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Probably the most overlooked puzzle piece in the health and wellness industry is the emphasis on enzymes.
I’ve done reading the Eating for Energy ebook from cover-to-cover,  and  I must confirm, that it’s probably the best raw food diet program online. If you are the type who wants to lose weight permanently healthily, Eating for Energy is for you.
If you are the type who wants energy from natural sources and hate the feeling of “sugar drops”,  Eating for Energy is for you. If you want to be heart-disease-free, cancer-free, and diabetes-free …  or,  to recover from ailments fast, Eating for Energy is for you. If you want glowing and younger-looking skin, with thick “original” hair –Eating for Energy is for you. If you want to belong to the elite group of people who defy age and live life to the fullest, then Eating for Energy is for you. Watch Yuri Elkaim Reveal 3 Nutrition Principles Inside the Eating For Energy eBook That Boosts Your Vitality and Make You Lose Weight Permanently! In my earlier post, I revealed that I’m already a “50-50” raw food practitioner (sometimes more, more times,  less). I experienced all of these just by increasing my Eating for Energy  raw food intake diet from “50-50” to “60-40” ….
At the end of the Eating for Energy book,  I found these things from the book itself on page 352. In my previous post  ** on Eating for Energy – A Thoughtful Review”, I wondered aloud what those letters after his name were (e.g. Yuri wrote the first ever off-season program and conditioning manual (85 pages in length) for the University of Toronto Soccer Program. He writes that there are thousands of different enzymes that revitalize our body systems like the blood, heart, lungs, guts, brain, lungs …. If you eat food that are enzyme-rich (raw  food), your will body use less digestive enzymes. In order to have more energy, achieve your ideal weight, become  fit and strong, live a long and healthy life free of disease —  there are 5 essential pillars you must incorporate into your daily life. Improved digestion and absorption reduces weight and increase intake of **all**, not just some,  nutrients from the food that you eat into your body… What’s the use of eating good food if your body doesn’t absorb them? Fruit is best eaten alone because it is highly enzymatic and self-digesting, TRUE or FALSE?
When you’re ready to unwind, meditate, or simply de-stress you will find deep breathing to be of great benefit.

Eating for Energy suggests that you multiply this ratio by at least 3 times so that you actually inhale for 3 seconds, hold the breath for 12 seconds, and slowly release for 6 seconds. The longer you can extend the ratios, the more benefit you will receive from this exercise. Do cardio exercises 2-4 times a week,  strength training 2-4 times a week, and stretching with 20-30  seconds holds especially  after  exercises when he body has built up the toxic lactic acid. Adopting the Eating for Energy lifestyle is reserved for those of you who are strong-willed, “I-can”, live-life-healthy-to-the-max crowd.
The good thing is –  making the change can be one small step at a time.  I didn’t start, or end at 100%.
It’s the perfect companion to your Eating for Energy program composed of 9 additional tools. I bought them, and I strongly urge you to also grab them, like I did, and thousands more before us.
Research shows that food becomes “dead” at 118 degrees-Fahrenheit (or, 47.8 degrees- Centigrade).
Live your life to the fullest, enjoy the freedom of good health when you follow the guidelines in Eating for Energy. The first are endogenous metabolic and digestive enzymes that are produced in the body by various organs and tissues.
In fact, vegetarians can benefit from them because of the lack of abundant enzymes in certain plant foods.
When I encountered Eating for Energy, I got motivated to increase this ratio to at least “60-40”. I can now concentrate for 4 hours straight with a 3 minute break in-between, when before, I can hardly do a focused 2 hours. As one of the top goalkeepers in Canada, he played two years with the Toronto Lynx of the North American A-League (2000, 2001) and one year with Lille OSC of the French 1st division (2003 – reserves). With his help, since 2002, the Varsity Blues have consistently fielded some of the fittest men’s soccer teams ever seen at the University of Toronto, consistently ranking in the top 3 soccer programs in the country. Edward Howell, in his book “Enzyme Nutrition”, illustrates how enzymes benefit the body and guard it from disease. If you can’t like me (at the moment, I can’t go 100%) … target 60%, but 80% is better.
Even though whole living foods can help you fend off stress to a certain degree, being able to manage and minimize your stress is vitally important. Repeat for several minutes until you feel your state become more relaxed, centered, and liberated.

Especially if you are a meat-lover who salivate at the thought of those juicy kobe meats and Salisbury steaks. I’m only targeting a realistic 60-80% (that’s just me) and it already has done wonders for me. An approximate measure is when you touch something hot and your finger, by reflex, rebounds. The wellness industry is constantly looking for the next best product to put on the market to help people with energy and vitality.
His playing career was also marked by stints with Bolton Wanderers FC, Norwich City FC, and Sao Paulo FC. You can now listen to them while you are driving or working out in the gym, or just plain lazing around. However, we are missing one of the fundamentals when it comes to living a healthy long life, i.e. They are a part of all metabolic processes, from the working of our cells, tissues, and organs, to the functioning of our digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, and every other system. Even minerals, vitamins, hormones, and neurotransmitters need enzymes to be present in order to their own work properly. This is why I recommend taking digestive enzymes at each meal, so we can reduce stress on the body, break our food down, and utilize the nutrients in the food without taxing all our metabolic enzymes in the body. We know vegetarians usually live the longest and are some of the healthiest people on the planet. It is due to eating enzyme rich foods and allowing the blood and organs to regenerate from the raw foods they eat! To live long and healthy in today’s world, we must eat more raw foods and take plant based enzymes, like the Core Health Pack, when eating cooked food! Each of these four categories include co-factor enzymes too numerous to list, since 3,000 of the 5.000 types of enzymes in the body are located in the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to focus on what we are eating and digesting because it can give us energy and vitality or weigh us down and shorten our lives.

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