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A very common issue in adults and children alike, stomach pain can affect every individual at one point of time or another. Stomach pain can be treated in several ways, including OTC medications, prescribed drugs, antibiotics, natural treatments, herbal remedies and even surgery.
Mild stomach pain can be treated with over the counter medications like antacids (Maalox, Tums and Pepto-Bismol) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol, panadol and Liquiprin etc.).
In addition to standard medications and treatments, stomach pain can also be treated effectively with certain natural treatments. Another very effective natural remedy for stomach pain involves mixing a tea spoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of lukewarm water and drinking the mixture for immediate relief.This remedy effectively helps to clear gas and other blockages in the stomach that could lead to stomach pain. A very effective (and immediate) natural cure for stomach pain involves drinking a warm saltwater which is made by adding 1 teaspoon of salt to a cup of lukewarm water. Eating at odd times of the day, lying down immediately after eating a meal, binge eating, and gulping down foods etc.
Drinking too much alcohol (or other alcoholic beverages) can increase the production of stomach acid which would in turn lead to heartburn, a common cause for stomach pain. Stomach pain can be effectively treated with several herbal remedies, most of which are recommended by doctors themselves. Fresh ginger contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat digestive system related disorders that can cause stomach pain. Licorice is a common ingredient in many herbal teas and is also available in the form of supplements. Diluted apple cider vinegar can be used to cleanse the stomach of unwanted waste materials and impurities that could otherwise contribute to stomach pain.Apple cider vinegar also aids in digestion and assimilation, thereby preventing stomach aches that could be caused by issues related to these processes.
Considered as an excellent herbal remedy for stomach pain and other stomach related disorders, chamomile herb can be taken either in its raw form (dried flowers) or as a tea (found in several grocery stores). Persistent stomach pain which either does not reduce or worsens with time could possibly indicate a more serious problem that would need to be handled by a doctor. Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is a pathological condition of the intestine and characterized by severe watery diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, and at times fever. As stated, Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is most commonly caused by eating or drinking contaminated food and water. Rotavirus: This causes Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis in children when they put their fingers on objects containing the virus and then put the finger in their mouth thus getting infected. Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is an extremely contagious disease and it spreads like wildfire.
These symptoms may announce their presence depending on the cause and may appear within a couple of days after getting infected with the virus.
The diagnosis of Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is made based on the symptoms experienced by the individual or child.
Since Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is a self limiting disease condition, there is no specific treatment for it. Gradually go back to eating beginning with bland foods which can be easily digested by the body like bananas, rice, or chicken.
Avoid consuming dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, or spicy or oily foods for some time until the symptoms improve. Try and avoids medication use especially medications like ibuprofen as it can upset the stomach even more. Soups: Soup is a source which can provide invaluable amount of fluids which goes a long way in preventing dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting because of the infection.
Fruits and Vegetables: Juices made out of fresh fruits and vegetables increase hydration and nutrition to the body which is essential in Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis. Soft-Grains: Grains like breads, cereals, rice provide significant amount of glucose to the body which acts as a source for energy, although sometimes it is difficult to digest these types of foods until the condition is completely controlled. Abdominal pain also known as stomach ache is a pain which occurs between chest and pelvic regions of your body.

These causes if are followed by the symptoms listed below, then it’s time to visit the doctor for further diagnosis immediately.
Once we know what the causes of the pain are, we need to figure out how this pain is caused. These are few questions but the doctor would continue with more depending on your situation. Once the cause is identified by the doctor based on the initial triage and further supplemented by the medical tests, the treatment would be started based on the cause.
If you already had reached out to doctor for treatment, then follow the doctor’s advice strictly so that you can minimise it in less time. Individuals can experience stomach pain for a variety of reasons ranging from very simple issues like indigestion and bloating to more complicated issues like stomach ulcers or cancer.And while most cases of stomach pain can be easily diagnosed and treated effectively with over the counter medications and home remedies, recurrent stomach pain may signify a serious internal problem (like appendicitis) that needs to be treated immediately. However, if the pain is accompanied by other more serious symptoms, the individual in question would need to call the doctor right away. However, the correct form of treatment can be decided only after the cause behind the pain is identified and diagnosed.Accordingly, some of the more common causes for stomach pain in individuals include conditions like indigestion, constipation, food allergies, abdominal gas, stomach flu and menstrual cramps (in women). In addition to being as effective as medications, these natural remedies would not cause any harmful side effects. Alternatively, lying down in a tub filled with warm water would also ease stomach pain to a great extent.
These in turn would place excess pressure on the stomach, leading to stomach pain and other disorders like heart burn.It is considered wise to lose weight if the individual in question suffers from intense stomach pain frequently. Frequent alcohol consumption can also cause several digestive issues which could lead to stomach pain. The best options would be ginger tea or ginger supplements that need to be taken as per the instructions mentioned in the package. Drinking a mixture of fresh lemon and water (made by squeezing the lemon into the water) can help ease painful stomach cramps. Raw licorice can also be chewed on in order to prevent bloating or indigestion after heavy meals. Drinking some apple cider vinegar (the diluted form) before a meal can help prevent stomach ache to a great extent.
Drinking chamomile tea regularly can reduce stomach aches to a great extent and prevent recurrences. In certain cases, surgery might be needed to treat stomach pain caused by a condition.The more common instances in this case would include peptic ulcers (which may cause holes in the stomach or excessive bleeding in the digestion chamber), bowel obstruction (severe cases may require surgery to clear the blockage), perforation (holes in the digestive tract caused by ulcers, infections or sharp particles), gallstones (large sized stones block the ducts connecting the gall bladder to other vital organs), kidney stones (large sized stones that block the ureters) and appendicitis (which needs to be removed before it ruptures) etc.
This condition is usually caused by consuming contaminated food or water and the symptoms usually resolve on their own with time in healthy individuals, but in people with compromised immune system like the elderly population or infants this condition can be significantly serious. It can also be caused by sharing food and utensils used by an individual who has been affected by Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis. In the United States, a vaccine is available against rotavirus and is significantly effective in controlling the disease. It can spread by vomitus or feces of the affected individual: It can also spread through direct contact with the infected individual like a cordial handshake as he or she may have the virus in the hands. The symptoms usually last for a couple of days but at times they persist up to a week or so. If there have been a number of cases of similar symptoms in the community then it makes it easier for the physician to diagnose this condition. Antibiotics cannot be used as they are ineffective against viruses and if they are overused then they can cause development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. These fluids also facilitate elimination of various toxins from the body through urine thus expediting the recovery from this infection. If fresh vegetables are added as an ingredient in soup then it gives the body strength to fight infections. In the recovery phase, it is recommended to eat soft breads like wheat bread, and brown rice.

A physical examination would be performed by gently pressing down on various areas of you abdomen to check tenderness and swelling. Treatment can range from medications, antibiotics for infections, changes in health style such as certain foods which you might be allergic or surgery if needed for cases like appendicitis etc. Accordingly, some of the more serious symptoms that can accompany a stomach ache include recurrent pain, consistent pain (for several days), high fever, constipation, bloody stools, vomiting, painful urination, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, tenderness (around the stomach region) and respiratory issues etc. Some serious conditions that can lead to recurrent or consistent stomach pain in individuals include food poisoning, lactose intolerance, hernia, stomach ulcer, appendicitis, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, kidney stones, gallstones, urinary tract infections, Crohn’s disease and GERD etc. The remedy however is not considered suitable for individuals with conditions like hypertension. These include eating slowly, chewing the food properly before swallowing it, eating at fixed timings, avoiding binge eating and taking a small walk after meals etc. Proper diet and regular exercises would help an individual lose weight properly (without harming the body) and take care of stomach pain in the process. It is considered wise to refrain from drinking altogether or limit alcohol intake to a minimum until the stomach pain disappears completely.Frequent smoking can also cause conditions like heartburn which is linked to recurrent stomach pain.
It is always considered wise to check with a qualified herbalist before opting for these remedies in order to stay safe from potential side effects (which may vary based on individual body conditions). It is considered wise to refrain from eating ginger candies though as they can contain artificial sweeteners or processed sugars which can lead to stomach upset. A suitable alternative to licorice is fennel which is also known to be an effective herbal cure for stomach pain caused by digestive disorders. There is no definitive cure for this condition as it is usually a self limiting disease but prevention is of utmost importance, especially in old people and infants which is by avoiding contaminated food and water and staying away from places where one may become vulnerable to this condition. It is a pretty contagious virus and spread easily from one person to other, especially if people are living in confined spaces. The virus can also spread by using objects or utensils used by the affected individual which may be contaminated like spoons, forks etc. Medications can be given for control of diarrhea but usually self measures are of big help in resolving the symptoms. The recommended form of soups for Stomach Flu or Viral Gastroenteritis is plain broth soups which contain ingredients which are easy to digest by the body like pasta or soft beans.
As and when the diarrhea starts getting under control then adding soft foods to the diet like bananas and potatoes is quite helpful. Additionally one can also eat bland soft-grain foods like include well-cooked pasta, hot cereals, or barley soup. The pain is not serious and can be easily diagnosed and treated while sometimes it can become a serious issue. Based on these certain medical tests can be prescribed by the doctor such as ultrasound scanning, urine tests, blood tests, etc to determine the exact cause of the pain. Activated charcoal can prevent stomach pain caused by food poisoning is available in the form of capsules. Kicking the habit altogether or limiting it can help treat stomach pain and prevent recurrences in the future.
Sharing food with an affected individual can cause the virus to spread The most vulnerable individual to get the disease is the one who is close to an affected individual especially for the first couple of days after recovery. Additionally, foods like applesauce, peeled apples, steamed cauliflower, cooked carrots etc. It is considered wise however, to refrain from using a certain drug if the pain shows no signs of abating or worsens.

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