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In addition to the up front cost advantage of using all electric container refrigeration systems over diesel trailer systems, there are many benefits that may help close a deal with a perspective customer. The table below contains the cooling capacities and power consumption for three unit-operating conditions.
While most specifications are “standard” one will find small variances in the actual measurements. If a customer is dealing with a requirement which is “border- line” to the dimensions in this table please contact the equipment manufacturer for assistance finding specific units to meet your needs. Containers deliver air to the floor, through “T” channels, and require a specific loading pattern to ensure that air temperature is maintained throughout the container. When properly loaded the “T” floor acts as a chute; delivering and distributing conditioned air throughout the container. Top air delivery systems, as found in trailers, require a ceiling chute to direct air to the rear of the trailer. Having the proper electrical service, a safe location for equipment to be placed and the ability to load only pre-cooled or pre-frozen products are strongly recommended. The following general safety notices supplement the specific warnings and cautions appearing in the manufacturer’s Operation & Service manual. You should not attempt to make any mechanical or electrical wiring adjustments to the refrigeration system. The first thing to do with a customer is familiarize them with the typical layout of the system. It is recommended that the Manufacturer’s equipment operating instructions be reviewed with the customer prior to attempting to get the unit started. Instructions give detailed steps to start a genset (if required), to “Start the Refrigeration Unit”, “Change the Temperature Set Point”, and to put unit into “Manual Defrost”. Although the instructions include steps to “Perform a Pre-trip” and “Set a Trip Start”, these two functions are completed prior to dispatching the container and are not typically needed by the customer. If the consequences of making any changes to these settings are not fully understood, please consult technical assistance prior to adjusting the same. If you have more than one unit in the same yard it is recommended to set different stagger start offset delays (Cd31) on each. ML2i units have additional user selectable operational settings that are options from the factory.
As with the previous, if an option is available and it is suspected that the customer may benefit from the same, refer to the manufacturer’s operation and service manual prior to adjusting option settings. Opening the vent over 45 cfm could overwhelm the refrigeration system with hot humid air, ambient dependant, leading to a lack of temperature control.
In high humidity ambient areas, ice may form on the compressor end bell, which in small quantities is normal. In an attempt to control head pressure and save energy, the condenser fan motor may cycle on and off when the ambient temperature and head pressure are low. Cooling Mode – The evaporator fans, condenser fan, compressor and the controller’s cool LED are typically energized while in the cooling mode.
Heat Mode – In low ambient temperatures heat may be required to maintain the desired set point. Null Mode – When the box temperature requirements have been sufficiently met, the controller will initiate the null mode.
Defrost Mode – Defrost can be initiated via (MD) manual defrost switch (located next to the unit’s (ST) Start-Stop switch, or via the defrost timer.
A 40-foot container can be loaded with 20 pallets (48” x 40”) if pin-wheeled or stagger loaded, see Figure 3 below.
If fresh produce and will be stored in the container it is recommended to cover the floor between pallets with cardboard, dunnage or air bags.
When Frozen product is loaded into a container maintaining a blanket of cold air around the cartons is desirable. It is important that both electrical power and physical site requirements are met prior to receiving equipment.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all electrical work completed on their property meets local codes.

Since the compressor motor, which is the only 3-phase component on the refrigeration system, can rotate in either direction, having the proper “phase” sequence is not an issue. 1) Hardwiring – which typically requires that a licensed electrician connect each of 3 power legs and one ground connection to an electric service panel.
2) Receptacles – if unit will be connected and disconnected frequently this may be the best method to connect the unit to power.
There are two plug designs on the market that can be used with this equipment, a marine and a domestic type plug. Trailer refrigeration systems with electric stand-by typically use a domestic type of plug. If the container will remain on a chassis while in use at the customer’s facility, the unit can be treated like a trailer. Today’s Scania trucks testify to the enormous technological advances made over the past decade and demonstrate the benefits that those advances have brought to the truck driver. Scania vehicles are designed and built to give you the lowest possible overall cost of operation. Both rigids and tractors offer different axle configurations and chassis heights.  Engine options begin at the 9- litre 250 and go right through to the V8 730. To cover the extensive range of operating requirements associated with construction vehicles, Scania offers a comprehensive model range.  There are ten choices of power outputs (from 230HP to 580HP) and various gearboxes including an overdrive 12-speed for use with hub reduction axles.
Vehicles with a conventional manual gearbox also have the option of a clutch monitoring system that will prolong service life and ensure smooth and precise operation all day long. For extreme off-road loads and conditions, there are extra-heavy duty frames (design capacity is up to 150 tonnes). The power range for rigids extends from 230HP to 420HP, covering light urban duties right through to high-performance drawbar units operating at maximum legal weights.
Delaney Commercials Ltd is a leading player in the truck industry, having proudly acquired a main dealer franchise for Scania in 1976. Even five minutes can feel like a long time when you first start meditating, so you could even start smaller.
By setting a regular time you make meditation as much a part of your daily routine as eating breakfast and showering in the morning. When you gather many lit candles, there is more light and so collective meditation results in a much stronger flow of vibrations. The graph below (same source as above) shows that beginner meditators who practiced for 11 days were over 90% likely to continue to a 12th day. Evaporator fans circulate 3,200 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of air throughout the container while in high speed and 1,400 cfm in low (static pressure dependent). Not having a chute to maintain could be considered a benefit since they are often damaged during loading and are costly to repair or replace. If loading product as required is a problem for the customer then a container may not meet their needs.
They are recommended precautions that must be understood and applied during operation and maintenance of the equipment.
Do not open fan grille or evaporator access panels before turning power off, disconnecting and securing power plug.
Should refrigerant come in contact with the eyes, wash eyes with potable water for a minimum of 15 minutes and seek medical attention. Should refrigerant come in contact with the skin seek medical attention, it should be treated as if skin has been frostbitten or frozen. The “Manual Defrost” feature will be valuable to the user that has a unit with an “iced-up” evaporator coil.
This way if the power is lost and suddenly returns, the units will not all start up at the same time, risking loss of power again due to the heavy load put on the utility service. However, if the customer is storing fresh produce for several days without plans to enter the container, the fresh air vent may be opened 15 to 45 cfm. In an attempt to control head pressure and save energy, the condenser fan motor may cycle on and off. While in the null mode the compressor and condenser fan motor is shut off and evaporator fans continue to run, circulating air throughout the container.

A user selectable defrost interval of 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 hours can be set via controller Code 27. Prior to loading, for frozen set points insert (4) floor drain plugs inside container (2 front 2 rear in corners). The above illustrates the Front, Side & Rear views of a properly loaded bottom air discharge refrigerated container. This will help force the air up and through the cartons rather than allow it to “short circuit” around them. You should dispatch equipment fitted with a step-up power transformer to meet the customer’s needs.
If the customer requires a domestic plug they will need to arrange for the purchase and installation of the same.
If the container cannot be placed on a level concrete surface where only the corner castings are touching the ground, use railroad ties or paving stones to support the corner castings. Ensure there are no physical obstructions to prevent doors from opening fully before “placing” unit.
Additionally, the space may need to be ventilated to control the ambient temperature and limit the heat load on the refrigeration system. The only caveat being, the container must be unplugged from its stationary electrical power outlet and the 60’ cable properly coiled up and secured before moving the chassis.
You’ll find we rent or sell portable onsite storage containers, new and used semi trailers and secure onsite portable office containers.
If you would like to enquire about any that you see here please contact us on (045) 45 879932. Which means you can be confident that your investment in a Scania vehicle will result in minimum risk, minimum cost, and maximum utilisation. Frequent gear-changing and the continuous cycle of acceleration and braking in city traffic impose additional stress and strain in the powertrain. Long-term reliability can be enhanced by an optional electronic clutch monitoring system that prolongs service life and ensures smooth and precise operation all day long.
We offer the full range of services required at a busy dealership, whether it is for New or Used Trucks, Service & Repairs, DOE or Parts.
Putting the unit into manual defrost overrides the defrost timer and will immediately work to clear ice from the evaporator and restore the refrigeration system’s cooling capability.
This allows the container to be replenished with oxygen while at the same time removing ethylene-contaminated air. The exact state of the suction line valve(s) is dependant on the cooling load demand, but suffice it to say if in the cooling mode the valve(s) will be in some state of “open”.
The temperature of the air returning to the refrigeration unit is constantly measured and is used to determine when the unit should cycle back into heat or cool mode. Operating the reefer unit while loading or unloading does not facilitate the cooling process and can even damage the product you are trying to protect.
And something you won’t find elsewhere, fast, flexible service and instant answers to your questions. That is why investment in Scania premium quality pays dividends in the long run.   The wide range of options for tractors and rigids are designed for multi-drop, hub and regional distribution. Hot humid air enters is pulled in to the container, warming product as it makes its way to the refrigeration unit. The various axle configurations combined with different powertrains and cabs make up a vast range of possibilities for optimising payload, performance and economy. Just become aware of all the thoughts and ideas and images sliding through your mind; almost like watching them on a screen.
Moisture condenses out of the air depositing water on the walls, ceiling, product and evaporator coil.
The evaporator coil typically ices up and, until the unit completes a defrost cycle, the product may not be protected by adequate refrigeration for several hours.

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