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Home About Live Cultures Live Cultures About Live Cultures Live Cultures What are Probiotics? We all know that it’s beneficial to boost your vitamin C levels during winter and certainly when you get a cold but is there anything else you can do to help boost your immunity? The reason they ran this research on stressed students as author Bobbi Langkamp-Henken, head of the Henken Laboratory at the University of Florida said “We know that a certain percentage of college students are going to become ill during fall finals. The amazing fact behind these findings is that our gut flora plays a massive role in mediating our entire immune response. Secondly, and amazingly intestinal flora actually communicates with certain aspects of the immune system to help them focus on invading microbes. Intestinal flora can also affect the growth and formation of certain organs responsible for immune health. More research is required on exactly when and how much probiotic can make the optimum difference.
Either way, this year colds and flu have been rife so we are excitedly waiting for more research on this matter to give even more clarity as to the possible benefits of probiotics to our immune system. I am very pleased that your husband is finding such a positive benefit from taking our product, but am sorry that you do not appear to be experiencing any improvement in your own symptoms. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the impact of products from any other company, or the effects of your flu vaccine.
Fabulous Fermentation Week is a week dedicated to one of our health ROCKSTARS, fermented foods. Fermented foods come in all shapes and sizes, and fortunately for you, and me actually, a host of some of the most health inspired food bloggers has come together to create a series of outrageously delicious fermented food recipes. Okay, now that we are all committed and sworn into the fermented foods alliance, I will share with you my personal contribution to our Fabulous Fermentation Club. Now before you go running off to make this delicious meal, let me just capture your attention for a few more seconds to let you know WHY we are so IN LOVE with fermented foods. Who: Kefir, kombucha, cheese, sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled vegetables, sourdough bread, miso, nama shoyu, apple cider vinegar, yogurt and kvass. What: Fermented foods are partially predigested, making them easily digested and assimilated. These healthy bacteria manufacture vitamins, especially B vitamins like biotin, folic acid, niacin and B-6, which detoxify chemicals and metabolize hormones. CFUs stands for ·colony-forming units· and is the way in which, the number of probiotic microbes is measured and described. Therefore, the dose of a probiotic, instead of a number of milligrams or grams as we would use for a medicine in a tablet, is the number of cells or CFUs. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
95% Bio-fermented organic coconut water concentrate( probiotics good bacteria included) 1% lemon Myrtle, 4% natural vegetable sweetener.
Associated strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, > casei, planetarium, Bifidus ( Bifidobacterium bifidum) L.
London, October 28 : Probiotic supplementation was found to be effective in treating symptoms of the common cold in college students, according to a new study.
College students are notoriously sleep-deprived, live in close quarters and lead stress-filled lives, making them especially susceptible for contracting colds and upper-respiratory infections. For these reasons, a team lead by researchers at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Health Related Professions (UMDNJ-SHRP) selected this population to study the effects of probiotic supplementation on health-related quality of life (HRQL) during the common cold. Although there have been previous studies on the effect of probiotics on the duration of colds and severity of symptoms, this is the first study to investigate the effect of probiotic strains on HRQL during upper-respiratory infections, taking into account duration, symptom severity and functional impairment-all important factors of HRQL. The study found that while all students caught colds at roughly the same rate, the students who took the probiotic supplementation experienced: A duration of colds that was two days shorter (four days vs. An article detailing the results of the study was published in the October 2012 issue of the British Journal of Nutrition.

The latest research suggests that probiotics may well make it less likely to get a cold, and reduce the severity of it if you do catch one. In addition a recent systematic review and meta-analysis2 the effect of probiotics, specifically Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, on the duration of acute respiratory infections in otherwise healthy children and adults was evaluated.
They do this simply by taking up space and being more proficient at utilising nutrients than the ‘invading bacteria’. It has been found that the bacteria in the gut actually ‘talks’ to the lymph nodes telling them which bacteria need to be attacked and which don’t! And lets not forget that our gut flora affects the digestion and absorption of food which ultimately affects our nutritional status and for example the absorption of zinc and vitamin C and antioxidants which all also contribute towards a healthy immunity.
However a key outcome of this study is that the strain Bifidobacterium bifidum Rosell-71 found in our 'For every day' and 'For babies and children' supplement, had the most beneficial effect when given to adults and assessed for its immune supporting properties. Nothing much happened for a while then I began to suddenly come over rather drained and tired. You do not say which of our products you are using, but as every individual’s needs are different, it may be worth switching to another product in our range to see if this suits you better. Think tempeh, kimchi and avocado nori rolls, purple sauerkraut with horseradish, banana kimchi and warm sprouted homemade sourdough bread. Add tarragon to the cutting board, evenly spread so that you can then roll the cheese into the tarragon. This is because the healthy bacteria that reside in our gut are paramount to our overall health and wellness. The fermentation or culturing process further adds invaluable enzymes back into the food, which provide nutrients and assist digestion.
They are especially important to include if you have undergone a round of antibiotics, or have any digestive, immune or skin issues. And based on the myriad of studies on the importance of digestive health, it is also safe to say it is imperative to the health and functioning of the whole body system, including mental health and mood. They also compete with bad bacteria such as candida and the bacteria that cause vaginal yeast infections. What a brilliant idea for goats cheese, thanks for sharing, I can’t wait to try this. Working to develop the numbers on this side of the Atlantic, thank you for so much inspiration. Yes, they have done a few studies showing that SALTED fermented foods such as miso and fermented fish contain levels of N-nitroso compounds which are linked to an increased risk for stomach cancer.
We will discuss specific doses that have been tested in studies in Chapters four and five, but in general, doses of probiotics are in the range of one to 10 billion cells per day. It is loaded with all the goodness of coconut plus the good bacteria you need to support your wellbeing.
Smith, an adjunct professor at UMDNJ-SHRP, randomized 198 college students aged 18 to 25 and living on-campus in residence halls at Framingham State University in Massachusetts.
Probiotic microorganisms may soften your immune system's reaction by reducing your body's inflammatory response," explained Smith. Those considering probiotic supplementation should consult with their physician first," Smith added. And if not, you may well be avoiding your best friends who are coughing and spluttering their way through your night out. There is something about goat cheese in salads; particularly roasted beet salads that has always made me inspired to eat.
Now I will share with you all these delicious recipes, ONLY if you PROMISE to start including fermented foods into your daily diet.
Not only are fermented foods easy to digest, they also contain powerful healthy bacteria, also known as probiotics. I know it works fine for things like yogurt but I don’t know whether it makes good bacteria when you use nuts.

With that being said, there are only a few studies on the topic and they are done in Asia, specifically in Korea and China where their consumption is much much higher than most other places. Lower doses are likely to be ineffective, (less than 10 billion)  and higher doses are safe, (150 billion) but probably not necessary and therefore expensive as consumers would be paying for extra probiotics that they do not need. Associated strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, > casei, planetarium, Bifidus ( Bifidobacterium bifidum) L. The review therefore concluded that this provides evidence that probiotics reduce the duration of illness in otherwise healthy children and adults. We also know that all three strains of bacteria studied in this cold and flu trial, when combined with a prebiotic, were found to help support immunity in children and reduced infection by 25%! For the last 2 weeks I have been constantly blowing my nose, the infection in my chest is at least coming out now I am not coughing so much. But with the unrelenting message from my body that dairy no longer suits me, yes, even goat’s dairy, that menu item quickly became a memory of the past. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacteria, and Streptococcus in your intestinal tract.
For example, yogurt is traditionally eaten in India, sauerkraut in Germany, kimchi in Korea, cultured dairy in Scandinavia, miso and umeboshi plums in Japan, and kvass in Russia. They were also small studies, not targeting a large population group so it is difficult to utilize this information as a blank fact for other cultures and other consumption rates. There are both manual and automated systems for determining the number of CFUs in a sample. Unfortunately, as we will often find the number of cells in a dose of a product may not be accurate. Healthcare professionals can read more about the scientific research on 'For babies & children', which contains all of these three strains. Some days I am still feeling really exhausted.So, probiotics do not seem to be having much effect on me as yet! But since I am a girl who does not believe in restriction, limitation and deprivation, I was quick to come up with an alternative. OMG…as I’m typing this I just figured out you mean 1 capsule of probiotics, LOL!!!
I have seen other folks with a similar recipe (Spabettie) so I know the idea is going around. Therefore, if you eat these fermented SALTED foods once and awhile or in smaller amounts I do not see it being an issue.
The number of microbes could also be estimated by simply looking at a sample down a microscope, but this would result in a count that included both living and the dead microbes. Each day, students completed a survey to assess the effect of the probiotic supplementation. Therefore, I found it quite fortuitous that I receive a happy little note from my soul friends Sarah from My New Roots and Elenore from Earthsprout on the cusp of this new year. Some manufacturers state the level of CFUs at the time of manufacture and then put a 12-18 month shelf life on their product knowing that there will be very few viable probiotics left after 9-12 months on the shelf.
I had a flu jab for the first time early in December and I wonder if that could be anyting to do with my problem.
So I would be very interested to know how your research into probiotics and colds etc works out.

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