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My 4 month old French Bulldog puppy has had a bunch of red (mix of lighter red and darker red) dots all over her lower stomach, slightly on her hind legs, around her private areas. January 10, 2014 Hi Eaton, Your 4 month old French Bull Dog has superficial Puppy Pyoderma.
DISCLAIMER: The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person.
I don't think she's brushing up against anything outside, the grass is so short now and mostly frozen over.
I ordered the Mega C Plus, and I notice in addition to vitamin C, there are a bunch of other vitamins and minerals she already gets in her multi-vitamin (i.e.
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She's has this since we brought her home at 8 weeks, and we showed the vet that said it might be early puppy vaginitis, and to give her some vitamin c and cranberries (which we have been for 3+ weeks).
She may also have some vaginitis, but the pimples and eruptions on her abdomen are caused by superficial Staph bacteria, not vaginitis.
If she has had vaccinations, give her Thuya 6C or 12C one pellet by mouth or dissolve one pellet in a 2 oz bottle of Spring Water TWO times daily for 3 weeks.
We currently do give her fat soluble vitamin C and a multivitamin, would the Mega C be necessary?
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The longer a non-homeopathic drug is given that will suppress or only palliate the symptoms, the harder it will be to treat the patient toward a curative response, Has the benedryl helped your dog?
Give her Thuya occidentalis 200 CK ONE pellet by mouth for ONE dose one time. Do not touch the pellet with your fingers.
She does have some pretty big separation anxiety, she really does not like being left alone.

I read that this type of thing might be normal in female puppies that haven't been neutered yet, and that it would go away when they get neutered, but we just want to make sure. Skin fold areas are more difficult to clear up. Superficial Puppy Pyoderma can be triggered by anything affecting the immune system. You should also be aware of side effects due to chronic use of anti-histamines. It would be healthier for your dog to go to a 'holistic' veterinarian. Simply click here to return to Ask a Vet Online via My Online Vet (SUBSCRIPTION REQUIRED FOR NEW QUESTIONS). In addition, a one-week course of two antibiotics plus an acid-suppressing medicine will usually clear the H. Also, for the Thuya, she had a Parvo vaccine and a Distemper vaccine and was given Thuya after only 1 of them. To find a holistic veterinarian in your area click on the link below Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area.
As long as it has touched any of the mucous membranes in her mouth, then she has absorbed the remedy. She's eaten a raw diet with meat and veggies (she doesn't eat grains) since we brought her home, and I give her coconut oil, fish oil, and apple cider vinegar daily. Since you brought her home at 8 weeks of age, this might have been a 'traumatic' event for her.
Anti-inflammatory medicines used to treat conditions such as arthritis sometimes cause duodenal ulcers.
If she does swallow it, that's ok too! To find a holistic veterinarian in your area click on the link below Click here to find a holistic veterinarian in your area. If you need to continue with the anti-inflammatory medicine, then you may need to take long term acid-suppressing medication. Although, you might substitute hydrogen peroxide for the tea tree oil and clean her only three times per week. After being mixed in the stomach, food passes into the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine). Rescue Remedy-10 drops, Walnut-5 drops, Honeysuckle-5 drops into a two oz dropper bottle filled with Spring Water.

If you could see inside your gut, an ulcer looks like a small, red crater on the inside lining of the gut. However, these medicines sometimes affect the mucus barrier of the duodenum and allow acid to cause an ulcer. In this test a doctor or nurse looks inside your stomach and duodenum by passing a thin, flexible telescope down your oesophagus. If this infection is not cleared, the ulcer is likely to return once you stop taking acid-suppressing medication. In addition, you need to take an acid-suppressing medicine to reduce the acid in the stomach. If it is done, it needs to be done at least four weeks after the course of combination therapy has finished. If it has not gone, then a repeat course of combination therapy with a different set of antibiotics may be advised. Some doctors say that for people with a duodenal ulcer, this confirmation test is not necessary if symptoms have gone. You will also normally be prescribed an acid-suppressing medicine for several weeks (as mentioned above). However, in many cases the anti-inflammatory medicine is needed to ease symptoms of arthritis or other painful conditions, or aspirin is needed to protect against blood clots. In these situations, one option is to take an acid-suppressing medicine each day indefinitely. This reduces the amount of acid made by the stomach, and greatly reduces the chance of an ulcer forming again.

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