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Pueblo chiles get their day at the colorado state fair - Since september 5 is pueblo chile day, a new event at the colorado state fair. Watch: costumed kids on horseback spin pirouettes at colorado state fair - The colorado state fair begins at the fairgrounds in pueblo tomorow and runs through labor day, sept. State fair scores opening night success with big crowds - Now, cummings is hoping for a successful 2016 outing, and she says she’s working hard to make sure the fair remains in pueblo for the foreseeable monday through thursday. I mentioned in this week’s Monday Mission on getting more probiotics that I recently changed the probiotic supplement I take because of a current debate over the safety of my old one. Many people, most notably Jordan Rubin of The Maker’s Diet and Garden of Life supplements, credit soil-based organisms (SBOs) for their miraculous recovery. Soil-based organisms reproduce differently than other bacteria that are normally part of our flora in that they are spore-forming.
Supplements you take on purpose to improve your health and your gut flora could actually turn against you and become pathogens (harmful bacteria) themselves. The trouble with finding good information about probiotics is that research is sorely lacking. There are a few studies referenced here at the Wikipedia page on microbiomes, but it’s clear that we have a lot to learn. They’re embarking on fascinating and vitally important work, and countries all over the world are also sparking an interest in the bacteria we carry around. One of the only studies so far involved a mere 100 people, all from the same geographic area, and although it is helpful, it’s simply too narrow to extrapolate data to the entire population quite yet.
No studies have been done to determine if probiotic supplementation could ever repopulate one’s gut permanently, changing the resident bacteria to a properly balanced flora.
Since our resident friendly bacteria make up 70% of our immune system, responsible for fighting viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, it’s exciting that researchers are finally looking into the little guys. My oldest son, now seven, clearly has bacterial issues and has needed antibiotics numerous times. The probiotic strains in yogurt and kefir are usually lactobacilli or bifidobacteria (I wonder if I’m making those plural correctly…), both of which are part of our resident bacteria, generally. I’ve always wondered aloud while watching my babies put everything in their mouths how that could possibly be a good evolutionary trait. Human babies were created to crawl around in the dirt, getting intimate with the soil-based organisms they might find. Because so many adults have damaged flora, they don’t have enough of their own healthy bacteria to even stake a claim in their gut.
Just because your bowels follow a regular pattern doesn’t mean you have healthy digestion.
Healthy digestion is determined by the consistency of your stool (see here for a lovely pictorial chart), frequency of elimination (2 or more times per day, every time you eat usually optimal), and how satisfied you feel when  you’re finished. During the time of really working on my flora imbalance, intellectually I knew I needed it at every meal, so I forced myself.
And I couldn’t believe it, but after just a few days of regular fermented foods consumption, I did start to want a bite when I opened the refrigerator door for a snack. Attune Foods, the sponsor of this post, has a clear goal: They want information about probiotics to be more widespread. explains that capsules are the best way to get probiotics, because liquids are only viable for a few weeks and powders are opened to the air and moisture each time the container is opened.
I can’t say I figured out anything when I began, but when I ran out of the Attune Foods probiotic chocolate bars, I had one bout of clear diarrhea and then was almost immediately constipated, not feeling accomplished for a few days.
I also want you to read this post with a perspective from another naturopath on the refrigerated issue (myth?).
I never thought I had poor digestion, and I always thought of myself as the picture of health. And if you don’t see a change in two weeks, you should probably try something different. Natural health is a lot of guessing and checking, and that can get annoying at times…but it’s better than pathogens taking over your gut, yes? Disclosure: Although Attune Foods sponsored this post, my opinions on their product are exclusively my own, and my research is also my own, to the best of my meager ability. Facebook606 Twitter2 Google+3 Pinterest161772 Click here for my disclaimer and advertising disclosure - affiliate links in this post will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn't change your price. I have written at length about the negative impact that excess sugar can have on your health.
For those of you in any doubt about the importance of sugar to Candida, today’s article should help.
Two things that continue to amaze us about Candida Albicans are its resilience and its adaptability.
Biofilms are a way in which Candida Albicans attempts to shield itself from both your immune system and treatments like antifungals and probiotics. Sugar is far more important to Candida Albicans than simply a raw material for its protective biofilms. A research team in New Zealand found that carbohydrates were “indispensable” for the cellular growth of Candida Albicans. In summary, sugar helps Candida Albicans to grow, to spread throughout your intestines, and to protect itself from your immune system. If eating too much sugar can enable Candida Albicans to multiply, switch to its hyphal form and create biofilms, then eating less sugar has to be an important part of your treatment. Reducing (or eliminating) your sweet tooth is a great step to beating Candida, but its not always easy.
Hopefully this article has helped you to understand the importance of cutting back on your sugar consumption.
If you're looking for a more comprehensive Candida treatment plan, check out Lisa Richards' new program, the Ultimate Candida Diet.
Lisa's plan is based on the latest research into Candida, and contains everything you need to know to beat your Candida overgrowth. A supermarket like Whole Foods will definitely have it, but many other super markets now stock nut butters with no added sugar too.

Lisa Richards is an expert in digestive health and the author of the Ultimate Candida Diet program. Lisa's approach to beating Candida involves probiotics, natural antifungals and a low sugar diet. ADD in adults - learn about the signs and symptoms and the powerful, life-changing natural remedies for ADD that can help.
L-glutamine is an amino acid that helps restore the lining of your intestines, keep it healthy, and promote good bacteria in your gut.The intestinal lining is like millions of tiny fingers (villi) waving around that are part of your digestive process.
Word to the wise: killing off the bad microbes can feel pretty awful for a few days, so do this when you have some time off so you can rest from any symptoms that might arise. Get tested for food allergens and or avoid the most allergenic foods (see below) because foods affect your gut and your brain.
Want more information about how to have good gut flora and why you desperately need it?Read this comprehensive article. Did you know that the scented and chemically-based products you use in your daily life may contain chemicals and heavy metals like mercury that can act as neuro-toxins, harming your brain?What kind of products? To escape from chemical pollution in your own home and give your nervous system a break, try this: 1. For ADD in adults, these are three great natural remedies that might seem too simple to be effective.
It means you want to give yourself a lot of love by: Getting more sleep instead of staying up late surfing the interweb. Herea€™s an usual natural remedy for ADD in adults: look at pictures of puppies and kittens. Natural Remedies for Psoriasis a€“ Anti-Inflammatories To Soothe Your SkinUse these natural remedies for psoriasis to combat chronic inflammation that causes tissue damage, redness and soreness. On my first visit to my new naturopath at Elder and Sage, she introduced me to the problem. Because of these spores, if a person does not have enough of their own healthy gut flora to compete with the SBOs, it opens the door for them to become pathogenic. For the last century or so, our researchers and doctors have been focused on fighting the enemy rather than learning about the weapons we can utilize to protect ourselves. Because of that, we don’t really know how probiotics work or even how our own gut flora operates with very much detail. In fact, some research does show that within two weeks, most supplemented probiotics exit the gut and are excreted.
He had antibiotics at birth, had sugar and flour in things like Cheerios well before age one, and has certainly had his fair share of white flour in his lifetime.
When food processing got between farmers and eaters, the food chain, in a sense, was literally interrupted, and consumption of SBOs drastically diminished.
Putting everything in the world in their mouths is a unique form of inoculation, brilliant in its simplicity. Soil-based organisms, being spore-forming, proliferate very rapidly, and one theory is that without enough resident bacteria to hold up the front lines, the SBOs literally take over a person’s gut, becoming pathogenic in their aggression. This one is particularly packed with academic sources at the end, AND it discusses how Garden of Life has changed their formula to remove all but one SBO. I stopped taking Garden of Life probiotics and started eating my homemade lacto-fermented sauerkraut and kimchi (which I learned to make via the fermented foods eCourse) at every meal, and I ate a probiotic chocolate bar every day for two weeks. I’ve been very impressed talking with them about how the company began and its mission. I’m looking into getting a subscription through Amazon so I don’t run out anymore! Look for probiotics in the refrigerated section of your health food store (that’s where Attune chocolate is too). I believe that God calls us to be good stewards of all His gifts as we work to feed our families: time, finances, the good green earth, and of course, our healthy bodies. Everything you eat should be processed through the body within 24 hrs, or else it will start rotting inside. In addition to weight gain, diabetes and lower levels of ‘good’ cholesterol, eating too much sugar can also lead to gut dysbiosis and a Candida overgrowth.
We now understand more and more about how the yeast Candida Albicans survives and thrives in our intestines, and sugar plays a hugely important role in this. We know that it can survive in a wide variety of pH levels, develop resistance to prescription antifungals, and create biofilms that protect it from treatment. The biofilm can be thought of as a protective matrix in which the Candida can live and multiply safely. They also showed that Candida needed those same carbohydrates to switch to its ‘hyphal’ form. If you are suffering from Candida overgrowth, you are potentially worsening your condition every time that you eat excess sugar. By following a low-sugar diet you can deprive the Candida of the food it needs and make it more susceptible to treatment. Start experimenting with lots of herbs and spices and you’ll see that there are lots more flavors and sensations to enjoy.
Some great ideas for snacks around the house are chopped up vegetables, coconut cookies and coconut-almond balls.
If you’d like more ideas for sugar-free recipes, take a look at my Ultimate Candida Diet program! She writes regular posts on the causes, symptoms and treatment of Candida, and has helped thousands of Candida sufferers recover from their condition. Using the right combination of these three elements is the best way to overcome a Candida overgrowth.
It is considered a psychiatric disorder, not a medical condition a€“ however, if you are an adult with ADD or ADHD therea€™s a good chance that you have had it since childhood, even though the condition may have gone undiagnosed.Also, remember that people with ADD are often very creative, so ita€™s not all bad! Box up all your scented and chemical products (most of the regular products you buy in the grocery store for personal care, laundry, and house cleaning), along with your perfumes, colognes and scented aftershaves, air fresheners and scented candles. For most of human history, most people spent a lot of time outdoors, and no one had electronic devices.

There are centuries of evidence for Naturea€™s relaxing effects and more current evidence about the benefits of horseback riding for the brain. Meditation is an ancient technique for improving brain function, relaxing the mind, and increasing your ability to concentrate. No kidding!A recent Japanese study found that when you look at photos of kittens, puppies and other cute baby animals, your ability to focus increases by 44 percent!Researchers learned that a€?a€¦participants performed tasks requiring focused attention more carefully after viewing cute images.a€? This included tasks that called for physical (fine motor) skills and those that needed mental concentration. How to Self-Heal ItHow to find natural cures for psoriasis that work, once you understand the real triggers and underlying sources of this challenging health condition. Most of the studies we have access to teach us what disease does to the human body and then test the effectiveness of man-made weapons, like antibiotics, in fighting them. Beginning at birth and continuing through the first two years of life, the tiny human being becomes residence for various bacteria, beneficial or detrimental depending on the environment provided in the gut and what the baby comes into contact with. They are still friendly to humans, but they’re not automatically part of our resident flora.
Also I must imagine that the clean-to-the-point-of-sterile society we live in has reduced our interaction with these friendly little guys, further removing SBOs from our guts.
Those babies under two are working to populate their guts with healthy bacteria, and who knew? Doran-Fisher has anecdotal evidence of clients who took a turn for the worse when they started SBO supplements and improved once they used a refrigerated strain with lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.
You really can learn new things about your body, even when you think you’re in perfect health.
In 2006, Attune Foods was created with the intention of bringing probiotics into the Standard American Diet.
Even though I now enjoy the fermented foods considerably more than a few months ago, there’s no denying that chocolate is my new favorite way to get probiotics. I’m guessing, not as a medical professional of any kind, but as a thinking person in the 20th century, that all Americans should probably take a probiotic supplement. In fact, the consensus in the medical and alternative health communities is now set firmly against excess sugar. That’s why following a low-sugar diet is one of the key elements in any good Candida treatment program. The longer a Candida colony exists inside your gut, the stronger (and harder to break down) its biofilm will be. Sugar plays a critical role in both its growth and the way that it spreads around your body. In this hyphal form Candida is able to spread more quickly throughout your gastrointestinal tract, in addition to creating the complex links that underpin a biofilm structure. And when that crash comes, you’ll often find yourself reaching for the closest sugary snack. Cut back on the sugar and you’ll quickly start to appreciate the more subtle flavors in your food. It’s really been a journey for me to become informed about candidia (first step was founding out THAT was my problem). Information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your healthcare professional.
If you have ADD in adult life, chances are good that you have had this deficiency ever since childhood!Dr.
Antibiotics kill off the microbes in your digestive tract and allow the pathogenic or bad bacteria take over from the good ones. When you have a a€?sweet tootha€?, chances are ita€™s the fungus, yeast and other pathogens in your gut that make you crave sweets, especially if you are prone to fungal infections, athletea€™s foot, PMS, yeast infections or depression. Coffee isna€™t the only source, although it contains the highest levels of caffeine, clocking in at between 80 and 175 milligrams in 8 ounces. It may even change your brain to improve mental focus.These habits will also improve your physical health and help you with anxiety and depression. Ita€™s incredibly effective for stress relief and it can help you to focus when youa€™re distracted.If you dona€™t know how to tap, there are instructions on this page, or you can watch this video. I do not know whether anything mentioned on this site will work for you and I accept no responsibility for your health condition.
They brainstormed about what sort of food could be infused with probiotics that Americans would all enjoy, and when they happened upon chocolate, with its low moisture content, they knew they’d found the perfect vehicle. These sweeteners can satisfy your craving for sweet-tasting food without spiking your blood sugar.
Consult your doctor or health professional before starting a treatment or making any changes to your diet. James Braly says that food allergens like wheat create abnormal brain waves a€“ exactly the same abnormal brain waves that show up in ADD in adults and ADHD in children! Soft drinks contain anywhere from about 20 to 80 mg in 12 ounces, so a couple of sodas and two cups of coffee in a day can speed up your heart rate and raise your blood pressure. Did you suddenly lose your temper when you met someone who was wearing a lot of perfume and fabric softener or when you opened a tin of paint? How much time do you spend in front of the computer, on your cell phone, watching TV, or driving?
To put it simply, the excess sugars that you consume provide one of the key building blocks used by Candida to grow biofilms and protect itself.
Now go and collect all the plastic bags in your house and put them in cookie tins, big popcorn tins, or industrial sized glass jars with tight-fitting lids. Bernard Rimland found that giving magnesium and vitamin B6 to children with ADHD was ten times more effective than Ritalin! But when you stop walking around in a cloud of chemicals that stress your nervous system, youa€™ll be surprised how much your brain and body can relax.

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