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Ballroom dance or ballroom dancing is a composed of different partner dances, that are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world.
March is the perfect time to tour the History Center and focus on the contributions that women from this region have made to history.
Life-like figure of Queen Aliquippa in the Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation at the Heinz History Center.
A life-like museum figure of Seneca leader Queen Aliquippa greets visitors to the Pittsburgh: A Tradition of Innovation exhibition gallery. Much of Aliquippa’s early life is shrouded in mystery, revealed only in brief accounts by French and British envoys. Fiercely loyal to the British throughout her life, she met twice with Conrad Weiser, an interpreter and diplomat to the Native Americans. Later, in 1794, Celeron, the commander of a French expedition, attempted to pay the Queen homage as she camped near present-day McKees Rocks. Her name lives on in the town of Aliquippa, Beaver County, and in the ridge and gap near Augswich. In the fourth floor Special Collections Gallery, a bright red business suit stands out in the section that features the Jewish Collection.

Sophie Masloff, Pittsburgh’s first female and first Jewish mayor, wore this suit at her inauguration in 1990.
Born to immigrant Romanian-Jewish parents in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, Masloff was raised by her mother after her father passed away when she was just two years old.
Eventually, Masloff ascended to Pittsburgh’s City Council, winning her seat in 1976 and, later, serving as the first female president of Council in 1988. Masloff never missed an election, keeping her perfect voting record until she died, and she never lost her belief in the importance of public service.
Anne Madarasz is the Museum Division Director & Co-Director of the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum. Enter your email address to receive the latest blogs from the History Center directly in your inbox.
Ballroom dancing has become more popular due to many appearances on Dancing with The Stars, stage, film, and other television programs.
We know that, by the 1740s, she lived in Western Pennsylvania and led a group of about 30 Seneca families.
After the defeat, they fled to George Croghan’s Augswich homestead in present-day Huntingdon County.

Her red dress is on display in the History Center’s fourth floor Special Collections Gallery. Masloff went on to graduate from Fifth Avenue High School and then began volunteering for the Democratic Party.
That same year, after the untimely death of Mayor Richard Caliguiri, she unexpectedly became mayor. After finishing his term, Masloff successfully ran for mayor herself at the age of 71, serving until 1994. Within three years, she became a minute clerk in the Court of Common Pleas, where she superved jury selections.
When she married her husband Jack, whom she was married to for 52 years, she kept it secret, as it violated the county’s policy of hiring only unwed female employees.

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