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The brand New 2015 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider comes with a recommended retail price of £12,395.
The Low Rider model is back with some authentic 70's style made badder and bolder for the modern day. The new Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider motorcycle is an easy-handling, street custom motorcycle with a low seat height. No part of this website may be reproduced for any reason without written consent from Edinburgh Harley-Davidson.
First off, the front of the Ranger features a custom grille, that comes complete with a full-piece bumper finished in a matte black. While it doesn’t get side skirts, it does receive bolted fender flares fitted along the wheel arches.
Noticeable enough are those eight spoke 20-inch rims wrapped in Terrain Master AMP mud-terrain tyres. This particular truck is based on a standard Thai-spec Ford Ranger 2.2 Wildtrak, with outputs of 158 hp and 385 Nm of torque.
Having spent a number of years as a journalist for a local paper, a marketing executive for a popular German automotive brand and a copywriter, Graham, a true-blue Sarawakian, knew he had to take the leap back into the motoring scene - and so he did.
Would b nice if we can have an idea if d cost involved and whether we can drive our truck over to have it fitted. As ZX Ninja owners we all know that insuring them, is very expensive, even with a good driving record.
The CBF125 has established a reputation for comfort, high quality and remarkably low running costs. Our New Bike Extension Guarantee gives you European Roadside Assistance from day one, and an extra year's peace of mind after your warranty runs out. Ceramic Coat is a new, extraordinary product designed to protect paintwork and plastics from traffic pollutants, everyday weathering and bird lime.

Please note that whilst we take great care to ensure that our prices and information are 100% accurate, we do reserve the right to amend the quoted details if they are incorrect.
From wheel to wheel, the all-new Low RiderA® model is a low riding feast for the eyes, loaded with high-end finishes as it holds true to the heritage of all the Low RiderA® motorcycles that have rolled down the streets of the world before it.
Down the back, there are smoked rear lamps and a simple custom bumper with a pair of coloured D-rings. While not mentioned, that added height seems to be achieved with an aftermarket suspension lift kit. To him, nothing’s better than cruising for hours along a scenic route, in a car that’s designed and built for that purpose. It drives and even parks like a sedan (with lots of torque), which is a positive point for me.
The front features an attractive half-cowl with a small, tinted windscreen that offers the comfort of wind protection at higher speeds. The light, responsive chassis is easy to manipulate through traffic and the fuel-injected engine delivers ample power and torque for a ride feel thats both satisfying and confidence-building. You will find that it offers a host of information from the latest New Honda Motorcycles to our fully inclusive Used Motorcycles listings along with images and lots more. If you don't see what it is you are after then do drop us a line we will be more than happy to help. From custom mag wheel to custom mag wheel it's a low-riding, easy-handling feast for the eyes. Eastern Western Motor Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Before you get all excited, do note that the truck you see here isn’t an official Ranger Raptor variant from the Blue Oval – this guy is basically just an aftermarket showcase. The dash looks fresh, but the instruments are still kinda basic, and the 2-airbags is kinda killing it.

Now you can get free ZX Ninja motorcycle insurance quotes, and pick the policy that suits you and your budget. Raised handlebars and a low seat height make the CBF125 riding position natural and comfortable, allowing a reassuringly clear view of the road ahead. Its fuel efficiency is impressive and contributes to the low running costs and minimal environmental impact. The Low Rider custom motorcycle has street custom features that hold true to the heritage of the Low Rider motorcycle. Compact convenience and easy, assured handling are combined with big-bike styling and build quality, making the CBF125 a firm favourite with entry riders, commuters and experienced bikers. The Harley-Davidson Twin Cam engine is finished in chrome and wrinkle black and it breathes through a pork chop style air cleaner cover.
Mid-mount controls and a low center of gravity make it easy to maneuver at low speed and through the corners. Perfect fit ergonomics means the handlebar and seat on the new Low Rider motorcycle can be adjusted to fit you like a glove.
The perfect fit ergonomics make for a machine that fits you perfectly whether you're 5'1" or 6'1". Check out other Harley-Davidson custom models like the Dyna Fat Bob custom motorcycle or the Dyna Wide Glide custom motorcycle.

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