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Consuming any type of medicine on an empty stomach can cause severe stomach reactions such as vomitting or stomachaches. If I were you I would call the doctor and tell him the medicine is not working even though you have increased the dosage as he suggested.
Does anyone know a GOOD dr in the Louisville or Elizabethtown area that treats fibromyalgia and is a good dr?

I have been battling fibromyalgia about 10 years now and it seems it is just a vicious cycle.
Always try to have eaten something (before) because that will ease the absorbing of the medicine.
I have been on 90 mg morphine for 2 years and that is the only thing I have found that has given me any hope.

My dr has just yanked that from me and put me on Embeda which is a new form of morphine which you can not abuse.

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