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With more and more people deeply concerned about what they’re eating and what it means for our health, the economy, the environment, social justice, and even national security, Harvard Law School has created a new focus on food law.
In partnership with Equal Education Law Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic has been working on issues related to the right to education in South Africa for more than two years. Katie King ’16 has been working with the IHRC since last September on issues related to the right to education in South Africa. The students in Nqutu, a small, rural area in eastern South Africa, are often just as excited as I was about school.
They tease each other and gossip as I once did, doing their best to protect their uniforms and textbooks from the dirt and weather. Factor in the additional risks of robbery, rape, snakebites, and treacherous river crossings, and it’s difficult for me to imagine that my five-year-old self would ever have been able to make it to school, let alone focus in class or have the time and energy to complete my homework, in similar conditions. Since 2009, the South African government has dragged its heels on finalizing a national scholar transport policy that would address the education system’s many transport-related problems. Our partners, Equal Education and Equal Education Law Centre, have been campaigning for a range of improvements in the educational system, taking on everything from schools without water and electricity to access to textbooks.
Not only has the national government failed to fix the problems it itself acknowledged in the draft national scholar transport policy, but the KwaZulu-Natal government has ignored the legal responsibilities it previously set for itself.
Principals told us they had submitted applications to the provincial government and never heard anything back. A few weeks ago the Harvard Human Rights Program tweeted about the fact that many students in rural South Africa have to walk more than 20km each day to get to and from school. Surprisingly, shortly after we posted our tweet, a small number of Twitter users pushed back.
On the walk to and from school, some students carry their shoes and walk barefoot to prevent their shoes from wearing out too quickly. Faced with such a difficult journey to school, many affected students drop out before completing Grade 12. Because of the many hours lost traveling to and from school, these students are forced to fit a full 24-hour day into something much less. The consequences for South African society stretch far beyond these unemployed individuals.The high unemployment rate hinders the country’s economy, and the large population living in poverty burdens the national budget. The South African Constitution provides that everyone has the right to an education, which the state must make available and accessible. A strong and effective transport policy means students across South Africa will arrive at school better able to concentrate and prepared to learn. And while improving the lives of rural South African youth may be difficult, without access to education, it would remain impossible. Read CaptionIn January 2015, a team from the IHRC travelled to Nqutu, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, to address the challenges facing students who must travel long distances – often in extremely dangerous conditions – to access their education. Read CaptionThe IHRC team travels home with two students to better understand the obstacles they confront. Read CaptionSome students carry their shoes and walk barefoot to prevent their shoes from wearing out too quickly. Read CaptionEqual Education Law Centre executive director Dmitri Holtzman (center), Equal Education organizer Sandile Ndlovu (center left), and clinical director Susan Farbstein lead a team debrief after a long day of interviews, and brainstorm next steps in the campaign for safe, affordable, reliable school transport.
Read CaptionIHRC team members Katie King ’16, Fatima Mohammed ’15, and clinical director Susan Farbstein with Equal Education organizers and facilitators, and Equal Education Law Centre attorneys. Why are more and more doctors saying Probiotics are the solution to IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrom), Constipation and other digestive issues? Processed foods are destroying this good bacteria and this wreaks havoc on our ability to properly digest and have regular bowl movements. Yes, you heard me correctly, if your gut flora is out of balance new studies are showing that everything else in your body becomes affected. The truth is, Doctors still do not know why an unhealthy gut can lead to so many more health problems.. If you didn't see any results from your probiotic, it's likely that the product you chose suffered from at least one of those problems above. The truth is, research is increasingly demonstrating that probiotics play a tremendous role in our overall health. One of the problems with figuring out if a probiotic will back up its claims is that they're nearly impossible for you to prove yourself. This third-party verification is essential when evaluating probiotics, as it's the only way of knowing for sure what's in each pill. We analyzed several of the leading probiotics, checking them for CFU count, third-party verification, value, and effectiveness.
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Unfortunately, it only has 25 billion CFUs, which makes it considerably weaker than our #1 product. After 5 years in Spain with Real Madrid and out of contract the club, Khedira recently put some ink down on a new 4 year deal with Juventus.
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Pictured here, students from Nqutu, KwaZulu-Natal leave school to begin their long walk home. She spent her 1L summer interning at Equal Education Law Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. But, as the students told us, by the time they arrive at school two hours later, their energy has worn off—and they are fully aware, as they do their best to pay attention in class, that they will have to repeat the journey all over again at the end of the day.
Learners described the many dangers of their journey, ranging from being hit by cars while walking along busy roads to drowning while attempting to cross swollen rivers. In 2014, their student-powered movement shifted its focus to another critical piece of the puzzle: safe, affordable, and reliable school transport. Provincial policy requires KwaZulu-Natal to provide transportation subsidies to learners who walk more than 3 kilometers to school—a distance easily exceeded by dozens of students we talked to in our short time in Nqutu.
Determined to make sure children receive an education, some adults who live closer to school have opened their homes to students from more remote villages. Without a safe, reliable way to get to school, students’ ability to learn is compromised, and education’s promise of a better, more equitable future goes unfulfilled.
As we learned on our visit, though many of the difficulties students face are common, there are also different obstacles from school to school; one school may simply need a bus, while another may have learners who are so dispersed that school boarding facilities are the best response. One accused us of ignoring how lucky these students are to even be at school, implying that the difficulties of getting there are inconsequential.
During our trip, we heard from those who have continued attending school that they arrive exhausted, hungry, and have difficulty focusing in class. Many struggle to do so by sacrificing homework and sleep, which has long-term consequences on their ability to stay healthy, to concentrate and to learn, and ultimately, to reach their full potential as adults. The lack of an adequate learner transport system and the current unemployment rate are naturally linked, and neither should be met with indifference. In 2009, the Department of Transport took the important first step of drafting a National Scholar Transport Policy, though it has been stalled by years of opposition and political delay. It means they won’t have to choose between helping their families at home and finding time to study.
Instead of resisting change simply because we persisted without it, we should welcome the fact that we have the ability to provide more today than we did yesterday. In partnership with Equal Education Law Centre, the clinic has been working on issues related to the right to education in South Africa for more than two years.
Many students walk more than 20 km each day, and some walk more than 30 km, to the nearest school.
Parents voiced concerns about the struggles their children face, from walking for several hours each day, to strangers they might encounter along the way, to arriving late, exhausted, and unable to concentrate in class. Learners who walk more than 3 km from home to school are eligible for transport subsidies, but many principals are not aware that they can apply to the Department of Transport for such subsidies, or have applied but received no response.
Bad bacteria in our stomachs can affect everything from our appearance, to our immune system to even our mood. They show this imbalance leads to skin not appearing as radiant and healthy, and may be more prone to acne, to a weaker immune system, to mood changes that may cause stress, anxiety, and depression-related behavior.
All they know is there has been multiple clinical studies showing people with healthy gut bacteria lead a much healthier life.
Certain strains of probiotics can rebalance your gut bacteria and improve not only your digestion, but also everything talked about above.

Unfortunately, products like this litter the market, affecting the reputations of those high-quality probiotics that actually deliver on their promises.
Everything from your body fat percentage, to your brain activity can be positively affected by probiotics- provided you pick the right one. After all, you likely don't have the time or the patience to crack open a pill and count billions of CFUs, much less determine how many are still alive.
Reputable manufacturers send their products to independent labs for verification, so that you can be assured of getting what you're paying for. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying for dead cultures, miniscule amounts of bacteria, or even harmful fillers and binders. It had the most CFUs for the best price, and an iron-clad third-party verification to back everything up. And, thanks to Whole Body Research's extensive 3rd-party verification process, you know you'll actually get what the label promises. This is a popular product, but it simply didn't pack enough punch to match up with Keybiotics.
This supplement combines probiotic strains with enzymes, which can help keep the bacteria healthy and robust in the digestive tract. In addition, it only has 4 strains, less than a third of what other quality probiotics have. While Whole Body Research's Keybiotics is the best probiotic we've found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried.
All Rights Reserved.This page is a demonstration of what an individual who uses the advertised products could potentially experience.
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It was time spent with my siblings—an opportunity to tease each other and a chance to get a taste of what felt like the grown-up responsibility of walking alone. As a result of this failure to act, the government is not fulfilling a fundamental right in South Africa’s constitution: the right to a basic education. Still, such complexities are not sufficient reason for continuing to stall—especially not when South Africa’s students, in the face of so many challenges, continue to embark upon their long walk to education every day. Another responded that if “it doesn’t kill you it makes you strong.” But as those paying attention to news reports over the past month know, a poor learner transport system has, in fact, already led to the death and injury of multiple children this year.
Students described arriving soaking wet, freezing, and unable to focus after walking for hours in the rain to reach school.
When they get home late at night, they may have responsibilities such as caring for livestock, fetching water, and helping to bathe siblings, nieces, and nephews before they can study.
Students are forced to climb mountains, ford overflowing rivers, navigate hazardous roads, or walk in rain and lightning, to get to school.
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Data scientist and host Jake Porway explores how you can grow your bank account through entertaining experiments, cutting edge facts and real-life scenarios. In January, a clinical team visited Nqutu, a small, rural area in eastern South Africa, to document transport-related issues which result in students having to walk 10 miles each way to attend school. And on our recent trip to Nqutu, KwaZulu-Natal, it didn’t take long to find students who have personal experience with the risks of robbery, rape, kidnapping, and even the death of friends – all created by the long journey to school. South Africa can take an important step towards providing these children with an array of new opportunities for their education and their future by adopting and implementing the national scholar transport policy.

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