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What to expect: Results may be immediate, but allow 4-6 weeks of consistent use to establish lasting improvement.
How enzymes work: Because these enzymes support the entire body, especially digestion, you can expect to see improved overall health.
More reviews may be read on the "Customer Reviews" tab on the Enzyme Miracle® product page. AMYLASE: Responsible for breaking down carbohydrates into sugars for energy and body systems.
BETA-GLUCANASE: A systemic and digestive enzyme necessary for breaking down fiber, fungi, yeast, and bacteria. PEPTIDASE: A sub-call of proteolytic metabolizing enzymes (protein digesting), catalyzes peptides to amino acids. Pure, safe, effective supplements for pets: At Nusentia our goal is to elevate pet nutrition to human standards and beyond.
The signs of a healthy cat are unmistakable: bright eyes, playful character and a shiny coat. The phrase "as healthy as a horse" may be a common saying, but if you own a horse, you know there's much involved in your horse's health.
Probiotic Miracle for Pets helps resolve diarrhea, loose stools, gas and other digestive problems. If your pet suffers from diarrhea, yeast, loose stools, yeast overgrowth, or skin issues, Probiotic Miracle® can help restore balance in their digestive tract to resolve these issues. Probiotic Miracle is a concentrated probiotic powder formulated specifically for dogs and cats. Probiotic Miracle has been an excellent product for my little dog Joey, who had been suffering from hot patches, very bad scent in his coat and scratching.
Nusentia Probiotic Miracle for Pets is formulated specifically for dogs and cats with bacterial strains not often found in formulas for human use. This product contains stable strains of live bacteria and may be stored at room temperature without loss of efficacy. Probiotic Miracle is filled according to weight, not volume, so the canister you receive will not be completely full.
Give the dosage below for 3 weeks or until improvement in condition, then continue at the "wellness" dosage shown above. For pets with sensitive stomachs, start with half the suggested dose and gradually increase to the full amount after one week. This site is temporarily not available.Please contact the Website Administrator for inquiries. The Original Pet Probiotic Backed by Science.The answer to improving your pet's immune system, digestive function, loose stool, and diarrhea. 94% agreed that Probiotic Miracle made their pets healthier with significant improvements in controlling diarrhea, loose stool, gas, and yeast overgrowth. Probiotic Miracle® attaches well to dry or wet food when mixed and has virtually no taste.
Find your dog or cat's weight on the chart below and add the amount to their food once per day during wellness to maintain healthy intestinal flora.
Give the dosage below for 3 weeks or until you notice an improvement in the condition, then continue at the "wellness" dosage as stated above according to your dogs weight.
Every dog or cat is different of course, but normally, you should start to see a difference and improvement in your dog or cat's stool within the first week. It has been said that probiotics are more important than vitamins and should be taken daily! Probiotic Miracle® is a concentrated probiotic formula that combines the latest research and clinical studies into one powerful formula. It is safe to supplement probiotics with medication and RECOMMENDED ESPECIALLY for pets on medication. Multivitamins provide general nutritional support to the body but only if you have enough good bacteria in your body to allow for absorption. Contraindications: There are no known contraindications, other then maybe producing gas if the dose is too high. This is why FOS is actually found in the most advanced probiotic formulas, and why it is in Probiotic Miracle. When my 10-year-old cat was diagnosed with moderate IBS, she was having chronic soft stools, bloody stools, and had lost weight.
After getting her on a hypoallergenic diet, we then tried adding different probiotics to her prescription diet.
But after having been on this probiotic for about 3 months, my cat can pass hairballs into the litter box more often.
I read through some of the hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon and wanted to purchase directly through your company. We have tried steroids, various different foods and treatments for our 10yr old Shih Tzu with severe skin allergies and reoccurring ear infections since he was about 3 years old. Our dog was diagnosed with ARD (Anti-biotic resistant diarrohea - this used to be called SIBO) in November 2013.

I got Probiotic Miracle 3 years ago for my rescue Australian Shepherd who was severely underweight (42 pounds up from 32 when the rescue got her). I have a Border Collie who for months I could not get to eat more than once a day, and even then I had to force her. When I got my then 2 year old Australian Shepherd from rescue 3 years ago she had extremely loose stools and was severely underweight at 42 pounds.
I've used a few different probiotics for my dogs and this one wins out for price and convenience.
We purchased both the Miracle Probiotic and Miracle Enzyme in hopes that it would even reduce our two American Eskimo's loose poop and one Eskie's issue of spitting up. I was hesitant - I've used probiotics and enzymes in the past with no significant difference. After two weeks I started cooking him a low fat meal that consist of fat free turkey breast, 18 eggs a day,( only one and half of the 18 eggs had the egg yolk, mostly egg whites),white rice, green beans, and white potato. I started him on Enzyme Miracle and gave him half the amount at first for about 5 days, and worked up to the full amount of suggested serving on all his food.
Two weeks ago I started him on Costco's brand of dog food - Kirkland Healthy Weight Dog Food.
Please buy Enzyme Miracle and PROBIOTIC MIRACLE if your dog is having a pancreas problem, or a problem digesting their food. I honestly don't leave too many reviews, but this product changed our life and I felt that I should share our experience. I just wanted to send you an email to say I have been more than pleased with the changes I have seen with my adopted beagle with Probiotic MIracle.
I read a number of reviews and people had similar issue with their dogs and I was desperate for some relief. I put her on both the probiotics and enzymes first and, as I was expecting, her odor got worse after a few weeks, but now the odor is far less than before. Fonzie, our 10 year old Old English Sheepdog has been on your Probiotic Miracle for 3 months. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. Complete support against digestive stress, yeast, allergies, pancreatic issues, and more. For a complete description about how each enzyme performs for your pet read How Each Enzyme Works.
Some of these improvements include: Less elimination (smaller bowel movements), more natural energy, faster emptying of the stomach, less shedding, healthier skin and coat.
Without cellulase present in the diet, your dog relies mostly on fermentation to break down cellulose fiber which limits his ability to use its energy and eliminate toxins. Plant fibers can be a challenge for dogs, hemicellulase remove the internal fermentation process many dogs use to break down the modern diet.
Hugely beneficial for dogs battling yeast, candida, and gas associated with poor digestion. Nusentia helps dogs find true health and balance through the latest science and natural ingredients. Nusentia provides products with healthy, impactful nutrition for cats to live their best life healthier, and, hopefully, longer.
You choose the right feed, watch out for digestive problems, and when your horse ages, it's time to start paying attention to her joints and bones.
Nusentia probiotics for dogs and cats provides 6 strains of probiotics chosen specifically for pets. Nusentia has selected six thoroughly researched species of beneficial bacteria to help sustain a healthy balance of flora in your peta€™s digestive tract. A variety of strains offers a wider protection against the bad bacteria that can trigger imbalance in the digestive tract.
Manufacturing requires enough top space in the canister to avoid spilling and loss of powder during filling. There is a small scoop in the canister which sometimes settles to the bottom during transit.
While Probiotic Miracle is on backorder, substitute Probiotic Miracle with MiracleZyme™ tablets.
There is a small scoop located inside each canister of Probiotic Miracle to make dosing your pet easy. For best results, use with Enzyme Miracle® to provide complete digestive support for your pet. Nusentia has selected six thoroughly researched species of beneficial bacteria to help sustain a healthy balance of flora in your pet’s digestive tract. In some cases, it is normal for your pet to have an increase in gas for the first several days while your pet's gut adjusts to the new bacterial balance.
Senior dogs and senior cats will definitely benefit from probiotic supplementation  since healthy bacteria production is reduced in older age. The probiotic strains in Probiotic Miracle have been selected specifically for the health needs of dogs and cats.
Also, since our probiotic formula contains no fillers, your dog or cat is unlikely to be able to detect anything is added to the food. There are no known drug interactions and the ingredients do not alter the action of any medications.
Probiotic Miracle™ help support the body in cleaning out the system of toxins and improve nutrient absorption. Probiotics help to establish the proper pH balance in your dog's body, allowing your pet’s body once again become healthy and fight potential disease and infection better than ever. In fact, probiotic supplementation is recommended for puppies and kittens for their developing immune systems. Specifically, In vitro tests have found that FOS is an excellent selective growth media and energy substrate for Bifidus bacteria.
Her ultrasound showed a thickened intestinal lining, she was full of gas, and she was cranky all the time.

We tried vegetable-based probiotics, probiotics you give at every meal, probiotics with 14 different strains of bacteria.
In 3 months, the results have been nothing short of astonishing considering how sick she was. Because her intestines were so damaged, she wasn't able to absorb nutrients from her food, was losing weight, was looking raggedy, and was vomiting more often.
I can't tell you what a god send your product is and how much difference it has made for our dog's health. I knew that as a raw feeder, he was getting plenty of enzymes, but he had been through a couple rounds of antibiotics the last couple of years.
I keep the scoop on the outside of the bottle so I don't have to fish for it each time and I store it in the fridge.
My dog has irritable bowel, and when he developed a stubborn yeast spot on his leg I decided to run a course of probiotics again. Your product is truly amazing-I was giving them the probiotic but this time ordered the enzyme and allergy kit because I am so impressed by how well the probiotic worked. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
Each supplement we make has been developed specifically for the pets they are intended and manufactured in the USA* under the highest GMP processes. Combine this with some love and attention, and you have the perfect recipe for keeping your best buddy happy and healthy.
RJX™ gives the benefit of impactful ingredients that support joints, bones and tissues and offers the relief horses need to keep active. Each serving delivers 2 billion CFUs of healthy and stable flora guaranteed when used by the expiration! However, puppies and kittens should include a probiotic supplement in their diets as a wellness program to ward off infections and reduce the chance of developing allergies. The probiotics in this formula are clinically proven to be able to pass through the stomach acid and bile to implant into the dog's intestine where the bacteria goes to work and multiply hundred fold. In fact, since antibiotics can actually wreak havoc on your pet’s immune system, taking probiotics along with medications can positively affect their health. It is becoming recognized by veterinarians all over the world that probiotics are an important addition to every dog and cat's diet. Probiotic supplementation has been found to support the immune system and help the animal to avoid developing allergies in later years. Refrigeration or even freezing is not necessary but it will prolong potency if kept longer. Nothing kept my cat stable for more than 6 weeks at a time, and nothing really seemed to improve her overall condition.
After only a week of treatment,ALL his symptoms subsided (he had had them for at least 6 months) - the ear problems, scratching, biting, etc, all gone.
He ate fat free for about two weeks because his pancreas couldn't take the fat.I fed him small meals seven times a day because his pancreas couldn't take that much food at one time, and he was having problems digesting the food. I started with half amount of suggested serving for 5 days as well, and worked up to the full amount. When you buy a Nusentia product, rest assured with our 60 day 100% money back guarantee that your pet will be happier, healthier, and filled with natural energy. The intestine is your dog and cats largest immune system organ, help support it the healthy way with probiotics. The results of these studies have been confirmed in numerous clinical human studies as well . He was at the vets several times to be hooked up to the IV, and given fluids under his skin. We finally got him on the grain free salmon blue buffalo which seemed to help quite a bit, but it wasn't enough. One of my Great Danes moved from 95 pounds to 106 pounds with no change in the amount of food I feed, only the addition of enzymes. She smelled bad, had constant skin issues (infections, flaky skin, excessive oiliness), ripped her hair out by the bushel, had chronic ear infections with weepy goopy eyes, and acted obsessive compulsively about licking herself. No problems with diarrhea or loose stool as of the very second day of using Probiotic MIracle. He has been on Enzyme MIRACLE for about a month now, and PROBIOTIC MIRACLE for three weeks, and has never felt this great. I started him on the Probiotics powder (1 scoop) about a month ago and I was blown away by the results.
He could care less that this is on his food, in a good way, and it coats kibble really well if I shake it a bit so he's sure to consume it.
I would highly recommend Enzyme MIracle and Probiotic Miracle for anyone with a dog who has allergic problems or just skin issues in general. She has gained her weight back, has much more energy, hardly any gas to speak of, better breath, and her coat has it's shine back.
This product is totally worth the money for it's value and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR ALL DOG AND CAT OWNERS!
What's even better is that since I've had him on the Probiotics he has not gotten sick once!! When he goes on antibiotics for any reason, I give the therapeutic dose and it really helps curb episodes. He has been perfectly healthy and happy and we could not be any more pleased with our purchase of this product. Also, even for little things like his yeast spot on the skin this stuff was great, I'd recommend it for that as well.

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