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In a world of quadruple tailwhips, double backflips, and 20lb bikes, many people nowadays are going to great lengths to lighten up their bike. Some things that many complete bikes come with that you may not need are: chain guards, reflectors, detanglers, brakes, and pegs.
Some of the first things you’ll want to look at are the more inexpensive parts like pedals, seats, posts, pegs, etc.
Titanium spindles, bolts, and spokes are lighter substitutes to traditional chromoly or steel parts. Back in the day I used to use a heavy-duty, thorn-resistant tube lined with the skin of another tube. This is just one of dozens of places you can drill holes to save weight without sacrificing much (if any) strength. Seriously, tell your frame to lay off the soda and candy and start making that lard ass bike of yours eat healthier.

Some people say they can ride longer and stronger with a lighter setup because they use less muscle and energy to do things.
All these things are personal preference of course, but take a good look at your setup and see what you could do without. And while you are at it, lose some pounds yourself and take the quarters out of your pocket. Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience BeginnerTriathlete at its best.
Just don’t tell your parents that we were the ones that told you to take off the reflectors and brakes. I’m not a physicist or anything, but rotating weight feels like more than what it actually is. And since tires are the farthest thing out on your rotating weight, this will make a big difference in how your bike feels.

If you are really getting down to the nitty-gritty of lightening your bike, try running a raw frame. Whatever the reason, light is in, so here are 10 things you can do to save some weight on your whip.
A lot of mail order shops even have weights of parts on their Web sites and in their catalogs so you can easily compare several parts, their weights, and their prices. The thin guys or 18-inchers will still expand enough to fill your tire and will save you a few grams of rotating weight.
Cutting excess metal will definitely save you weight, and will often make your bike look a little more sleek and sexy.

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