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Yoplait introduced a lactose-free yogurt in four flavors for the millions who are lactose intolerant. This new products gives people the chance to experience yogurt without the lactose intolerant outcomes.
After being lactose intolerant for almost 5 years Yoplait’s lactose free yogurt was heaven sent! Bite of the Best encourages our readers to comment on and review any products that we write about. Lactose intolerance is the body’s inability to process the milk sugar called Lactase, found in most dairy products. Look for product demonstrations in your local grocery store, along with great recipe ideas that are lactose and gluten free.
Still family owned and located in the heart of Oregon’s Umpqua Valley, Umpqua Dairy Products, Co. SustainabilityUmpqua Dairy recognizes that our business, our employees, and our suppliers all impact the environment. Our PledgeWhen you purchase Umpqua Dairy products, you are selecting natural, locally made products that are nationally recognized for their quality. If your system can’t tolerate milk, you could be lactose-intolerant; this means your body has a hard time breaking down lactose, a type of sugar found in milk.
The good news is that you can enjoy the rich and creamy goodness of milk without the nasty after-effect.
To answer this question, it’s important to first understand why some people are lactose intolerant. According to a report published by USA Today, over 60 percent of adults are lactose intolerant. This staggering percentage makes you wonder how you can enjoy the goodness of milk without the bad effetcs!

Unlike regular milk, lactose free milk can be processed by your body, and will not fill your stomach with excess gas or fluid. Lactose free milk contains a wide range of vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, B-12, B-6, and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. With all these great benefits, there’s no reason to avoid milk now especially if you are drinking lactose free soy milk like Bonsoy Soy Milk. Lactose-free cow's milk is an alternative for individuals who suffer from lactose intolerance. GOOD TO KNOW: As with regular milk, lactose-free milk is a significant source of calcium and vitamins D and A.
I personally think it is delicious and doesn’t have a weird, grainy texture like most lactose free products.
Because of this we have developed Umpqua Dairy 100% Lactose Free Milk, a delicious milk that has all the goodness of our award winning milk, but is lactose free.
By adding a natural Lactase enzyme to our milk, we break Lactose down into two simpler sugars called glucose and galactose. Umpqua Dairy's state certified lab tests each load of milk to make sure that it is pure, fresh and free from antibiotics. The enzyme does this by breaking down lactose into two basic sugars: glucose and galactose. However, there are instances when breastmilk isn’t accessible and mums have no other recourse but to offer formula.
These vitamins and minerals make sure that your bones, muscles, nerves and organs are in the best health.
It taste just like regular yogurt and I highly recommend it, especially the strawberry flavor.

You can find Umpqua Dairy 100% Lactose Free milk in Homogenized Whole and 2% Reduced Fat varieties at your favorite local grocer in a half gallon white light blocking jug. Their award winning line of dairy, ice cream and juice products are distributed throughout the Western United States. Strict sanitary controls throughout the bottling process ensure that, from the farm to your table, our products remain fresh and wholesome. When lactose moves to the large intestines without being properly broken down into a simpler sugar, it causes flatulence, bloating and stomach pain which collectively have been referred to as signs of lactose-intolerance.
When the sugars aren’t digested symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhea can occur. It contains 160 calories, 8 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 8 grams of protein and 12 grams of sugar.
During processing, the enzyme breaks down the sugar in milk and the result is sweeter milk. A tradition of unsurpassed quality, freshness and customer service makes Umpqua Dairy a #1 choice for delicious, refreshing dairy products. If it can’t be helped, switching to lactose free milk helps mums give the right balance of vitamins and minerals to their babies without colic. Lactose-free cow’s milk is already treated with lactase so the sugars are completely broken down.

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