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A family-run company based in Western Pennsylvania which started out as a quail farm in 2009 and grew very fast into one of the largest quail farms in PA. With over 12 years of experience in raw feeding our own pets, we know all too well what our carnivores expect from us. If you are on a limited budget but are not willing to buy a 40 lb frozen chunk of meat for just one cat in order to get a good price, you came to the right place.
Working closely with our neighboring farms and several butcher shops enables us to offer excellent fresh quality product at very reasonable prices. However, our signature product is most certainly our home made raw milk kefir to provide just the right amount of those so important probiotics for our furry customers.
You can order online any time and we ship via UPS and FedEx to the following states: PA, OH, VA, WV, NY, NJ, DE, MD, DC.

Please SelectAGASTHYAR HERBALANNAI ARAVINDH HERBALSARYA VAIDYA SALAAUROBINDO ASHRAMAUROSPIRULBIOTIQUEBRIHANSC.P. Amount per serving:Proprietary Probiotic Blend Lactobacillus acidophilus ATCC #700396 and Bifidobacterium longum BB536 1 billion CFU. Almost all of our processing and packing is done in our own butcher shop which is inspected by the state of Pennsylvania and approved for human consumption, as well as for pet food.
Rabbits were added and today, they offer about 40 different products for pets including: ground meats, organs, whole meat items, whole prey items, recreational bones for dogs, and natural toys for cats. We always try to tailor our products to their likes as best as we can while trying to make raw feeding as simple and affordable as possible for the owner.
Almost all of our products come in 1 lb sizes which eliminates the need for defrosting and re-freezing to get smaller portion sizes.

We offer a wide range of different meats such as: beef and green tripe, sheep and lamb, venison, elk, bison, rabbit, chicken, turkey, quail and salmon.
This also makes it fast to thaw in case you forgot to take your cat’s meal out of the freezer and are in a hurry.
All of our products are free from dyes, colors and preservatives and do not contain fruits or vegetables. And yes, we DO have the so-hard-to-find quail heads – rich in taurine – and quail feet…the ideal snack for every cat!

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