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These pants have Audrey Hepburn once worn: High waist, very straight cut and rather short leg length.
Three fabrics set the tone: Walk wool (boiled wool or felt), Tweed (in the winter) and jeans (in summer).
Okay, so while our real life struggle continues, we do our best to find sometime to contribute to our beloved project, that is without a doubt, Ubuntu GNOME. Before we start the planning for the current cycle and the future ones, I thought to do a quick and simple survey and ask our users for their honest, direct and true opinion about Ubuntu GNOME so far.

And for good reason, because leggings are comfortable and give honest skirts that certain fashionable twist!
If you have wide hips, you should opt for a short model to put your legs in the foreground. During the day, cotton leggings with ballerinas vogue and evening opaque leggings with high heels. For the upper part understatement is the word: A white blouse, a sweater, a white tank top or a shirt.

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