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Today we spent the afternoon at Starbucks marking student essays (Sweet angel of death take me now. The big flags flanking the door, and the tiny flags on the counter for each place setting, are an obvious plea to the more volatile element in China to not hassle the staff or throw things through the windows, two results of having anything at all to do with Japan that are well within the realm of possibility right now. This is the big bridge on Lihu Blvd, appropriately named  Lihu Big Bridge.  In this picture you are looking down the bike lane. Disclaimer:The opinions express on this site are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinioins of Jiangnan University or anybody else. If you were to go back five or more years, the industry, or at least the media, was very big on “gearbox” prototypes and if you were to ask a rider back then “what sort of bike do you think you will be riding in 2013?”, the answer would certainly be, one with a gearbox!
So, here we are, fast approaching another year of new tech and still relying on the humble rear derailleur.
The Shadow Plus system is also one of the big improvements on the system – it really does quieten the bike down! This greater chain stability from the clutch will also help in better chain retention and if you are running a well set up modern chain device, then the chance of your chain coming off is very slim anyway. Although Shimano are pitching this Zee at the gravity market, they also make a 32-36T wide ratio one. Unless you live in the Mountains or you just have to climb everything, the 1 x 10 set up is the way to go. The price is also another bonus here as you are getting all these new features on your bike, from what is marketed as a mid level component at ?69.99 – a true bargain for what you get! Unlike the Sram Type 2 mech, the switch on the Shimano Shadow Plus design turns the clutch to either on or off and the only time you need to switch it to off, is to remove your rear wheel – I must also point out that with the clutch on, you do notice a little bit more resistance in the up shifts. We’ve just received our 2017 Shimano SLX 11 speed drivetrain and brakes – not only is it incredible value for money, but it rivals XT and XTR on looks now! We check out the 3 best Shimano 2017 MTB trail shoes – the AM5c in Camo; the ME5 in Battleship grey and the killer new ME7 Enduro shoe with Michelin sole!
Pat Campbell Jenner heads out to Freeride Madeira to tear it up on the amazing looking trails – looks like another killer winter destination! Another fun and enjoyable edit from Chromag and Rupert Walker featuring team riders Mark Matthews and Reece Wallace as they shred some of their favorite trails at the Whistler Bike Park. The one piece monocoque frames are made from aircraft certified CrMo, Chromium & Molybdenum, alloys added to steel  to increase its strength making a significant difference by providing a smoother ride and a better feel.

Suspension system is easily adjustable for leisurely riding or for aggressive rides off road.  The brakes utilize powerful 6 piston hydraulic brake calipers that provide feedback on the levers.
The battery has high rate lithium cells and a custom battery system to monitor the discharge cycles.  Charge time is 2 hours at any 110V or 240V outlet.
Finally, the Duro Razorbacks are durable, all-condition, downhill, free ride and terrain mountain bike tires with a multipurpose tread design.
With excellent acceleration and hill climbing ability Stealth Bomber Electric Bikes are a must have to round out ones bike collection.  The price is $10,000-$14,000 depending on options. David enjoys research and writing about cutting edge technologies that hold the promise of improving conditions for all life on planet earth. The list of things changed on this bike must be two pages long but what stands out and the focal points got to be: rear end, cafe racer body work and paint scheme. The front fairing was inspired by the MT-OS, a Yamaha prototype which brought Yamaha MT-01 into the spot light. My Hobby: Nisha, Mish, Moosh and Mogo take their bike to Belfast, where the theme is hobbies. Whilst the gearbox idea might have been shelved by the big brands for the time being, I am glad to see that companies are working hard to continually improve this part that we rely on so much. So, I haven’t noticed any improvement there as the chain device does such a good job already, but that grater tension across the drivetrain must help and give the chain device a easier time and a great addition all the same.
I can remember the first decent I did with the Zee fitted, I just couldn’t get over how quiet the bike was hitting the ruff ground at speed. Yes it has got a few pressed steal components in it compared to the XT Shadow plus mech, but you can only get a medium cage in XT, which is also more money at ?84.99. Unlike the Sram Type 2 design, the clutch isn’t intelligent to variable amounts of tension through the drivetrain, but where the Shimano system bounces back, is that it allows you to adjust and tailor the tension of the clutch to suit. As far as we can tell here at Factory Jackson, the only problem with this mech is actually getting hold of one, as these little beauties are selling like hot cakes! Thanks to the brave and creative dealerships around the world, who put a bit more effort and risk in order to push their typical marketing past the ever constant envelope.
If you're not familiar with the paint scheme, just google Kenny Roberts Yamaha and start from there. And the rear - typical cafe racer - an aluminum alloy frame hiding the battery and other electrics beneath it.

I may enter this picture in the Wuxi Through Foreign Eyes photography contest that’s coming up. From designing mechs that are more compact and less likely to be ripped off the frame, to the introduction of 10 and now 11 speed, and of course the introduction of built in clutch systems to stabilize chain movement. I’ve previously been using a Shimano 9 speed set up before and due to the fact that the 10sp set up pulls more cable on a gear change, every gear change is now more precise as the greater cable pull is less susceptible to inaccuracies in the cable set-up or wear.
The super short cage on the Zee mech greatly improves ground clearance over a standard GS cage, and it looks a whole lot neater too! If you are planning on going 1×10 chose a front chain ring size that suits your style of riding then let the new bread of wide ratio cassettes do the rest of the work.
Now I have become accustomed to it but you sure notice it when you ride a bike without on fitted. You also get a lighter set up with the Zee compared to a XT set up due to the shorter cage and the fact that you can remove 1-2 links.
Putting less tension on the clutch would slightly improve the feel of the shifter but then you wouldn’t be getting the full advantages of the mech. For more on the Zee line up, hit the link below and for anything Shimano, head down to your local dealer or hit the Madison site for more.
Yes, there is also a must on the builds like this, custom leather seat to greet your behind.
You can also go the other way and put more tension on if needed, but this is a very, very small negative against a whole load of positives.
I was riding a fast technical section the other day and stopped half way to check if the rider behind me had got down the first part okay – as I was waiting I looked down at my crank and the chain had jumped off the bottom.
But half a pedal stroke and the top part of the chain device did its job and carried on riding without any problems.

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