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Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics? Researchers have discovered that Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04, found in For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength, may help to reduce the incidence of the common cold in active adults.
The randomised double-blind placebo-controlled study observed a group of 465 healthy adults who were split into three test groups, the first received daily probiotic supplementation of Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04. Results showed that the first group, supplemented with Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04, were 27% less likely to contract upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), compared to placebo. The research led by Allan Cripps of Griffith University, Australia, adds to the growing number of scientific trials showing an association between probiotic supplementation and immune function. At OptiBac Probiotics, we're very pleased to see yet more research on the strains found in For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength. Our repeat customers may also be interested to hear that we're soon to launch a new bigger pack size of the For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength (90 capsules) in November. The press this week has been awash with news regarding statins following a recent proposal from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for more people to be offered statins in the hope of reducing their risk of raised cholesterol and heart disease. At present, patients are offered a prescription statin by their GP if their risk of developing cardiovascular disease is 20% in the next 10 years (this figure currently stands at 7 million people in the UK).
NICE is now suggesting that people with a risk factor as low as 10% should be offered a statin as a preventative measure. Statins is the name given to a family of medication with the aim of helping to lower "bad cholesterol", also known as LDL, Low Density lipid cholesterol in contrast to the "good cholesterol", HDL. So, is there anything we can do ourselves to help lower our risk for heart disease (20% of which comes from diet and lifestyle factors) rather than relying upon medication? Of course, taking a tablet or capsule can be much more convenient for some than making dietary and lifestyle changes.
We have previously written about the potential side effects of taking statins which you can read about here. It might not be the Oscars, but it’s the next best thing in the world of natural health – The Natural and Organic Awards 2015. Though ‘For women’ is our most recently launched product, it has over 30 years of scientific evidence to support it.

The product has taken the natural health world by storm, and we hear positive feedback from our happy female customers on a very regular basis.
Yet another key reason for this product’s popularity is the fact that it has highlighted women’s health issues, bringing them out of the closet and into every day conversation. Indirectly, this product has also been a trailblazer for women worldwide, highlighting women's needs, health issues and even women's rights. We have used 'For women' as an appropriate vehicle to support the international women’s rights charity, Womankind Worldwide. We are delighted to have received such recognition for this product, which is one of the most clinically researched in our range. The second group received a combination of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® and Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07, both also found in For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength, and the third group received placebo. The product contains some of the world's most researched strains and this seems to be growing by the week. Nutritional Therapist Jo Saunders discusses the new suggestions, and weighs up the pros and cons of taking statins as well as looking at what can be done naturally to reduce risk factors. Doctors make this decision to prescribe a statin by using a risk calculator called a QRisk2, which calculates a persons risk of having a heart attack based on a number of risk factors such as their age, sex, weight and whether they smoke. To put this in perspective, it would mean that the majority of men over 50 and women over 60 would be taking statins. LDL is considered to be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease as it can cause atherosclerosis (hardening and narrowing of arteries) therefore increasing the risk of strokes and heart attack. It is widely recognised that eating a heart-healthy diet such as the antioxidant rich Mediterranean diet, combined with regular exercise can be effective for both weight management as well as helping to lower cholesterol. OptiBac Probiotics 'For your cholesterol' is the first of its kind; a natural supplement combining live cultures and omega 3, Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), specifically designed to support normal cholesterol levels. You may also like to read here about the role of live cultures in reducing risk of heart attacks. For example we blogged and recorded podcasts about the fact that thrush, cystitis and bacterial vaginosis affect so many women, and are yet so little discussed and poorly understood. For every pack purchased of ‘For women’, we donate 20-30p (depending on pack size) to the charity, which has organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America set up to challenge discrimination of, and violence against, women.

The product sales have exceeded our expectations, and feedback from consumers has been extremely positive, so long may this continue,” said Soraya. Greater protection from moisture and oxygen damage results in enhanced product stability – just one more reason why you know that you can always rely on the live cultures in OptiBac Probiotics.
In the end, the marketing category of the Natural Health Awards was won by Viridian for their brilliant 'Find a Health Store' campaign. For a sample of some of the research visit our For daily wellbeing EXTRA Strength scientific research page. The new proposal has been greeted with some level of controversy, including the cost implications for the NHS.
Is there a chance that taking statins may lead to a false sense of security in some, believing they can continue with an unhealthy lifestyle rather than taking positive action for their health? ALA has been clinically trialled for its efficacy in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and is perfectly safe to take alongside medication, including statins.
We tried not to reinforce the obvious stereotypes around marketing to women, were sure to use (and be known to shout, even!) the word ‘vagina’ instead of shying towards terms like ‘down there’ “ explained Soraya. Thanks to this partnership, Womankind has benefited from a whopping ?6000 donation from us recently – see our related blog on this here. Had we not been up against such stiff competition from this campaign, which was a clear winner, we may well have won!
The current spend on statins reaches a not insignificant ?450m, but is there also an implication for our health?
It is known that statins carry potential side effects such as muscle, liver and kidney problems. A weight of evidence supports the use of the strains contained in 'For women,' but clinical trials were also conducted on the finished product which was tested by over 2,500 women.

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