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Daily supplements of probiotic bacteria may improve bowel movements in hospitalized elderly people, according to new findings from Israel. A combination of eight strains of bacteria was associated with a significant reduction in the use of laxatives amongst the 215 elderly people participating in the randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The researchers reported that people consuming the probiotic experienced a lower incidence of diarrhea (60 percent lower), compared to placebo.
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Watch this free webinar about patented ingredient, BioCell Collagen®, a clinically tested ingredient for promoting healthy joints. Nutritional Ingredients CompanyThe Scoular Company is a nutritional ingredients company that caters to the health food, nutraceutical, and personal care market. Carotech's ingredient is extracted from palm oilSupplements containing a mixture of tocotrienols – forms of vitamin E – may reduce cholesterol levels by about 15 percent in people with raised cholesterol, says a new study from Malaysia. Tocotrienols (TCT) are only minor components in plants, although several sources with relatively high levels include palm oil, cereal grains and rice bran.Cholesterol reductionOne of the earliest reports to link tocotrienols to heart health – via cholesterol reduction – was a paper by Dr Asaf Qureshi at the USDA. Science is doing alot of good by discovering such wonderful elements in foods that help reduce cholesterol levels. For everything from sports & exercise to relaxation, Millennials are looking for help managing their busy lives.
KYOWA’s ultra-pure, science-backed L-Citrulline has been shown to support Nitric Oxide metabolism and protein synthesis. From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements. Albion’s TRAACS® magnesium chelates are used worldwide in dietary supplements, fortified food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
Polyphenol-rich cranberry juice may boost heart health by alleviating arterial stiffness, says a new study from the Boston and Tufts Universities.

Double-strength cranberry containing 835 milligrams of total polyphenols and 94 mg of anthocyanins was associated with improvements in a measure of arterial stiffness called carotid femoral pulse wave velocity, according to findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.On the other hand, the Boston-based scientists report no benefits from cranberry juice consumption were observed for other measures of vascular or cardiovascular function, including blood pressure or brachial artery flow-mediated dilation, a measure of endothelial dysfunction since a low value is indicative of a blood vessel's inability to relax. We are constantly being assaulted by environmental pollutants and toxins such as UV rays, diesel exhaust and cigarette smoke. INNOBIO is a leading manufacturer of functional nutritional ingredients and an expert in meeting customer specific requirements. The new Herbalife24 sports nutrition range is helping the firm attract a new breed of customers and distributorsDirect sales nutritional supplement giant Herbalife is rolling out iChange - a new social networking tool to improve compliance with weight loss and other nutritional regimes - across a broader test region this year in a bid to get even closer to its customers. Herbalife 24 sports nutrition range Bosses were also “very excited” about the prospects for the new Herbalife 24 sports nutrition range both as a means of appealing to a new customer base (beyond its core weight management audience) but also as a means of attracting “a new category or demographic of distributor”, said Johnson.“It’s opened up new doors without a doubt. Photo: CapsugelCapsugel, a leader in gelcap technology in both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement realms, presented new data on the dissolution rates of its plant-based capsules made from hypromellose (HPMC), showing them to have significant advantages over capsules made with a gelling system. To address this new landscape NutraIngredients-USA will host on online forum on the subject of Transparency in Dietary Supplements set to air on Feb. Some might think that all this brouhaha around ‘supply chain management’ and ‘transparency’ is just another way of saying that a company complies with GMP regulations. Sports nutrition and anti-aging are categories that have a need for natural collagen synthesis.
In the continued effort to appeal to consumers loathe to swallow pills every day, supplement manufacturers have ventured into everything from melts and powders to confectionery-type supplement forms such as chews and gum. Beyond finding innovative delivery formats, the expansion into gummies and melts has more been an effort to improve the vitamin experience for customers, making the concept of daily intake a bit easier to, ahem, swallow.
A 6 month double-blind, placebo-controlled study on 50 subjects revealed that L-92™, a heat-killed strain of L.
Bergstrom Nutrition pioneered the use of MSM for human health and remains the industry’s leading manufacturer of MSM.
New data that ‘strongly implicates’ maternal levels of vitamin D with the risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) in children means there is now a strong case for supplementation of pregnant women in countries where sunlight levels are low between October and March.
Writing in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging, scientists from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev report that the study’s findings “demonstrate that many patients can gain from probiotic use.

In addition, laxative use decreased by 26 percent amongst people in the probiotic group, compared to placebo, added the Israeli scientists. Shelton said that GMP compliance is part of that picture, but transparency encompasses more.“GMP compliance is essentially a process for producing a safe product that is what it says it is, and having documentation to prove it. Transparency is the process of demonstrating the steps you take, and explaining why,” she said.“And I can’t emphasize enough the importance of showcasing a company’s best practices. The study adds to an ever growing body of science supporting the potential health benefits of select bacterial strains.
Established and emerging health benefitsCranberry is most famous for its ability to fight urinary tract infections, something that has led to almost one third of parents in the US giving it to their children, according to a recent study. A significant reduction of Clostridium difficile prevalence was found in the probiotic group,” they added.
While growth in emerging markets was strongest, Herbalife also notched up double-digit net sales growth (16%) in North America, where it increased distributor numbers by 5%, said Walsh.
The probiotic product (VSL Pharmaceuticals) reportedly contained 450 billion viable lyophilized bacteria from eight different strains, including Lactobacillus plantarum, L.
She has received a Nutrition Business Journal award for Efforts on Behalf of Industry in 2005, and in 2006 a Crusader award from the Natural Products Association. The study was funded by cranberry giant Ocean Spray and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 1021S-1026S) reported that supplementation with palm-derived tocotrienols was associated with a reduction in cholesterol levels in hypercholesterolemic subjects, with gamma-tocotrienol again identified as “the most potent cholesterol inhibitor in the [tocotrienol-enriched fraction of palm oil used in the study]”.The new results “are consistent with those reported by Qureshi et al.

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