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For many riders, wheel building is likely the last thing they think of when a bike related project comes to mind.
At EDM we believe nearly all services should be performed by the bike owner and we are here today to tell you wheel building can be fun and performed by just about anyone. If you have a truing stand for this great, if not, you can make do using your fork for the front wheel. If you want to get started while you wait for the parts to come in, spray penetrating lube on the spokes where the nipples meet the rim. Once you have all the all the old spokes removed from your hub, give it a good washing and inspect it for any cracks or damage. The pattern should go something like this if you are looking at the rim; one spoke from one side of the hub then a spoke from the other side of the hub, then two empty holes, then two more spokes.
You will be using the same four count pattern to determine the correct hole in the rim for the second spoke. Once you have done this there should be a small amount of tension on the spokes and all nipples should be resting against the rim.
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I cant get access to the page (I was banned for starting my own duke page, which is now deleted) so i was hoping that someone could post that picture up on here. From the Indian forum where this was taken, it has a Vee rubber tyre at the back and a Pirelli MT60 at the front.
From my own looking into it for a decent dual tyre (looking to make a modern scrambler out of the duke), Pirelli MT60 Corsas are a good option size wise.
For a bash guard try looking at the dirt range for options, seen one fitted to a 200 somewhere. It’s been said that traveling though magnificent country at the wheel of an automobile is akin to making love while wearing a condom. It would perhaps be more politically correct to point out that a person driving a car is separated and insulated from the world outside – by windshield, windows, air conditioner, radio – and thus merely observes his or her surroundings; while the motorcyclist engages and participates with the environment at a much more intimate level.
This loss of immediacy might be a worthwhile sacrifice if you’re travelling through parts of the American Midwest where the scenery can consist of little more than cornfields for hour after hour, but when it’s Alaska that’s rolling under your wheels, well, it’s at least worth giving the matter some thought.
Fact is, even among permanent residents Alaska has a surprisingly strong and thriving motorcycle culture – especially given the brevity of our summers and the paucity of our roads. As a recreational Alaska cyclist, it is to be hoped that you’ll never have to face the conditions that these folks endure, but there are certainly lessons you can learn from them.
It would be difficult to generalize about what sort of bike might be appropriate for your Alaska adventure, since that will depend on a great number of variables, the least of which involve your own experience and exactly where (and when) you plan to ride. Tim Gravel, riding a BMW 1200GS and Stenga take a break after arriving in Prudhoe Bay last summer. The ideal Alaska adventure bike should be relatively light and maneuverable (after all, in early summer dodging moose is a common participant sport). Kevin Haggerty leads a group of adventure motorcyclists across a flooded section of trail off of the Denali Highway. While packing, be aware that Alaska weather is fickle and prone to going from blistering summer heat to cold and fog and rain in a heartbeat.

If you’re new to Alaska, the question of wildlife, and protection against it, might occupy your mind. The greatest danger from our local critters is likely to be that sudden encounter that takes place when you turn a corner at speed with your eyes full of scenery and your mind full of song lyrics; only to find a representative of the Alaska wilderness community staring at you from the road ahead with a bewildered expression on its furry face. Camping or riding, your most serious problem with our big, wild life is apt to be with the little guys. Whatever your interest in cycling in Alaska, there are resources online that will help you stay on track. Bruce Woods is a longtime Alaskan and former editor of Dirt Bike, Big Bike and Choppers, among many other national magazines.
In most cases, if we are going to do a service that is more than just a basic oil change and filter cleaning it will be a top end rebuild or fork oil change.
And to prove it we asked our shop girl, Sara if she would be kind enough to show everyone just how simple it is to replace those taco ‘d, wobbly, dented, bent rims. Spoke nipples are subjected to heaps of dirt, water and soap with little to no maintenance.
With the wheel off the bike and the tire off the rim, lay the rim on a flat surface and measure the distance from the outside edge of the rim to the edge of the surface (see photos below). Begin by inserting the first of the final 9 spokes and pushing it in the direction of the rim.
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All payment has to be received within 7 working days after bid is placed, we will then mail the items to the address registered in PAYPAL. To make up for the former, many Anchorage bikers hit the pavement while side streets and even the edges of the main drags are still treacherous with ice and everything wears a skittery coating of winter’s leftover pea gravel. Consider, for example, that Anchorage had fresh snow coating the pavement well into May of 2013, and be aware that any roads you ride in Alaska at any time are likely to be treacherous with grit in spots, if indeed they’re paved at all. However, although there are local riders who pilot everything from full-on choppers to hyperactive street racers under conditions that would make most off-road endurance riders nervous, a little common sense can go a long way. It should be equipped to go for reasonable distances between fill-ups, especially if you plan to venture onto the ragged fringes of the road system where service stations are rarer than stop signs (peanut tanks, though they might look stylish, are a no-no). It can be a long push to anywhere, even when you’re within sight of the lights of Anchorage.
Be prepared for such meteorological whimsies by packing the appropriate clothing somewhere that is easy to get at without unpacking everything you own. Be sure to carry bug dope for camp (products containing DEET are recommended), and something to clean your glasses, goggles, or helmet shield with should you ride through a kamikaze cloud of mosquitoes or no-see-ums.
Alaska is a biker’s dream destination, featuring mile after mile of vistas that would each merit a scenic turnoff anywhere else. Look at the side of the wheel and count how many times the spokes on one side of the hub cross. Once you have completed installing the first set of crossing spokes you wheel will look like the one below. It’s a good idea to place a piece of tape on one of the spokes so you know when you have made a complete revolution. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.

That's with keeping the stock wheels and for some light dirt use, gravel roads and dirt tracks and the like, nothing major. There are even a few intrepid riders who claim their places on Alaska streets year-round, on custom three-wheelers or sidecar rigs – and under a whole lot of clothing.
Given the fact that many of our roads are not paved and likely to be booby-trapped with sand, mud and worse, a lot of people favor larger-bore dual-purpose rides, which tend to be the bikes of choice of local rental outfits.
Tire type is another critical factor that will again be driven by experience and objectives, though if you’re hoping to tackle some of the dirt tracks that we fancifully call roads in parts of the state a dual-purpose or “enduro” tread would be a good choice; and many who’ve opted for knobbies haven’t regretted that decision. Consider using “Slime” or some other recognized puncture prevention system, and throw a can of “instant spare tire” in your bag as well. If you’re sporting saddlebags, keep items that you’ll likely need in a hurry on top or in their own container. Any recommendations about personal firearms would be far beyond the scope of this article, other than to point out that, as with bear spray, if you can’t get to it quickly, you might as well be carrying a toaster.
It’s best to remember that, just because you’re out of the habitat of clueless human pedestrians, you should never really let your armor down. Use a little common sense, sure, but get out there and tackle the roads of the Great Land on two wheels, and put the adventure back into your riding. Or spend a $100 on a Park Truing stand it will last you forever and you will be glad you did, it will make life a whole lot easier.. Starting with one side of the hub, place a spoke into one of the outside holes, most hubs are drilled so the spoke can only point in one direction.
Now take this spoke and point it in the same direction as the first one, it will create a triangle. Slip a spoke through one of the holes in the flange and cross it under the other spoke coming from the same flange side. After you have achieved tension, place your wheel into a truing stand and put a drop of oil between the nipple and the rim. It’s usually two for motorcycles, but it can be more so make sure you count your own wheel. You want to loosen each two or three turns at a time and go around the entire wheel loosening the spokes in this pattern.
The hole you choose will be either in front of the already installed spoke or it will be the hole behind it. If you take out one spoke at a time without relieving the tension on the wheel you might cause damage to your hub. Knowing this enables us to break down the lacing process into four stages, two outside and two inside, for each flange. Now find a hole in the rim that faces the direction of the spoke (it really is difficult to get this wrong) and attach a nipple to it. If your wheel has 36 spokes you will have four sets of 9, breaking down the lacing it into segments should help make things a little easier.
If the second spoke is in front of the first it will be in front of it on the rim or vice-versa. If you don’t do this correctly, it is possible the rear tire will rub the swing arm when you are finished… not good. If the measurement matches, you are good to go, if not then you need to tighten or loosen one side of the spokes to let the rim shift over. Using the same pattern as the other side of the hub, skip a hole in the hub and place your second spoke through the flange and push it toward the rim.

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