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Las cepas de Lactobacillus bulgaricus, que contienen las capsulas PROBIOTIC, han sido aislados de fuentes naturales de las montanas de Bulgaria y los Balcanes, y han sido seleccionados por su efecto beneficioso sobre la salud humana (por sus cualidades probioticas). Apoya y regula el equilibrio de la flora microbiana en el tracto gastrointestinal despues de un tratamiento con antibioticos y otros medicamentos, disbacteriosis intestinal e infecciones gastro-intestinales.
Mantener refrigerado, a temperaturas de entre 0 y 10 ° CMantener fuera del alcance de los ninos. The cow's milk is delivered from family-owned organic cow farms in Dobrodan village which is located in the Troyan Balkan Mountains within the central part of Bulgaria.
The natural cow's grass-feeding causes that very specific and awesome herb-scent and taste of the milk. The cows in our both organic cow-farms are never roped -- they are really happy cows, free to stray around within the mountain farm lands, wherever they wish. During homogenization, milk is forced at high pressure and temperature through tiny holes to break its fat molecules into smaller globules.
Most dairy processing factories skim the whole milk (remove all the milk-fat) and then put it back as to get the desired fat-content percentage. During the fermentation process, two ferment and aromatic substances are being formed while the bacteria's division is going on -- these are Diacetyl and Acetaldehyde which both determine the end product's taste and scent. For the benefit of public health awareness, should you want to use the article(s) in this site on your site, you may do so. Lactic acid bacteria constitute the largest group of probiotic bacteria out of which many are a part of the Lactobacillus genus. Lactobacillus also have several other interesting properties, it's a gram-positive lactic acid bacterium.
Historicaly most iGEM teams have worked with only a few model organisms, the vast majority of which is E.

Las cepas han sido aisladas y caracterizadas de acuerdo a las normas y estandares internacionales Bergey’s Manuel y los requisitos de la International Dairy Federation (IDF), International Dairy Foods Assocciation (IDFA).
The cows there live the most natural and happy way of cow's life ever: always free, never being fastened with ropes, freely grass-pasture fed, drinking only pure spring mountain water, never treated with synthetic growth hormones (rBST) or antibiotics. But what is more important for your health is that grass-fed cow's milk has the perfect balance ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-fed cow's milk is known to contain much higher quantities of the healthy fats such as Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Omega-3 fatty acids compared with grain-fed cows.
There are many efforts, investments and care done about the highest state of cleanliness of the soil, waters and bio-environment within and around the farms themselves.
This results in fat molecules with a much higher than normal membrane concentration of casein and whey proteins which has the potential to increase their allergenic properties.
This -- we strongly believe -- is an unwanted and expendable processing of milk and we prefer to have the milk as it naturally comes from cows and to process it as less as possible and needed. Because vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, its concentration in milk is reduced through the removal of fat.
We use unique symbiotic combinations of strains, isolated in Bulgaria, which have never been genetically modified! What we do is -- we select the combination of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus in such a way, so that we achieve the best taste and aroma. On the spot, at our dairy processing facility, prior sending the yogurt to market, we always perform a thorough analysis of each and every parcel, including microscopic pattern, cell-morphology and other routine lab-tests.
However, the content must be copied in full, with copyright, contact, creation and back link information included without our written permission. They have been extensively used for fermentation and food preservation and represents an ancient and very primitive form of biotechnology.
Their long and extensive use as probiotics means they have been proven safe to eat and make them suitable as a new probiotic chassi.

The name comes from that all lactobacillus transform lactose and some other sugar to lactic acid.[2] The lactic acid lowers the pH levels. A specialized cistern tank-truck delivers the raw milk from both the organic farms to the dairy processing facility in Malo Buchino, where our team of skilled technologists and microbiologists creates the HARMONICA yogurt using the original Bulgarian technology. As a result, when skim milk or low fat milk is consumed and digested, the vitamin A needed for the assimilation of its protein is drawn from the liver.
They are also essential for our digestive health, they synthesize important nutrients and keep pathogenic bacteria in check. This ability together with their ability to express and export bacteriocins is what gives them their ability to outcompete other bacteria and gives them their food preserving properties.
Las cepas estan depositadas bajo la proteccion de patentes en el Banco Nacional de Microorganismos y Cultivos Celulares industriales de Bulgaria. This can deplete the body's reserve of vitamin A, and in turn, increase the risk of autoimmune disease and cancer.
Studies have shown that probiotic bacteria play important roles in immunology and digestive functions.[1] They have also been shown to have an alleviating effect on infectious diseases, diarrhea and some other illnesses. We used specifically three species of lactobacillus in our project: Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Lactobacillus Plantarum and Lactobacillus Reuteri. Today there are a lot of probiotic products on the market that are sold and eaten for their health benefits. For this reason we have decided to make the Lactobacillus genus more approachable for future iGEM teams and provide some fundamental parts for biobrick based synthetic biology.

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