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Sought after but rarely available semidouble, red flowering selection midseason on an upright, dense plant with dark green leaves with tapering bases and medium serration.
This most famous English apple when grown well is arguably the finest of all dessert apples!
Award winning English eating apple with good size russetted fruit with a crisp, nutty flavour.
Excellent eating, disease resistant variety with great crops of well-balanced sweet-tart flavoured red apples with juicy flesh.

Excellent homegarden disease resistant variety with great crops of dark red apples with firm, creamy, juicy flesh. Excellent eating, disease resistant variety with great crops of sweet, firm red blush apples of medium size and rich in flavour. Vigorous, upright, evergreen shrub, valued for luxuriant rich green foliage and pink, single, scented flowers with golden stamens. The bloom is pure white, semi double and larger than average, with distinctively rippled and fluted petals.

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