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Life Space Probiotic For Children Sachets have been specifically formulated to enhance a child’s immune system, help reduce the frequency and severity of viral infections, promote healthy bowel movements and aid in reducing dry skin and itching associated with eczema.
Direction of use for 3-12 years: ? - 1 sachet (1 sachet equiv to 2 grams) can be added to juice, water, with food or taken directly from a spoon. The freeze drying process, Life Space manufacturing techniques and packaging – glass jars and special seals under the caps, or in aluminum foil sachets – ensure the viability and quality of Life Space Probiotic bacteria.
Store your Life Space Probiotics in a cool, dry place below 30°C and consume within 3 months of opening.
The freeze drying process ensures that the Life Space Probiotic bacteria remain dormant until they come in contact with moisture, which normally occurs once ingested.

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Life Space Broad Spectrum 60 Billion Probiotic is a comprehensive 10-strain probiotic formula developed to provide a wide range of live beneficial bacteria throughout the digestive tract, providing a wide range of health benefits. Probiotics species such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium longum work by signalling immune cells within the digestive tract. Once opened, it’s important to ensure that the lid is recapped tightly after each use to protect the bacteria against the moisture in the air.
However, new modern freeze drying techniques ensure that the probiotics can remain viable (alive), at normal room temperatures, as long as the packaging adequately protects against moisture. To prevent the side effects of antibiotic medication take at least 2 hours before or after taking antibiotic medication.

Either by sending a T cell immune response (Th1) to a harmful virus pathogen or by signalling lymphatic tissue to not send an inflammation immune response (Th2) to harmless microbes such as pollen.
Medical research has shown that when a child’s immune system is well regulated by probiotic bacteria, children are sick less often and they exhibit fewer symptoms of allergy.

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