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This isotonic-capable supplement supports normal digestion, a healthy digestive tract and the absorption and utilization of important nutrients.
Along with a comprehensive cross-section of essential digestive enzymes that includes sucrase, maltase, papain, kiwi proteases and bromelain, DNA Miracles Isotonix Digestive Enzymes also contains the conditionally-essential amino acid glutamine to help support a healthy digestive tract. Snap Dishwashing Liquid TestimonialsSnap™ Dishwashing Liquid is a superior cleaning formula that cuts through grease and grime, leaving your dishes sparkling clean.
Market America® products are known the world over for their superior, scientifically-based formulas.
Isotonix® OPC-3® is a powerful antioxidant comprised of high-quality extracts and the most active bioflavonoids, including oligomeric proanthocyanidins, anthocyanins and polyphenolic acids. Isotonix offers the fastest and most efficient absorption of all oral forms of nutritional supplementation.

It’s formula is enhanced with the patented Digezyme® enzyme blend—specially designed to tolerate stomach acids—and protease, an enzyme unique in its ability to break down both dairy and gluten. This makes DNA Miracles Isotonix Digestive Enzymes not only an immediate remedy for a stomach ache, but also a promoter of long-term digestive health.
Snap Dishwashing Liquid is formulated with Aloe Vera gel, pampering your hands while cutting through even the toughest mess. The company’s Isotonix® brand powdered supplements that are mixed with water — are more easily absorbed by the body at a faster rate than other solid forms. This potent antioxidant formula can assist to help maintain cardiovascular health, joint health, skin health, vision health and cognitive health. Faster and more efficient absorption into the bloodstream increases the value of taking nutritional supplements.

These components enable DNA Miracles Isotonix Digestive Enzymes to present a diversified formula designed for even the most challenging foods indulged in by children.
The unique isotonic delivery of vital nutrients throughout the body is considered the most efficient oral delivery of nutritional supplementation.

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