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Probiotics becomes significantly important when your intestinal gut flora loses the beneficial bacterium colony due to recent bout of sickness or poor diet.Intestinal flora are reduced or even 'killed' when flora source probiotic is attacked by excessive use of antibiotics or other chronic disease causing bacteria. ProBio5– Do you suffer from sugar cravings, inexplicable fatigue or bloating, anxiety or a “brain fog”? Cambodia’s strongman Hun Sen faces rising dissent over human rights as country mourns King Sihanouk!!!!!! Hun Sen: 30 years in power in Cambodia amid corruption, abuse and human rights violations…….
It’s a strange thought, but right from the moment we’re born, the human body becomes a host for other microorganisms.
These bacteria have daunting names such as “Lactobacillus acidophilus”, “Bifidobacterium bifidum” and “Bifidobacteria infantis”, but without them our immune systems wouldn’t be able to function as it should. We have established that probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help improve our health and immunity.
Preliminary research shows that these good bacteria (mostly Bifidobacteria infantis) can decrease the growth of so-called Rota viruses, known for causing diarrhoea and thrush, thus protecting the new-born against common infections. What’s more, Australian researchers recently discovered that probiotics can prevent a serious bowel condition called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC) in premature babies.
Breast milk also contains immune-boosting probiotics, which means that breastfeeding is another excellent way of increasing the number of Bifidobacteria in a baby’s intestinal tract.
Research shows that probiotics compete with harmful bacteria for food in the gastrointestinal tract, preventing them from multiplying and causing disease. Even though our understanding of probiotics is a work in progress, we can all potentially benefit from ingesting probiotic cultures.
Interestingly, the Bifidobacteria are the most common probiotics in the gastrointestinal system and also the good bacteria that decreases most as we age. Featured VideoNature’s Way Super Greens PlusSuper Greens Plus is one of the most nutritionally dense greens ..
ArticlesBrain, Memory and Sleep6 Reasons You Can't ConcentrateThere are a variety of reasons why you might be struggling to .. We stopped by Byerly's the other day because we heard they sold a dandy of a probiotic drink we recently discovered (Probiotic Health Daily) and right next to it was a selection of Kefir drinks.
If you aren't familiar with Kefir it is a fascinating ancient yogurt-like drink that has numerous health benefits.
I'm just learning about Kefir and probiotics myself, it is certainly a fascinating topic - and I'm learning tasty to explore as well. I usually take the easy route with pancakes and use a store bought mix and then spruce it up a bit, but if you have a favorite homemade recipe you can use the basics from that recipe and try my additions.
I'll list a homemade recipe here that I sometimes use as a base when I get a bit more motivated in the kitchen but feel free to use a box mix and substitute as many of the ingredients as you can with the healthy organic and natural ones I've listed. Add all the ingredients (except the whip cream of course - you can save some blueberries for a topping as well) beat it and cook it - and whalah you have some delicious blueberry Kefir pancakes - a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner.
A note with the blueberry Kefir if you add some to the batter it becomes pasteurized again when it cooks, therefore killing all the beneficial yeast and bacteria which was so lovingly cultured to life. The blueberry Kefir I tried was made by Lifeway (they have a fun musical Kefir bar and Kerfirability profile feature so if you are in the mood for a little fun loving psychoanalysis check them out) - I also discovered there are some ebay sellers selling coupons to Lifeway products so if you are interested in trying Kefir why not save a little money as well. This entry was posted in Breakfast, Natural Health, Real Food Recipes and tagged Cooking, food, healthy living, organic, recipe. CommentEarth Friendly Goodies uses the CommentLuv Plugin so a link to your latest blog post will be displayed after your comment, stop by often to share what you've been blogging about! Enter your email address to subscribe to Earth Friendly Goodies so we can let you know about new posts by email.

The research surrounding Vitamin K2 has been growing over the past 5 years, and it continues to show it's myriad of health benefits. You can also get K2 from some foods (chicken, beef, fish, pork, dairy, eggs, natto, sauerkraut). The Osteo-K range are made in Australia from ingredients sourced both locally and overseas. Take two tablets a day of Osteo-K to help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and build stronger bones for the future.
Osteo-K is the only supplement on the market that combines Vitamin K2, Vitamin D and Calcium all at clinically trialled doses for bone support.
Children who contracted rotavirus or other viral infections normally suffers purging and stooling for up to four days. Normal symptoms that appear are like stomach bloating due to gas, acid reflux, abdominal cramps, colitis eczema, yeast infection, candida and other allergic reaction to drug medication.In such a situation using probiotics dietary supplements of defense probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as fiber supplements will help in cultivating and regaining the beneficial bacterium colony necessary for intestinal health and immune balance. This includes the beneficial bacteria in our intestinal tracts, simply called “probiotics”. These beneficial bacteria perform a number of important functions and also keep harmful bacteria in our gut in balance. The bacteria also seem to help prevent lactose intolerance, while increasing the absorption of minerals and B vitamins and boosting the infant’s immature immune system.
In the study done at Sydney’s Nepean Hospital, in which a probiotic was mixed with breast milk and given to the babies, the healthy bacteria cut the risk of infection by 50%. Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria) seem to be beneficial to our health and capable of boosting immunity.
In addition, many harmful bacteria and viruses are becoming resistant to antibiotics, making treatment of common infections increasingly difficult. They also seem to boost the uptake of important minerals, thus preventing deficiencies that could lower immunity. It’s therefore important to take probiotic supplements or eat foods that contain live Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. The krill oil market has changed considerably since 2011, and quality ranges from top quality products like our Krill Oil range to a large number of low-quality products in the market.
Molecular distillation is a purification process that removes the final trace elements, toxins and heavy metals from krill oil before it is put in capsules, packed and shipped out to stores and consumers. It is important that both companies and consumers alike make changes to our behaviours in order to ensure our oceans’ health for generations to come.
However, it is astonishing (and sometimes worrying) the variation in omega-3 levels found in different krill oil brands.
I had heard a little bit about Kefir recently so I decided to give the blueberry Kefir a try.
First off it is a probiotic (good bacteria that help strengthen your body and immune system) so it is one of the best remedies for digestive troubles, it is also very high in lactic acid so is recommended as a protection against cancer, and Kefir has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora so if you suffer from Candida overgrowth Kefir will be your best friend. Unlike Vitamin K1 which is used to activate blood clotting proteins, Vitamin K2 is beneficial for activating proteins which help bind calcium to bones. Kefir probiotic and yogurt probiotics are nature made probiotic cultures while yakult is commercially manufactured probiotic culture.Naturally occurring probiotics containing natural factors probiotics are important complete probiotics meal planning concepts to derive health benefits using best probiotic supplements. Probiotic intestinal support reduces the purging to only one day.Natural probiotic diet is an effective remedy for food allergy and irritable bowel syndrome as well. Others may prefer probiotic capsules, probiotic pills, even probiotic pearls but mostly people prefer probiotic powder form," says Stefano Guandalini, MD, a professor of gastroenterology at the University of Chicago School of Medicine. ProBio5 features five extra strength probiotics, added enzymes, intestinal flora, B6 and Grape Seed extract – all in one effective delivery system – that supports the breaking down of hostile organisms that negatively impact your health.

This article takes a closer look at the effect of pre-and probiotics on boosting your immunity, ability to avoid disease and ability to get better faster once you become sick. During the natural birth process, the baby receives some beneficial bacteria from the mother – organisms that immediately start to multiply, boosting the little one’s immunity. Examples of foods rich in these strains include yoghurt, soy milk, miso soup and our Nature's Way Probiotic Choc Balls.
It is important to ensure you are getting quality for money and not settling for an inferior product when you buy Krill Oil. Nature’s Way are continually moving our products towards sustainable harvesting practices, and all Nature’s Way Calamari Oil and Krill Oil products are all sustainably harvested. Another interesting discovery for garlic lovers - Kefir and probiotics help neutralize bad bacteria and control bad breath!
It is quite yummy all on its own, (or throw a dash in your cereal in the morning), but once I tried my first glass my creative kitchen instincts kicked in and I thought hmm, what would this taste like in pancakes? It is the first to combine clinically researched* Vitamin K2, and Calcium and Vitamin D3, in one formulation. Dissimilar to many fears that may rule individuals’ musings, Trypophobia seems to be simply to influence sufferers once they see openings.
Look for these three features to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your krill oil. Krill Oil that hasn’t undergone molecular distillation may result in a greater level of toxins and heavy metals in your krill oil. Our Krill and Calamari Oil products have Friend of The Sea certification to prove it.  The same cannot be said for some 'no-name' krill oil brands found in bargain stores or bought over the internet. Going for a cheaper krill oil can often be a false economy, as cheaper products may have lower omega-3 content so you need to take more capsules to get the same omega-3 boost.
Osteo-K uses the same form of Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone 7), that has been shown in recent clinical studies to help build bone density. Using probiotics can control bacterial growth and helps in preventing bacterial infection like Clostridium difficile using a probiotic bacteria called saccharomyces boulardii.Of all the probiotics uses mentioned above, the most effective and efficient probiotic use is in treating acute diarrhea afflicting children. Ask you doctor's advise which probiotic foods or probiotic drink is most suitable for you and how frequent or what duration these multi strain probiotic are to be taken.Lastly, the choice of particular microbes inside probiotic sources are really more important the probiotic product you are going to use.
Look for a krill oil with 300mg or more of combined DHA + EPA per capsule (the two most common types of omega-3 needed by your body). When shopping for a krill oil, compare the backs of pack for the brands you are considering to ensure your cheaper option is not delivering a lower level of omega-3. Why?Latest breakthrough probiotic research as reported in Alive Magazine, a Canadian probiotic publication, interviewed Francine Mondou, a microbiologist who specializes in probiotic manufacturing, suggests the best way to get optimal probiotic benefit is to take it on a full stomach. Some probiotic supplements, such as Restore 30 Billion Probiotic and Restore Bowel and Colon Probiotic have added prebiotics to help probiotics survive and grow in our stomach. The Vitamin K2 in Osteo-K also helps keep calcium away from areas where it shouldn’t be, and helps support your cardiovascular health.
With 600mg of Calcium in every tablet, Osteo-K can help strengthen bones and reduce the incidence of fractures and falls. The good news is that Gastroenterologists, especially Pediatric Gastroenterologists have slowly but surely embracing the use of probiotics according to Guandalini's article written for WebMD.

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