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Created by an innovative company, a world leader on the market of dietary supplements, Biogaia probioticproducts are made to promote people’s health with the aid of the friendly bacteria which is Lactobacillus Reuteri. The history of Biogaia starts in 1980 when the idea of preserving the vegetables with the aid of these new discovered bacteria came into Sven Lindgren’s and other two Swedish entrepreneurs’ mind.
Even though they didn’t get to a result with this idea, they continued the researches on how to use Lactobacillus Reuteri and found out that these are common bacteria in mother’s breast milk which stimulate the baby’s body to create his own micro-flora and digest better the food, so, starting from 1990, they penetrated the functional food segment of market in Sweden with the BioGaia probiotic milk under the name BRA suggesting the composition of the product: bifidus, reuteri and acidophilus. With the aid of a worldwide network of independent researchers, in-house experts and specialists, but also with the aid of the biotechnological laboratories located in the research triangle in North Carolina, Raleigh, ten years later this innovative company. These products are especially designed to meet the needs of the new born babies and infants which have to form a balanced micro-flora in their sterile bodies. GAITHERSBURG, MD, January 31 – People who have Ulcerative Colitis (UC) or Ileal Pouch know that finding the right regimen for extending their time between flares is crucial to successfully living with the condition. In the study at King’s College London, 186 patients with IBS whose symptoms had not responded to conventional treatments were given the new probiotic in the form of a drink, at a dose of 1ml of drink per kilo of bodyweight.
The number of published studies investigating probiotics has increased 15 fold in as many years, and 2011 looks set to be a record year with more than 1300 publications anticipated. This amount of research points to probiotics being more than a fad, it reveals a sustained significant commitment of resource to the therapy area. Align is a probiotic capsule marketed by Proctor & Gamble, primarily in the United States.
Your body needs beneficial bacteria for a number of things, including healthy digestion.  Common issues such as changes in your routine, diet, stress, and travel can disrupt your natural balance of good bacteria. It has long been know that there is a close interaction between the gut and brain in humans, consider the effect that nerves or anxiety can have on your digestion. Class action attorneys in the USA; Morgan and Morgan are inviting consumers to share their experience with Culturelle probiotic supplements. There have been a number of actions around the world where lawsuits have been filed against probiotic manufacturers who have made health claims for their products which the courts later determined were not supported by evidence from robust research or by consumer experience following consumption. In the EU including the UK this risk is being managed to a large extent by the activites of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) which regulates all food supplements to ensure that only approved health claims appear in marketing materials and on packaging.
VSL#3 is a multistrain freeze-dried probiotic which claims 450 billion bacteria per serving. The theory is that once these freeze dried bacteria are exposed to water they come back to life and become probiotics. Large, pharmaceutical style studies are necessary for probiotics to prove health benefits in order to make health claims in their marketing.
Probiotics are among the trillions of live microbial organisms that are naturally present in your body. 4Life Probiotics Supplement:Contains billions of “good” bacteria to fortify our bodies with the microorganisms vital to good health. The adult human gut contains over 100 trillion bacteria from 400-500 different species.2 In a healthy gut, only a small percentage of the bacteria present are harmful.

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, stearic acid, vegetable capsule. CUSTOM PROBIOTICS formulates and supplies supreme quality custom blends of ultra potency single and multi-strain Acidophilus and Bifidus probiotic dietary supplements. Probiotics play a key role in nutrition and health by restoring balance in the intestinal microflora naturally and improving digestive, urogenital and immune systems. You can travel with our probiotics for 2-3 weeks without refrigeration with very minimal loss of potency. Please check our latest independent Lab Test Results on the positive effects of our products.
We also suggest that you review our three informational and educational video interviews and presentations in our Videos section. This web site explains what probiotics are, how and why they work, the health benefits associated with their usage and the effectiveness of our probiotic dietary supplements.
Due to the time and financial resources invested in researches, Biogaia is the author of many patented products, novelties on the market and discoveries like L. Biogaia Probiotic launches Biogaia probiotic supplements and becomes the leader of this market in more than sixty countries in the entire world.
Biogaia’s probiotics success stays in the quality offered together with health benefits like better digestion, diminished intensity and rate of colic, it fights against rotavirus and reduces diarrhea at little babies which results in reduced crying time, boosts immunity and prevents infections and sustains oral health by balancing the micro-flora of the mouth.
The solution is often a personalized combination of drugs, dietary changes and, for many, the addition of VSL#3®, a probiotic medical food designated for the dietary management of these conditions. Two-thirds were given the drink every morning before breakfast for three months, while the remainder were given a placebo. In 1997 there were roughly 80 publications globally per year referencing probiotics, today that figure is over 1200 per year or 100 publications per month. Any form of research has a cost associated with it, if we were to conservatively estimate the average cost of these studies at $50,000 a piece then the investment over the last decade is close to half a billion US dollars. Today, Probiotic means product, in fact it means thousands upon thousands of products globally which have adopted the term. Crammed into every sachet are 450 billion live bifido and lactic acid bacteria combined in unique combination of eight strains. Also known as “friendly” or “good” bacteria, probiotics help maintain intestinal wellness by promoting digestive function and nutrient absorption, as well as regular bowel function and health.
These organisms line the digestive tract and intestines, helping to combat illness-causing bacteria. Unbalanced diet, lifestyle, antibiotics, stress and other factors can upset this balance and lead to digestive and health issues. Our probiotics are all natural without any additives and available in capsule or powder formulations. The most common factors that affect the intestinal and vaginal microflora negatively are: antibiotics, infection, poor diet and stress.

All formulas are all natural therefore do NOT contain dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, corn, casein, yeast, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, FOS or any Genetically Modified or engineered ingredients. You may also review our informative website for more details or contact us directly to speak with one of our customer service representatives for assistance. You can, however, travel with our probiotic supplements unrefrigerated for two to three weeks with minimal bacterial count reduction.
Now, Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc., maker of VSL#3 medical food is sponsoring a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to help in-need patients obtain its prescription-only double strength formulation VSL#3 DS. Some of the studies, with large numbers of patients recruited will cost much more than this, some may run into millions of dollars for a single study. If that sounds like a lot, it is – because you need a lot to make sure enough arrive in your lower intestine.
A healthy level of probiotics in the body can help reduce bloating, constipation and indigestion and help maintain healthy digestive function and intestinal immune system health. Suitable for both adults and children, our products range from 60 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule to 100-400 billion per gram for the powders at the time of expiration. Our Adult Formula CP-1 capsules indicated 98 billion colony forming units (cfu’s) by independent lab testing. They do not utilize milk, milk derivatives, galacto oligosaccharides (GOS) or inulin as added ingredients in the fermentation media. Biogaia probiotic dietary supplements are conceived in the laboratories located in the research triangle in North Carolina, but are also realized with the aid of a global network of independent researchers, specialists and in-house experts. Probiotics should be used to help maintain and restore the bacterial balance to support digestive system health. Together, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, VSL#3 can help support a balanced gut flora. Our custom probiotic powders are also much higher in potency than labeled, therefore dosages vary from person to person.
Many of our customers have used other probiotic brands with minimal results due to low potency. Research shows it boosts Natural Killer (NK) cell activity by 437% and increases average immunoglobulin antibodies 73%. Ingestion of Lactobacillus strain regulates emotional behavior and central GABA receptor expression in a mouse via the vagus nerve. The potential health enhancements from educating the immune system with 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-factor products are unprecedented in the wellness industry.

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