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Gymnastics competitions are exciting events, gathering together with all the talented and enthusiastic competitors. You want to know where your leotard is for your next competition, but you also want to make sure you’re taking good care of it. Washing your leotard is extremely important, and you should be sure to do it after each competition.
Cheeseface: Not until you help the Hawks get over the Lebron hump, assholeWon't matter with the Golden State Yankees next season. When the writer arrived at a residence located at Jalan SS3, Kelana Jaya on Saturday afternoon, the woman the writer wants to meet was still asleep. This writer chit chatted for almost 20 minutes with the woman's daughter when another young woman pushed wheelchair with a second elderly woman donning a black headscarf seated on the wheelchair. After almost 20 minutes chatting in the living room with the woman’s son, we were approached by a girl who was pushing a wheelchair, with a woman in black veil in it. This woman with a forlorn look is more than 90 years old, and looks very frail, and a far cry from the last time the writer met her about 10 years ago at Perkim in Seremban. The woman who was once outspoken in fuelling and instilling nationalism sentiments and patriotism is now losing her eyesight and hearing. But when the writer's friend, known as Kak Juriyati whispered in her ear, telling her about our presence, she began to speak. And, her voice has not changed – still thick with Negeri Sembilan accent and high pitched, but her words are not easy to understand. MalaysiaGazette was informed that whenever she is up all night, Siti Rahmah tirelessly shared with her caretaker stories about her fights against the British colonialists.
Siti Rahmah who was born on November 30, 1930 in Kampung Batu Hampar, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan was a freedom fighter. Once upon a time, she was the woman who stirred the fighting spirit and patriotism among women against colonialists in Malaya.
Siti Rahmah is also known as ‘Tokoh Gelang Kemerdekaan’ (Independence Bracelet Icon) for being the first individual to have handed over her gold band (which was a wedding gift from her father) to Tunku Abdul Rahman to fund his flight to London.
Siti Rahmah received a whipping from her mother for her action, for which she had bruises all over her body. The writer whispered several times in her ear, to inform that soon Malaysia will celebrate the country's independence. With soft-spoken voice filled with excitement, Siti Rahmah said: "I hope that Malaysia will continue to be successful and that women continue to be given the opportunity to assume responsibility (for the country) to bring the country to greater heights, together with men. In her ailing condition, Siti Rahmah softly said: "Uwan (grandma) will be joining the celebration for Independence Day". MalaysiaGazette was informed that Siti Rahmah had never failed to attend the country's celebration for the national independence every year. Holding back her tears, Siti Rahman recollected that she began fighting for the country's independence since she was 17 years old, and her love for the country has never waned.
While pushing her wheelchair to the front of her bedroom, Siti Rahmah who was looking sleepy after much talking, suddenly became silent again. I post a lot about food and my photography skills have improved a lot since I first started blogging. As I get older, I am realizing the value of a good cell phone with a larger screen and a good camera. For those of you looking for an affordable yet high-tech smartphone, The ZTE Grand X Max 2 is something worth considering.
Disclaimer: Buy ZTE Grand X Max 2 for $129, port number to Cricket and activate a new qualified plan, minimum $40 per month.
I find ugly food photos puzzling because there are so many ways to pretty up food; lighting, plating, placement, focus and more.
Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper.
Too often, women view maternity leave as the beginning of their lives as mothers, and the beginning of the end of their careers.
Many companies, including Netflix and Facebook, are working hard to destigmatize parental leave. Decide in advance whether you want to be part of any team-training days or other office initiatives. You have the opportunity to step away from the business and look at it with fresh eyes: What are the gaps?
There are some simple rules that apply to all sections of photography that will improve your picture taking skills, and your picture quality. There aren’t any apps that will magically improve your photography skills, even though there are ones that help. While good photography isn’t just down to how many megapixels your Android is packing, it does come into account. With that said, a good craftsman can still make a work of art with low quality tools, just like an amateur can accidentally craft a train wreck from the best tools in the business. You can learn how to take good pictures with your Android device, even if isn’t one of the latest and greatest that came out five minutes ago. For example, even with my limited toolset, I can control camera focus, exposure, and internal brightness just with a few swipes.

One simple way to increase the amount of light on your subject is with flash, but we’ll get to that later. Even though these are taken with a lower quality camera, you can still see the difference that lighting can make. Flash photography brings light to your subject when you lack the means to control the light around you. So to prevent that, you need to know when to use flash, and when to just fool around with brightness and exposure.
This doesn’t mean you need to use all seven modes your camera has all the time, but it does mean you need to use the best one for the right situation. To piggyback off the last section, better lighting can be achieved using angles and add the right amount of light on your subject. Where you place your subject in the frame is left up to you, but there are certain photography techniques with more appealing subject placement than right in the center. More often than not, zooming in with your Android device is going to give you a worse shot. This isn’t the same for every smartphone camera, so if you want to take good pictures with your Android, make sure you understand how much your digital zoom impacts picture quality. This might sound silly when you think about it at first, but it’s better to use both of your hands while taking a picture. Some Android devices have an anti-shake feature built into their camera that you can toggle to help reduce this, but it’s better just to get used to holding your phone as steady as you can.
You’d have to be a born genius or technological wizard to be able to take a beautiful picture in just a second. On the flipside of this, if you have the time, take as many shots of your subject as you can. If you take at least ten pictures of a subject, you may end up with nine duds, but the 10th will be something worth your extra time. It’s not something that everyone thinks about, but the lens on the back of your Android can definitely get dirty, or even scratched. It may take a few extra seconds to take a picture worth saving, but all of those seconds are well worth it when you’ll remember that picture for years to come. About StriderCrossing worlds, choosing words, sailing the seas or even using an Android device to communicate with extraterrestrial life are all possible items on Strider’s agenda. July included a trip to my favorite apple orchard to pick up my buckets of fresh cherries to freeze. Just as those apples trees need to be pruned to bear the alluring, juicy fruit that we will be devouring in the fall – so it is with me. In just a few weeks, I will be driving to the orchard again to purchase apples to eat, make applesauce and apple crisp. I am a humble receiver of the saving grace that Christ provided to me through his death and resurrection.
How you wash your leotard depends on the type of fabric it is made of and the kinds of decorations it has on it, but if you want to play it safe, you can always wash it by hand. In addition, they can also be quite expensive, so  it is important to take good care of them. Had the writer not been there to interview the country's freedom fighter and national independence icon, it would be difficult to recognise her.
The delegation was going to London to negotiate for the country’s independence from the British. Despite having to endure the pain, she does not regret it one bit, not to mention the tears of pain.
The UMNO heroine nodded slowly, then straightened her body against the cushion on her wheelchair. Research tends to focus on the negative impact taking leave can have, and it's true: if you approach maternity leave as simply 'time out,' then it's unlikely to enhance your working life. Netflix offers unlimited paid parental leave for the first year following the birth or adoption of a child. Suggest a performance review, and look over it when you return as a working mother to ensure you set objectives and maintain momentum.
The government allows 10 paid 'Keeping in Touch' (KIT) days for mothers on maternity-leave to come into the office. Ann Cairns, president of international markets at MasterCard, was promoted while on maternity leave, and has taken an active role in sponsoring and supporting other women who don't want to sacrifice either family or career.
Anyone can point a lens in a random direction and press a button, but it takes time, knowledge, and practice to take a picture that truly looks good and professional. However, by the end of this, you’ll know how to take good pictures with your Android device, and even with other cameras. Currently, I’m using a lower tier device, so my options are limited, but I still have enough to give myself more control over taking pictures.
If your Android has even more camera options available, much like a Pro Mode, or separate balance sliders, don’t be afraid to play around with them. This can be true to some extent for all photography, but this problem seems to come up more with Android. If you want to take a good picture with your Android, you need to understand all of the tools your device has available completely.

Flash is great if you have no other option, or if the bright light won’t cause an irritating glare. Don’t be afraid to take a few extra seconds to get a better angle, not just because of lighting, but another side of your subject can make for a better shot. Feel free to experiment with focus and angles to place your subject on far corners of the shot, or have them slightly askew. I highly encourage you experiment with different angles, and subject placement if you only take pictures with your subject in the center. The reason for this is that in most cases, all this does is blow up the shot as it zooms in. If you just can’t keep your hands steady, try holding your breath for a few seconds as you take a picture.
Depending on your Android device, it takes a few seconds for your camera to focus after you line up what you think is the perfect shot.
Since you’re using a digital platform, you don’t need to worry about losing spots on your reel, so have at it!
If you own a cloth meant for cleaning glasses, or something similar, that’s more than enough to get the job done here. My grandchildren were with me, so instead of the normal quick in and out, we spent some time meandering around the orchard.
Be sure to turn the leotard inside out when you are washing it, to ensure that the decorations are protected, and wash in cold water with a little bit of detergent and nothing else (no bleach, fabric softener, or scent pellets).
Follow these simple guidelines to ensure that you get a long life out of your leotard while it still remains fresh. Rohaty Mohd Majzub who has been taking care of Siti Rahmah over the past one year, said her mother's physical condition has been declining for the past six months as she could no longer eat, and only drinks milk. I am not a food blogger, but taking pictures with my phone is the only way I do it anymore. If you adopt a growth mind-set, and see your career as a continuous learning curve, having a baby is another experience: It will allow you to hone your existing skills (like time management) and build confidence in your ability to adapt, be flexible, and meet new challenges. The quick burst of light surrounds your subject, but it creates a large amount of glare around them, or even on them. The more you use flash, the more you’ll get a feel for when it’s appropriate, so just keep taking pictures!
It’s a low-tech solution, and one of the simplest in the book, but it works and gets results. Just be careful not to hold your breath for too long, passing out isn’t worth a picture, no matter how good it is. As long as you apply rules like these to your pictures, and take your time, they’ll always turn out better than a shot with no time put into it. In talking with the Orchardist (the owner of orchards), she shared that they had gone through the entire orchard and pruned a large percentage of the apples off. Gymnastics competition leotards look difficult to wash—after all, many of them have unusual fabrics, appliques, or even sequins—but taking care of your leotard between competitions is vital to it having a longer life. You should hang your leotard up in between competitions to ensure that it does not wrinkle or lose any of its decorations.
It’s always best to just wash the leotard by itself, as washing it in the water with anything else risks colors bleeding and damaging multiple garments. Maternity leave can give you the time and space to assess your priorities, develop new or existing skill-sets, and boost your profile. According to Boston College research, men take only one day of leave for every month that mothers take, with 42% of fathers returning to work after one week, and 81% heading back to the office after two weeks. The shift in public attitudes towards part-time work contributes to the parallel shift in ideas about parental leave, as more and more people are realising that clocking more hours in the office does not necessarily equate to success. Instead of worrying about your absence from the office, reframe any anxiety as a sign of your commitment to your job. Use your network to ensure that you have champions in place when you return to work, who are confident in your abilities and will put you forward for opportunities. If you change your mindset about maternity leave, it can become an opportunity to make yourself stand out. Gradually, a change in attitudes towards parental leave will give more men confidence to take leave without fearing negative consequences. This will have positive knock-on effects for working-mothers, and facilitate the building of a culture which supports families with two working parents; a Swedish study found a mother's income went up 7 percent for every month a partner took off after a child was born. A study from the Center for Women and Work at Rutgers University, found that women who had taken advantage of New Jersey's paid-family-leave policy were far more likely than mothers who had chosen not to take leave to be working nine to 12 months after the birth of their child.
Another benefit of a garment bag is that you can put your other supplies, like hair accessories, in the bag with the leotard so that you will be sure to have them when you reach the competition.

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