, 5 dose and 10 dose vials but it is thought that NVS may only be stocking the single dose vials. This means that your rabbits will need a total of 3 injections per year, all need to be at least 2 weeks apart.
If not vaccinated, RVHD1 is fatal, Myxomatosis has a very high mortality rate and RHVD2 appears to have a mortality rate of approx 20-25%. This area should be completely separate from your other existing rabbits, with separate food and water containers, toys, cleaning equipment and clothing. These are a natural hub for spreading disease – especially RVHD1 and RVHD2 that can be transmitted via fomites.
Many owners will not take the dead rabbit to the vet as it will often have no signs of illness. Be wary of other reports and anecdotal stories doing the rounds as they may not be factually accurate. Many owners of small pets will be aware of potential problems from predators such as foxes, cats and dogs but are unaware of the threat from other humans. Its vital they have room to exercise so make sure it meets the RWAF minimum size guidelines (for rabbits). Also make sure you have a spare set of these keys in a safe but easily accessible place in the house in case of emergency. Posters and stickers can be obtained that clearly show that the houses are part of a scheme. Never leave them in the garden free range if they are unsupervised and take as many steps as possible to keep your garden and all its contents secure. It is a meet up for breeders of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and more who enjoy showing the best of their stock and hope to come away as winners. When previously questioned about trancing, they were adamant that this was NOT a part of their routine handling – yet it seems, this happens all too often AND at BRC approved events by BRC approved judges. This method can easily cause damage and pain to the rabbit and is not recommended as a standard form of acceptable and safe handling. If these people care SO much about their live stock – why are they not adhering to basic welfare guidelines and following the most up to date veterinary advice? Whilst it has been noted in the UK in research papers (Westcott and Choudhury) for at least 2 years, it has clearly become a significant clinical entity in the past few months. The new Cunivak vaccine is NOT a replacement for the current combo vaccine and will need to be given AS WELL AS the Nobivak one. If you can manage to schedule it so that there is a gap of 4-6 months between vaccines then this would mean your rabbit would have a veterinary health check up approx every 6 months. Most vets will not be aware that they can do this as the information has only just been released.
As always, no vaccination is 100% effective and it does not mean your pet will not contract the disease.
Sadly, his collections include angora products…but this is not the main point of this post (it just adds to his lack of regard for rabbit welfare).
Cameras flashing, people laughing, inadequate ventilation, nowhere to hide and no obvious clean source of water, room to move or decent food source. Not a second thought was given to the welfare of those poor creatures, hung in a glass bowl for the humans entertainment. This is upheld by the RSPCA and they can prosecute people who are found to breech these conditions. Easter is fast approaching and I fear more stunts like this will appear which will also add to the suffering of yet more rabbits being bought on a whim as an Easter gift, many resulting in a silent suffering, tortuous existence. Dont forget to also lodge a formal complaint with the RSPCA if you deem any of the 5 freedoms to have been broken (this only applies in the UK.
Scion is a bottomless brunch spot that I’ve seen people host their wedding after parties at, during regular service! Historical records show that Spanish explorers brought seeds of papaya in the Philippines around 1550. It is also interesting to know that the fruits of papaya are 33% more vitamin C than oranges! Pineapples are actually not just one fruit but a composite of many flowers whose individual fruit lets fuse together around a central core.
Sufficient amounts of manganese in pineapple are responsible for healthy bone formation and healing wounds.
Bromelain found in pineapples work to neutralize fluids to ensure that they are not too acidic. Pineapples provide an ample supply of vitamin C too, a commonly known antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage and boosts the immune system. It is also helpful for people who are suffering from High Blood pressure which will lead you to heart attack. Vitamin C also increases the body’s ability to fight invading bacteria and other toxins that contribute to gum disease. The enzymes in pineapples also fight free-radical damage and can reduce age spots and fine lines. Coconut water kefir, a fermented probiotic drink has additional healthy benefit to the stomach specifically for those with acid reflux. Please contact your vets now as they will need to organize their license (takes 5 minutes online) and pre order their vaccine stock from NVS now to be delivered in mid June. This will comprise of 1 x nobivac injection (covering myxo and vhd1) and then, at least 2 weeks later, an injection of  the Filavie vaccine (which covers RVHD1 and RVHD2). This will allow the rabbit to settle into its new home safely and allow time for any health issues to show before mixing with your existing rabbits. At shows, rabbits are kept in small wire cages, usually side by side with little to no disease protection methods in place. However, it is vital that ALL rabbits that suffer a rapid and unexplained death be taken to the vets to have a post mortem done.

Also, please contact your own vet asap so they are fully aware of the new RVHD2 strain and that an import license has been obtained for the correct vaccine to help fight this. If you let your rabbits free range then please ONLY do so whilst you are also in the garden to supervise them.
Then, grow thorny plants like roses or blackberries up the fence to make it more uncomfortable for people to climb over. Each rabbit can be stuck in these cages for many hours, some will spend the entire day there. Wire floors are not recommended by welfare organizations and rabbit specialists as they can cause pain and damage to the feet. At this particular event a message was shared publicly to the exhibitors explaining that the animals would have to spend the whole of the first evening in their travel boxes as the venue was not safe due to weather problems. This is a rapid and often fatal disease that is easily spread from rabbit to rabbit and from human to rabbit too.
RVHD in particular is highly infectious and contagious.  It is an air borne virus, it can be spread by biting insects (as can Myxo), it can be spread by direct and indirect contact with infected rabbits. Its important to note that these vaccines CANNOT be given at the same time and need at least a 2 week gap between them. BUT you don’t HAVE to work to this schedule, just make sure there is at least 2 weeks between vaccines.
But the quicker you contact them, the quicker they can get up to speed and get the vaccines in stock. However, it does mean they have a chance to be treated and survive these normally fatal illnesses. Giant rabbits were placed in tiny perspex cubes whilst dancers roamed around the cage banging metal rods. Pineapple contains about 1 mg of sodium and 195 mg of potassium which will help in heart problems. The Filavia data sheet states that it can be given to rabbits over 10 weeks old and that it can be given every 6 months (once a year is ok for low risk areas, twice a year may be more beneficial for high risk areas ie those near recent confirmed RVHD2 outbreaks). As RVHD can be transmitted by fomites (inanimate objects) like shoes, food bowls, car tyres etc as well as biting insects then its recommended to use a dedicated set of clothing for when dealing with your own rabbits. Many people come and go and have direct access to touch the rabbits or their cages and the judges do not generally change their clothing or fully clean and disinfect their hands and table in-between handling individual rabbits.
This needs to be done as soon as the rabbit is found to ensure the internal organs are in the best condition possible for sampling.
We need owners to insist all their vets order in the vaccine to get as many rabbits as possible protected against this fatal disease. You can also use prikka strips, which are hard rubber spikes that attach to the tops of fences. This has been proven to be very stressful for rabbits (as well as increasing the risk of a back injury). Yes the weather is not under anyone’s control, but is it fair to keep an animal in a traveling box overnight? Charities and veterinary professionals work tirelessly to promote good husbandry, handling and welfare – then for a bit of fun and entertainment (for the humans not the animals), these animal shows can do untold damage to the welfare messages in just a few hours. It has also recently mutated into a second strain that is currently not routinely vaccinated against in the UK. For example – if you, your dog or cat has walked on ground where a VHD infected rabbit has been, you can carry it on your clothes or shoes, your other pets can carry it on fur or feet. Oh and don’t forget the fact that they got plucked out to be held by models for 15 minutes at a time for the photo opportunities. This clearly does not happen with rabbits when you consider the last few things like the Mcvities Ad, the PDSA ad and now this fashion extravaganza.
This is because it seems to reduce the time taken to coagulate the blood – which is why it can be useful for heart patients. As this clothing and shoes will not leave the rabbits area (your garden or house) then this minimizes the risk of spreading the disease from the outside to your rabbits. The vet needs to take some specific samples including those from the liver and send them to the Moredun laboratory in Scotland for testing.
The disease can live in the environment for many weeks and is easily spread on shoes, car tyres, clothes, hands etc. Oh and the public have full access in and out the building, can get right up to the show cages and touch them too. The virus can survive in the environment for a long time and can survive cold temperatures far better than you might expect. As per the RWAF first alert above, this information will be released in veterinary publications in the coming weeks.
I even had a fashion journalist ask me for more information on the Animal Welfare Act as she was unaware of the problems but wanted to know more. As Brooklyn is known for its heavy Caribbean influence, The Hall at MP is hosting the 12-day event in the infamous borough we know and love. As shows are not vital to a rabbits health and happiness, I urge you to stop attending these for the foreseeable future. When staying at a secure venue with no weather problems, where do the rabbits spend the night – in these show cages? Even if you do not take your own rabbits there…you risk bringing a deadly disease back home to them. DO NOT add a new rabbit into your previous enclosure until the post mortem has been carried out and the RVHD results are back from the lab – this is a highly contagious disease that can live in the environment for over 100 days.
Many people use this method of handling for checking, grooming and judging rabbits and many refuse to change their ways and disregard the scientific facts. If the rabbit was RVHD positive then the enclosure will need deep cleaning and fully disinfecting with vet grade, DEFRA approved cleaner and disinfectant (see above) before allowing other rabbits to use the space. Many top organizations and specialists do not agree with trancing, including The Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund (RWAF) who are the UK’s largest organization dealing with domestic rabbit welfare. You can switch red wine for white, berries for peaches, gin for brandy, and so on and so forth. Could not ask for any better experience.Thank you Food Before Love for being the number one source of where I try to expand my horizon when it comes to food.
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