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Additional Product Descriptions Premixed Buffers for Protein ElectrophoresisSave preparation time and ensure perfect electrophoresis results every time.
Choosing the Right Precast Gel Migration charts Use these protein and nucleic acid migration charts to select an acrylamide percentage that will provide optimal resolution of your samples. Precast Gel Features Ready Gel 10-Well Gel Ready Gel 15-Well Gel Bio-Rad Convenience for You Ready Gel precast gels are available with different combs 10-well combs are most popular in teaching labs and accommodate samples of up to 30 ?l 15-well combs are designed for samples of up to 20 ?l Outlined sample wells After you remove the combs, the sample wells are outlined on the outside of the precast gel cassettes to simplify sample loading and eliminate loading errors.
Ready Gel polyacrylamide precast gels are designed to fit the Mini-PROTEAN® Tetra cell and are ready to run. Our precast gels provide high quality and reliability and eliminate exposure to toxic unpolymerized acrylamide. If you are an educator at the high school or college level, visit our Education Discount Policy page to establish an education account number. If you are placing an order, you may proceed with your order; the account price will be applied if it is lower than the list price. This science project requires access to some laboratory equipment, such as a 37°C incubator, as well as some specialty reagents, which can be ordered online. In this science fair project you will determine which over-the-counter acne medications are the most effective at stopping the proliferation of E.
This animation shows the setup and use of the Kirby-Bauer disk-diffusion method in a clinical setting. Note: If you are carrying out this experiment in a school laboratory, which is recommended, some of the materials and equipment listed may be more readily accessible.
We also do our best to make sure that any listed supplier provides prompt, courteous service. Proceeds from the affiliate programs help support Science Buddies, a 501(c)(3) public charity. The other three quadrants should be labeled with the names of three different acne medications you are testing. Each acne medication will be tested three times, but it should be tested on three different plates so that the maximum amount of experimental error is accounted for in your observations. Sterilize your bacterial spreader by dipping it in a beaker containing approximately 30 mL of 70% ethanol, and then holding the spreader in the flame of the Bunsen burner for 10 seconds. Start by gently touching the spreader to an area of the plate far away from the drops of bacteria.
Keep turning the plate by 90 degrees and spreading until you have been around the whole plate (a total of four 90-degree turns). Remember to put the lid on the agar plate as soon as you are done to prevent other bacteria and contaminants from floating in. Repeat the pipetting, sterilization, and bacterial spreading steps for all of your agar plates. Note: If you do not have a bacterial spreader use sterile cotton swabs (from a new, unopened box) to spread the bacteria across the surface of the agar plates. After you have spread all your agar plates, wait 5 minutes for the surface of the plates to dry. Now you are ready to apply the negative control (sterile water) and medications to the agar plates.
Make sure that the label on the underside of the plate matches the medication you are testing. After 48 hours of incubation (72-96 hours if you are not using a 37°C incubator), examine your plates (keep the lids on while you do this). If the variability is particularly high, you might want to repeat the experiment, paying careful attention to how you apply the acne medications. Using a ruler, measure, in millimeters (mm), the diameter of the zone of inhibition around each medication disk. If you cross-compare the active ingredients in each medication with the results of your experiment, do you see any trends? The science fair project above does not distinguish between bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic compounds.
Do any of the zones of inhibition have one or a few colonies within an otherwise bacterial-growth-free area? Compared to a typical science class, please tell us how much you learned doing this project.
The Ask an Expert Forum is intended to be a place where students can go to find answers to science questions that they have been unable to find using other resources. Microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi) are the most common life-forms on Earth. Doctors need information to decide if a person is healthy or sick, if a baby's earache is bacterial or viral, or if the man next door needs medication to lower his cholesterol and prevent a heart attack.
You may print and distribute up to 200 copies of this document annually, at no charge, for personal and classroom educational use.
Reproduction of material from this website without written permission is strictly prohibited. Way back when I started Bridal Musings and these beauty posts I shared my story of going from beauty school dropout to beauty queen. Anyway, as some of you may recall, I had a glamourous wedding industry soiree to attend a couple of weeks ago which I was rather nervous about.
In hindsight, I think bitten nails would’ve have been a fair better option than what I am left with. There was no sanitizing of hands or products, I noticed the therapist had rough hands and uncared for nails herself ~ which is never a good sign. I later realised that it really was a race to fit as many people as possible because as my treatment was coming to an end and the therapist was finishing my 2nd coat of polish, another lady came in and asked if she could have her nails done so I was swiftly instructed to move to the corner of the table {sans a topcoat} to dry my nails in the little drying machine while the therapist grabbed the other lady’s hands and got to work.
Ok so my nails looked pretty for the soiree…they looked pretty for the next week and a half, in fact. Friends have told me of this sort of quick fix horror story happening to them in the run up to their wedding and having chipped, broken, damaged nails by the end of their honeymoon. I’m afraid that in my youth I regularly abused my nails with these cheap treatments by wearing acrylic nails for almost 3 years. Tell me, how did you stop your nail biting habit?  What tips can you give us “chewers” who are trying to grow long healthy nails before their wedding?

Also I think part of the appeal of bio sculpture (or shellac as others have suggested) is that your nails look pretty ~ so maybe applying nail polish may help? I have chewed my nails my whole life, and only recently have started growing my nails long.
A technician who knows how to use her (or his) drill is just as safe as a tech with a file, and you can do JUST as much damage with a file as with a drill with a sanding bit on it.
Thanks for sharing your opinion, it’s good to hear from someone who has had positive experiences with acrylic nails. I agree with you 100% on researching treatments and salons ~ the reason for the post is to share my experience in the hope that others will learn from my mistakes.
I had a woman grind through several of my nails as a teen, then apply uneven acrylics over the remaining nail bed.
To use your example, it was like asking for temporary, wash in – wash out coloured hairspray and ending up with a head of bleached highlights!
There’s a risk with all types of nail treatments – it seems the safest bet is going au natural!
I am was so uninformed about any type of artificial nails (it’s been 19 years) I just went with a friend and supposedly had my nails done in fiberglass but now reading so much information I believe I was stiffed and just received acrylics. Acrylic (or any artificial nails) are horrible for your nail plates and nail beds, unfortunately so since they’re so pretty and durable. I know this is an old comment section, but I was worried when you said the nails she put on wouldn’t soak off! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. Our convenient premixed electrophoresis buffers are the perfect solutions to your classroom electrophoresis and blotting needs.
Simply lock them into the cell, load your samples, and get sharp, beautifully resolved protein bands in 30–45 min. Ready Gel precast gels are available in a wide selection of formulations for SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, peptide separations, and nucleic acid separations. To support this effort, the company has implemented a discount policy that allows high school and college teaching laboratories to purchase kits, instruments, reagents, and other equipment at preferred prices. This diagram shows the components of a normal pilosebaceous unit, including the follicle and sebaceous gland. In this science fair project, you will test a variety of over-the-counter acne medications to determine which is the most effective at preventing bacterial proliferation. The bacterial growth conditions are different in this science fair project, but the basic concept is the same as in this animation. It's not as smart as you are, and it may occasionally give humorous, ridiculous, or even annoying results! Note: If you are ordering this chemical through Carolina Biological Supply Company, the chemical must be ordered by a teacher and shipped to a school or business address, so plan accordingly.
Labeling the lid is not sufficient as the lid is removable and might accidentally get swapped with another plate.
The experimental plates should look similar to this once you have applied the medicated disks to the agar.
Make sure to invert the plates (lid-side down, agar-side up) so that any water condensation does not fall onto your bacterial lawn. If you see dense bacterial growth in some areas and swatches of light or no bacterial growth in other areas, then your bacteria-spreading technique needs improvement. Those that are bacteriocidal kill the bacteria, whereas those that are bacteriostatic temporarily inhibit bacterial growth. If you have specific questions about your science fair project or science fair, our team of volunteer scientists can help. As I type this post, I’m looking down at dried out, paper thin, ridged, broken, sore nails.
She didn’t soak my hands in hot water or gently push back my cuticles but gave them a quick, harsh poke with an orange stick. Yes that’s right, as she was doing my nails, she answered her mobile and started chatting away for 10 minutes. Last night I popped my nails into a bowl of acetone nail polish remover thinking half an hour should definitely do it as I choked on the chemically smell.
When that wasn’t working and I was in a sticky, gloopy mess, with no hope of getting to the salon till Monday, I ended up having to pry them off. When I finally stopped, my nails were so thin and sore it took years for them to return to normal.
Sorry to hear about your horrid acrylic experience too, can’t believe it took years to get them healthy again! Yep I’ve got pink spots and these awful ridges where you can see where the nail was applied. I couldn’t get the acrylics off either, and was afraid of exposing my bare nail bed to acetone, so I ended up filing the acrylic nail down from the top to get the acrylic to run parallel to my nail. But the point of my post was not to say acrylic nails are bad necessarily, just to share my personal experience – which was especially as I hadn’t asked for them in the first place!
Went into a cheap salon asking for gels (had never gotten them before).she put on acrylic nail extensions on my nails and finished it off with shellac on top.
Our buffers are made with electrophoresis-purity reagents and are quality-controlled to ensure reproducible results.
Standard microbiology and bacterial safety guidelines should be followed, see the Microorganisms Safety Guide for more details. In this science project, you'll test different acne medications and treatments to determine their effectiveness at killing bacteria. Clinicians estimate that nearly 100% of the population will have acne at some time during their lives, usually as adolescents. The size of each zone is measured with a ruler, and the data is recorded in a lab notebook. The last animation section covers how to interpret the results of the test, which will be particularly useful for your science fair project.

To avoid potential accidents, keep the beaker of ethanol on the opposite side of your workspace from the Bunsen burner. If the medication is a cream or gel, use a sterile cotton swab to remove excess medication from the disk. For example, you may want to keep them in a plastic bag (to protect them from dust) next to a heating vent or the clothes dryer. The clear zones around each disk should be circular with a relatively uniform diameter since diffusion of the substances through the agar is the same in every direction. Devise an experiment to test whether the acne medications are bacteriocidal or bacteriostatic. Our Experts won't do the work for you, but they will make suggestions, offer guidance, and help you troubleshoot.
They also dispense drugs at pharmacies, according to prescriptions, checking for dangerous drug interactions, and educating patients on how to take drugs, what reactions to watch out for, and how long it should take for drugs to work. Medical and clinical laboratory technicians are the people who perform these routine medical laboratory tests, giving the doctors the information needed to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease. But when I tried on my outfit a couple of days before and did a few poses in the mirror with my imaginary champagne glass {you all do it too don’t you?} I gasped at my stumpy bitten nails. I now manage to keep them in fairly decent condition but I still think they don’t grow as long as they might have if I’d stayed clear of the horrible falsies! It took about 20 minutes the night before the wedding and it stayed looking perfect for the whole honeymoon. Years ago I tried the paint-on-tastes-terrible stuff, which certainly works – I would put my finger in my mouth absentminedly, and quickly be reminded of my mistake. After all that, the manager refused me a refund so I called the Better Business Bureau who in turn called the health department. I will take care of them myself, after all in California, East Bay, I spend about 90 dollars not including tip, a month.
My friend and I went to this really nice day spa, and got our hair cut, ear brows waxed, and then it was time for our nails to be done. I used to get my nails done every 3-4 weeks for about 3 years and it never ruined my nails.
Gels are much better and can be removed at home by soaking in acetone, but still leave your nail plates dry and damaged.
You’d have to use a metal cuticle pusher to remove it periodically every 10 or so minutes for up to about 30 minutes. When selecting a single-percentage gel, choose the percentage in which your sample's proteins of interest will migrate to the lower half of the gel. Sterile water should not create zones of inhibition; if zones do appear, you have a cross-contamination problem. Microbiologists study the growth, structure, development, and general characteristics of microorganisms to promote health, industry, and a basic understanding of cellular functions.
I had been biting my nails my whole life but in the run up to my wedding and beyond I managed to grow and maintain long, pretty, healthy nails {with a little help from bio-sculpture gel}. When I think of that buffing machine it makes me shudder ~ it made such an awful sound when it was cutting through my poor nails and the therapist rushed through each nail like it was a race. Another half hour later and I ended up with dried out, prune like hands and gloopy, sticky nails that were just not coming off. The problem is that every time you eat something and lick your fingers, you get the terrible taste – it gets frustrating. The easiest way to remove acrylic nails (and the Shellac system) is to saturate a cotton ball and stick on on the nail, cover the whole forefinger in foil, and wait. You’d think if the therapist had such a bad reaction she would have warned you before you started the same treatment!
However THAT damage can be fixed in a fairly timely manner with regular applications of cuticle conditioner.
The sebaceous gland produces an oily substance, sebum, which protects the skin and hair, making them waterproof and preventing them from drying out. See the Bacterial Safety guidelines below for more details on how to handle bacterial cleanup and waste. But as I only had 2 days till the soiree the only way to miraculously go from bitten to beautiful was to go artificial.
I have properly applied and removed acrylic, gel and shellac and the nail afterwards are healthy and damage free. Well why this lady was doing my nails I noticed that her nails were lumpy, yellowish, and her cuticles were blackish. In general, singlepercentage gels will best separate bands that are close in molecular weight.
The clogged follicles are ideal environments for the bacteria that normally live benignly on the skin's surface, to proliferate.
You'll use the Kirby-Bauer disk-diffusion method to measure the effectiveness of each acne medication. I decided to keep them on because this wedding was in two days and then after that I’d come back and get them removed. Molecules with a range of sizes can be separated on linear gradient gels because the larger pore sizes allow resolution of larger molecules, while the decreasing pore sizes toward the bottom of the gel restrict excessive separation of small molecules. Acrylamide-based Ready Gel TBE gels provide higher resolution than agarose gels and require no preparation.
I went to the salon and it turns out that the gel made my nails very thin and very easy to break, the lady that worked there was taking the gel off and my nail broke off close to where my cuticles are. I have to put lotion on like every minute and this nail growing cream that works a little but I’m so uncomfortable about my hands that my boyfriend and I like barely hold hands.

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