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Spirulina: All the essential amino acids in correcte poportion, full of Vitamin B12, vitamins, glycolipis, 17 different beta-carotenoids, minerals (especially iron and magnesium), GLA, and over 2,000 enzymes. When eaten in sufficient quantities, greens provide protein in simple, easily assimilated amino acid chains- rather than the complex ones that have to be broken down and re-assimilated. Avocados are bursting with nutrients–vitamins, A, B-complex, C, E, H, K, and folic acid, plus the minerals magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, potassium and many other trace elements.
Hi Kristie, yes it is still concentrated, and spirulina has a lot of detoxifying properties. Thanks for everything you do to help us all feel our best and in advance for the answers to our questions. I would love to try this recipe and I’m wondering what are the best nuts substitute for Brazil nuts.
Hi Kimberley, I wanted to start using spirulina but discovered this is not recommended for people with autoimmune diseases. Acne is a skin inflammation that can manifest as anything from small, red bumps to large, pus filled cysts.
Hormones: Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, menstruation, and others can cause enlargement of the sebaceous glands, which then produce more sebum. Toxicity: Toxic chemicals in the foods you eat, water you drink, and air you breathe can also cause blocked pores. Benzoyl peroxide is a topical acne fighting ingredient found in both prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments. The best and safest way to eradicate acne is with a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as use of natural skincare products that leave your skin clean without chemicals. 1) I was prescribed Accutane twice – are the side effects you mentioned happen while on that drug or for years after you stop taking it? 2) I also suffer greatly from something called sebborheic dermatitis, which appears on my scalp and the side of my nose.
I realize you are not a medical doctor, but could you recommend a few things to prevent and treat these conditions naturally? Kim, your Beauty Detox lifestyle helped me eradicate the acne that was tormenting me for the last 4-5 years. Hi kimberly, i would like to know whether i can use the wet bath boar brush by bass from whole foods market??? I’ve started following your radiant beauty phase plan pretty closely for the past 2 and a half weeks(GGS, probitoics, mag oxide, organic veggies, light to heavy, no animal protein which was normal for me already). Another thing to point out is the fact that many facial cleansers, especially the cheap ones, contain detergents that can essentially throw our bodies out of whack when it comes to sebum production.
Though I admit I’m not a huge movie-goer, I do happen to be and work on film sets all the time (so I see films being made waaaaay more than going to the theater), and this one is close to my heart. Many of the actors are on the Beauty Detox program and incorporate Glowing Green Smoothies into their diet, including Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston.
I made changes like getting the guys off Gatorade and making sure they hydrated with coconut water instead.
I love your site, I just found it this weekend by accident and started drinking the GGS right away. I arrived here searching for Loki pics and then I reviewed your method too, so I was wondering whether your book is available in Italian.
Tom’s tweet was the first time I’d been introduced to your GGS, and, subsequently, you! Focus is very much connected with your power and your ability to direct your energy and your willpower. If you’re scattered, you’re more impulsive, and that leads you to make poor choices, give in to cravings, or do the things you know aren’t good for you. Change your homepage on your web browser to something that won’t tempt you to click on links to read stories that you don’t need to read first thing in the morning. Turn off excessive phone notifications (for example, for emails) so you can maintain your focus throughout a task and gain depth of focus. What you see affects your focus, like things on your desk or food in your office that you keep around. Every part of your life is interrelated, so you can become more disciplined and focused with your work and be more efficient there, then find that your energy is heightened enough to go do a workout after work. Don’t turn your phone on (or off of airplane mode) until you’ve had at least five minutes to meditate, planned your goals for the day, done your morning routine, and gotten settled. If you have something you really want to focus on and someone else wants to pull your attention away, remember you’re not doing them any favors by hurting yourself. In today’s post, Kim and Tony talk about superfoods and whether or not you really need them in your diet. Superfoods are synonymous with rare, difficult to find, and expensive because of the “more is always better” mindset.
When you’re eating whole, fresh foods regularly, you don’t need the expensive, nutrient-dense powders. If you’re eating a variety of foods and sourcing from different areas, every plant is grown in different soil and will have different minerals. Superfood labels may sound impressive, but they don’t have the enzymes of the natural food, and how much can you digest? Marketing presents superfoods as if there’s a lacking in your diet or your life and as if these foods are better than anything you have access to and they’ll “save” you.
There’s a clear line of demarcation in The Beauty Detox Solution between processed (which often happens to superfoods) and whole foods.
Goji berries: Great for snacking and contain protein and antioxidants, but can be expensive. Chia seeds: These are fantastic and featured in several recipes (Chia Seed Delight and Power Protein Smoothie).
When you’re using powders and special superfoods, how much is your body actually able to absorb?
If you’re following The Beauty Detox Solution principles, you’re detoxifying and optimizing digestion, so you’re able to pull and assimilate more nutrients from all of your food because your body is clean. If you’re relying on pills, supplements, tinctures, etc, what is the rest of your diet like?
Combine cayenne pepper, coconut nectar or maple syrup mixture and pour on top of fruit and combine gently. Initially, it strives to protect you from toxins or pathogens entering your body by forming a physical barrier. Next, your immune system seeks to detect and eliminate those pathogens that make it through your body’s barrier system before they have a chance to proliferate. If pathogens have managed to proliferate, then your body next attempts to eliminate the illness by getting rid of them on a massive scale. The final level on which your immune system operates is slightly different than germ-based illnesses.
If your immune system is unable to fight off whatever pathogen or toxin you come across and you do get sick, your body does whatever it can to rid you of the germs in your system. Inflammation: In the presence of foreign invaders, your body produces large numbers of white blood cells in your bone marrow. Fevers: When you spike a fever, it is your body’s attempt to become inhospitable to the germs that are making you sick. Vomiting and diarrhea: When you ingest something that is not healthy for your body, your digestive system works to expel it in the most expedient and efficient way possible. The intestines are among the organs I am most fascinated by- because I think optimal digestion and the efficient and continual removal of internal waste is one of the major keys to health and beauty. Many pathogens may enter your body through your intestines, which break down the foods you eat into usable parts and waste.
Studies also show that gut flora is instrumental in the development of immune system components. Since your intestines play such a key role in maintaining your body’s overall immunity, maintaining gut health is essential.
Ensure you have plenty of beneficial gut flora by taking a probiotic supplement twice a day. Eat my Probiotic and Enzyme salad several times a day in this season (!) to maintain healthy gut flora. Avoid taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, because they kill off all types of bacteria, not just the “bad” stuff.
I just wanted to say how much I LOVED your book and the amazing information that you post on your site. Just want to thank you again for all of the useful information you give to us and let you know I’m really looking forward to the new book.
My husband recently got a bit of a head cold and with ample liquids and rest, he was much better by about 5pm that day. You want to be careful of contamination, so if you’ve never made it before and are nervous about the culturing process you can just buy the raw kraut from the healthstore.
I ran into you at the Whole Foods in Atlanta over the summer with my sister if you remember! It is no secret that one of my favorite foods that I often tout is our humble, common friend: Celery. Well in my quest to reduce the alarming amount of medications and drugs that proliferate across the Western world, I thought I would take a little stab at the increasingly popular Viagra. According to an exhaustive study of purported aphrodisiac foods, celery is the “sexiest” substance on Earth. Lastly, celery has an aroma which contains the two steroids called androsterone and adrostenol. Of course, celery does relax the muscles that regulate blood pressure, and improves blood flow.
So yes, Viagra is just one more unnecessary drug that we probably can do without in many cases, especially when we have celery!!
You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I to find this matter to be actually one thing which I feel I might never understand.
Natural foods are digested cleanly, so they don’t leave acidic waste that accumulates over time.
I grow celery commercially,it increases semen volumes dramatically,no idea what it does for women. I just ate a bunch of celery, now my sexual desires just increased one hundred fold, I googled celery and blood flow to analyze this and found this.
I am so excited because it’s time for this week’s Q&A segment on “Beauty Inside Out” with Kimberly Snyder. I have been suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for a while and just wondering if incorporating your diet would help this. As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones. Want to know what to expect from other episodes of the podcast, when you listen to “Beauty Inside out with Kimberly Snyder”?
Listeners really respect the views of other listeners, so your response helps people find good material they are interested in!

Unlike other algaes, spirulina’s cell walls have high concentrations of mucopolysachharids, which are easily digested and used to form protein and the building blocks of cell membranes. If its just nuts, then he can still have yummy hemp seeds which pack 11 grams of protein in 3 Tbs.
Gorillas, pound for the pound the strongest animal on earth, are vegetarian and survive off greens! I don’t think too much soy is that good for you, but maybe sometimes he can try that as well. Avocados provide all of the essential amino acids (those that must be provided by our diet), with 18 amino acids in all, plus 7 fatty acids, including Omega 3 and 6.
Thank you for alerting me about the benefits of spirulina- it will be something I keep in my diet from now on. This inflammation occurs when the pores become blocked and the body responds with inflammation.
High fat foods, and foods that cause inflammation or result in increases in blood sugar can trigger an eruption.
Likewise, as you begin to cleanse your body of toxic chemicals you may notice a short outbreak of acne as these toxins work their way out of your body via your skin. On an energetic, mind-body connection level,poor self esteem, talking down to yourself, or repressed anger can all manifest in the physical form of acne. While it has demonstrated tremendous success at treating a specific type of acne (nodular acne), it also has a number of extremely dangerous side effects that make it NOT worth the cost of clear skin. It produces free radicals in the skin, which can cause premature aging and are linked to a number of diseases including cancer. This allows you to fight acne naturally, without the use of harsh or dangerous chemicals and medications. These foods are anti-inflammatory powerhouses that minimize toxic buildup in your system, fight free radicals, and promote health and well-being. These foods contain chemicals and ingredients that contribute to toxicity and inflammation – both culprits in acne breakouts. A paper in Clinics in Dermatology discussed the link between hormones in dairy products and acne in humans. While detoxification may initially result in a little increase in acne, in the long-term your skin will be much clearer.
The problem for me is applying the information in a balanced way so I don’t get too obsessive about what I eat which causes stress for me and causes me to feel deprived (physically and emotionally).
I would have a chat with my doctor about the possibility of thyroid disease, which is often the underlying cause to some of the things you mention.
I was on set with the moving Avengers set train across the country, which shot in Albuquerque (remember those NM blogs and videos?), Cleveland and NY. The actors are absolute sweethearts, which is saying a lot considering the incredibly heavy costumes they had to wear and extremely long days and shooting schedule, which included a lot of all-night shoots. Your smoothies are amazing (I add 2 bananas to mine and add a handful of pineapple) and I can totally see why Mark and Tom tweet about the GGS! They offer tips for building focus during day-to-day activities and the little changes you can make in your life to really cultivate a trained, focused mind. Willpower and focus are linked in a way that allows you to consistently make those proper choices every day and to feel what’s going on in your body. The greater the depth of the focus, the more powerful it is, but that focus needs to be unbroken in order to achieve depth. The discipline creates more and becomes a positive loop because as you focus, you become clearer on what’s important to you, what’s working.
For example, do one focused grocery trip to stock your fridge, you’re less likely to order takeout. Go straight from work to yoga class so you won’t get distracted at home and never make it to class.
Many of the top 50 beauty foods in The Beauty Detox Foods are humble, accessible, familiar, and inexpensive (like lemons, garlic, cabbage, kale, bananas, and spinach). Nutrient-dense foods become miracle foods and society is prone to search for the Holy Grail, miracle pill, or miracle food.
Some people like to use them as insurance because they’re afraid they aren’t getting enough nutrients because the soil’s been depleted of minerals, but that’s been overstated a bit.
It has stimulating effects similar to caffeine and can be exhausting for your adrenals, so use it as a treat. But in case any of you are weening off a calorie-counting addiction ?? ), and packed with beauty vitamins and minerals, including an awesome amount of vitamin C.
Germs are everywhere, as are carcinogens and other toxins that could be detrimental to your health.
Have you ever eaten the same meal as someone else at a restaurant, and only one of you winds up with food poisoning? In fact, all of the surfaces of your body are bacteria and virus resistant, and mucous membranes contain enzymes that further break down the cell walls of substances that shouldn’t be in your body. It does this with a variety of substances designed to fight disease, including antibodies, interferon, and lymphocites (white blood cells). In this stage, you will most likely notice common reactions that manifest as “illness,” which is your body’s attempt to eliminate the invaders. Instead, this stage is your body’s attempt to find cancerous cells and eliminate them before they proliferate. The result – your body rapidly evacuates everything you put in it in order to expel whatever it finds to be toxic. Intestinal dysbiosis occurs when good and bad bacteria get out of balance in the gut, which can lead to many immune damaging conditions such as leaky gut syndrome and other autoimmune disorders. Toxins can build up on intestinal walls, overflowing into the rest of your body and keeping you from enjoying vibrant health. Always eat heavier foods later in the day (rather than first thing or at lunch) so those foods have adequate time to digest, and backup and inhibited digestion is avoided in general.
New breeds of wheat may contain way less minerals and much more gluten than what was consumed by prior generations, which may be a reason that so many people’s bodies seem to be so sensitive to this type of protein.
If you have a healthy immune system, chances are in most instances you will not need antibiotics to fight off illness anyway (of course there are some instances where it is authentically warranted), since your body will do it for you, if you fortify it and its natural power.
The Garden of Life Primal Defense is good also, but I think it is pricey too You can also make Probiotic & Enzyme Salad, and eat lots of that every day.
Ohhira’s pribiotic supplement that you recommend makes me incredibly sick to my stomach, do you have any other options that you recommend? You should always check with your doctor, but in general probiotic-rich foods are an amazing health-enhancer for most all! Is this okay to use or should I resort to buying raw krout until I can find the right kind of unpasteurized miso paste?
When people tell me they thought it was “just full of water,” it gives me the perfect lead-in to say, “No, no, no!” Celery is high in potassium, a necessary electrolyte which helps with cellular cleansing and fluid levels, and since it is a natural diuretic, helps keep blood pressure normal. It is still a drug, it still has lots of side affects and dangers (possibly affecting vision, causing heart attacks, etc.) and it still compromises our liver- as all medications do. It has a combination of Vitamin E, magnesium, niacin, potassium and zinc, which are all required for optimum sex. Research has shown that when we ingest celery, the subtle odor of these two natural chemicals travels through our bodies and works to attract the opposite sex. This also helps with our beauty needs, like helping to reduce undereye circles which indicate stagnant blood and adrenal exhaustion. And when really wanting to impress your relationship partner, check out my truffle recipe, the perfect way to end the night!
The good thing is that I drink my green lemonade everyday and ocassionaly your recipe of celery with goji berries…Now I am going to eat it more often!
I’m no scientist, but soon after munching on a stalk with some ranch dressing, the effects were dramatic. Should i wait until it is ripe before eating as sometimes it seems to taste better than other times. If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out! I love it but I recently heard you say you should change up your ingredients and I am struggling to figure out how to do that and how often to do that. I eat fairly healthy and try and have a Glowing Green Smoothie as much as I can but I still eat meat and dairy products. I talk about my knowledge, philosophies and personal experiences on a variety of topics, including on health, beauty, nutrition, yoga, spirituality and fitness. Whenever you are having a dinner party, this is a nice way to end on a high note, and impress your friends! Nutritional yeast is a primary yeast grown on molasses- NOT the kind of yeast we usually think of.
If he does end up liking the hemp seeds, which again, are so super packed with nutrition and protein, you can order them in bulk online. By the way- hemp seeds are usually from Canada and are a totally different variety of hemp than the kind that come with THC. If you do eat animal protein, minimize your intake to once or twice per week of lean organic poultry or eggs (fish is full of mercury, PCBs and other toxins).
As blood sugar rises, so does insulin, which can upset your body’s overall hormonal balance. Everyone needs to detoxify because our environments are filled with chemicals that gunk up the body.
If you say negative things to yourself I do believe it can manifest in physical ways…including possibly acne. But I urge you to get the root cause and follow the recommendations I list above about changing your lifestyle, and especially foods to definitely avoid. What happens is my scalp breaks out in these angry eruptions (like pimples) and they hurt very much. From experience, I can tell you that diet definitely makes a difference, BUT finding the right kind of diet is key.
The guys’ superhero and villain costumes were really tight, impeding digestion and making it uncomfortable to eat foods for long stretches of time, so the GGS and all the different smoothies were really important.
Especially in Cleveland, where most of the pyrotechnic stunts, explosions, and wired stunts were shot. I want to better her diet since I feel it would benefit her moods and sleep but she does not like any of the smoothies, alomond milk, etc. I had the chance to tell Tom thank you in person last month for tweeting about the GGS (I was already reading your book) and it’s benefits. I love to eat and its hard for me to gain weight but I want to eat healthy but not lose weight I actually want to gain. I’m doing what I can to incorporate your ideas bit by bit and I feel so much healthier for it, already. This focus will assist you in all areas of your life because they’re all interconnected, so what helps you stay on task at work will help you in your health and beauty endeavors, as well.
It allows you to sense others around you—whether they have positive, supportive energy or negative energy.

Focus allows you to align with who you really are and make the food and lifestyle choice that serve you, gain serenity, have less stress, and achieve better health and beauty. You start to realize there may be a better day to grocery shop or prepare your food and you start to make time for those things on those days.
When you’re focused and it feels good, you’re productive and you want to create more of that. The time commitment of cooking a healthy meal is no greater than what it would be to order food and pick it up. Make sure to reward yourself after small, set amounts of time spent focusing on a task so you create a pleasurable, powerful association with focus.
Don’t look to those and overlook the more accessible fresh fruits that are superfoods in their own right.
Try the beauty fat from avocado mixed with this sweet-tasting and crunchy root vegetable – jicama!
Because of  its high vitamin C content, jicama is a great support to glowing skin as well as boosting immunity. This occurs on the parts of your body you can see, such as your eyes and skin, as well as internally, such as in the mucous membranes of your intestines. Here “killer” T-cells fight the pathogens in a massive attempt to eliminate them from your body. Your body’s tumor necrosis factor (TNF) fights off tumor formation by stopping cell proliferation. However, the body’s inflammatory response can get out of control and lead to inflammatory autoimmune disorders including arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia. To protect you from this, your bowel contains plicae circulares, large flaps of mucous membranes that serve as an internal physical barrier to fight off pathogens. Avoid dairy products, as well, which very hard for the body to digest for many reasons (one being that it is not actually people food). I take Advanced Naturals BoulardardiiMax which is a probiotic with prebiotics for gastrointestinal support. It’s important to get a food-based source of probiotics into your diet, not just a supplement (though probiotic supplements are great also).
Usually when I have this issue it is related to something in the supplement (binding or inactive ingredient) that I have a allergy to…and sometimes taking a different one helps. My hubby and I are feeling like a cold is coming on so we made your immunity tea this morning.
Celery also contains arginine, which is an amino acid that expands blood vessels the way Viagra is supposed to do.
I have cut out processed food and eat mostly raw, but even natural foods high in sodium cause problems(headache, jaw pain, and generally feeling bad). Usually a dermatologist starts with the lowest level of acid and builds up to the stronger ones, to see if your skin can take it. I am currently under much physical stress, many would equate to overtraining, so my body is not in a relaxed state too often, so the desire for sex is much lower than it should be, yet after consuming some celery, I instantly desire a woman, as a police officer would crave a donut. Replacing the romaine with the same quantity of chard or kale just doesn’t seem appealing. To listen to more than one episode, and to have it all in a handier way, on your phone or tablet, it’s better to subscribe so you never miss an episode!
Plus you’ll be having the most nutritious desert in the world, since the algae spirulina is arguably (Dr.
Since rapidly growing nursing infants obtain no more than 2% protein from mother’s milk, we can safely assume that children and adults do not regularly require foods richer in protein than avocado. I’ve had my own struggles with acne in the past, something I discuss in The Beauty Detox Solution. Benzoyl peroxide also causes extreme drying in the skin, which can lead to flaking, redness, and irritation. As I noted in the beginning of this blog, excessive fat in the diet can influence hormones, which can then influence acne.
When you look in the mirror affirm how grateful you are for your healthy, strong body, instead of saying something negative. That’s why I recommend natural acne-reduction methods that are far safer and much more effective than commercial acne products – without the scary side effects. Sometimes I develop something called folliculitis, on my scalp and have to be prescribed antibiotics.
These conditions make me feel so frustrated and are embarassing especially at age 46.If you could recommend something, I’d really appreciate it so much and thank you! Check out Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy Diet for more ideas on juicing and recipe ideas to help with this! His compliment about my appearance just about made my life, he’s so adorably charming. Your book doesnt talk about that and I wanted to know if you had anything helpful that I can incorporate with the diet plans that you have in your book to help me gain and not lose.
It supports our eye and skin health and helps reduce everything from arthritis to a stuffy nose and watery eyes, due to it’s anti-inflammatory action. When your immune system is healthy, your body responds to events that could cause illness or injury, seeking to restore you to healthy function as quickly as possible.
On this level of immunity, “helper” T-cells detect invaders and send out an alarm to the rest of your body to come in and fight. Unfortunately, TNF can get out of balance in your body, leading to increased inflammation, which can cause heart disease and other autoimmune disorders.
Chronic inflammation may also negatively impact all of the body’s organs, including the heart. If you suppress the fever, then you are creating a body temperature that is more hospitable to the germs that are making you sick, and you are teaching your body its natural responses are incorrect.
This barrier is especially important in the intestines, which contains millions of naturally occurring microbes.
And while we are on this topic, I might point out that arginine also  increases blood flow to the um, female genitalia when ladies consume celery, making the female genitalia more responsive. From interviews with today’s top health, wellness and spirituality pioneers, authors, Ayurvedic and Western doctors, artists and entrepreneurs to yoginis, spiritualists, and world-class vegan athletes, Beauty Inside Out is as informative as it is inspirational. With this little modification in the recipe, the texture of the pie changed and came out better than ever! I also buy hemp seeds ground as hemp protein and use that in juices and smoothies as well (I wouldn’t ever touch highly processed, enzyme-deficient whey or soy protein powders). It packs in all the B vitamins, including that elusive Vitamin B12, and has a whopping 12 grams of protein in a serving. Our bodies recycle approximately 80% of our protein; cooked protein is denatured and largely unusable, thus our protein need is far lower than what is taught by conventional dietetics.
Find the brand that works for you- as there may be good local sources and ones that others don’t have access to .
Improving your diet can definitely help a lot, as your skin is an eliminative organ that helps dispel toxins. Eating chocolate may not necessary directly cause it…but a high fat diet and dairy can definitely contribute to the condition.
Having acne can actually be a motivating factor to eat well and live healthier but then this fear comes up about eating things that might cause acne which leads to the obsessive eating habits because I’m not sure how strict I need to be about certain things in order to get clear skin.
I know when I eat a large percentage of fruit and vegetables, my skin definitely glows more and is significantly less oily. Ugh, you think to yourself, can you pleeease cover your mouth or stay home from work so you don’t infect the rest of us? I made him Immunity Tea a few times a day and made sure he was eating Probiotic & Enzyme Salad and taking probiotics to help him get better as soon as possible. So instead of being paranoid about the outside, which you can never really have control over, focus on strengthening the inside.
Your gut also contains healthy flora, which keeps potentially harmful microbes in balance and at bay, further protecting you from illness. My passion is to educate, inspire and empower YOU to become your most beautiful self from the inside out. A small avocado will provide more usable protein then a huge steak because cooked protein in meat is deranged and mostly unavailable to our liver, the organ which makes all of our body’s protein. There was a correlation discovered between dairy and acne, although the seriousness always varies. I think gluten is a big skin offender, you will notice much improvement in your digestion (and skin) if you cut this entirely out of your diet. I have so much energy (totally see why “the boys” would need it for all those fight scenes!) and the change has been remarkable!
Place the avocado in a smaller bowl and pour the lime juice on top and mix gently, to saturate the avocados completely. In fact, about 70 to 80 percent of the battle for your body’s health via the immune system occurs in the gut resultant of this beneficial flora. Pour this liquid mixture onto the pie crust and freeze overnight, or at least 4-6 hours before serving. There is clear evidence from many sources that cooked fatty and high-protein foods are the prime culprit in our country’s high rate of cancer, as well as in colitis, Crohn’s disease and many other diseases. AND, I’ve noticed that taking a good multi-vitamin gives you what you may be missing and helps round everything out. Since most people are used to the stimulation of eating more food in the morning and are pretty acidic when they come into this, it helps to have all the fiber help them feel more full and cleanse in a controlled way. Add the avocados to the jicama and blueberries, leaving the extra lime juice at the bottom of that bowl. Juice hits your system harder, and if there is any fruit in the juice then that may not be great for people that are acidic, or for many other reasons don’t handle fruit that great.
So below is my amended recipe.  Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you that coconut oil stimulates your thyroid and metabolism, you will not gain weight from this- though it is will increase your beauty. I nestled my head into his chest every night like usual- instead of treating him like a direct import from a leper colony- and even mistakenly drank out of his water bottle a bunch of times, because I wasn’t that concerned.
Sometimes, I have clients that gag with the smoothie so we work with Green Juice, and I have clients that love the Green Smoothie so much, and do so well with it as meal replacements that we stick to that. It really helps keep me clear, and I take a maintenence dose of 1 tablet per day now, so one bottle lasts me 3 months. Clear5 is a combo of B vitamins targeted specifically for the skin and it works like nothing else I’ve ever tried. Just thought I’d share some stuff that actually works because I know how terribly frustrating and embarassing it can be to have bad skin!

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