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This is a common and hegemonic conception of what is generally expected to be the perfect male body.
Our Seaweed Body Lotion is a rich, and creamy moisturizer that melts into your skin, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft, smooth and supple with a fresh and delicate fragrance! Naturally “OIL FREE” Seaweed Body Lotion’s unique Ocean formula blends together pure and natural extracts, selected from the Ocean’s finest Seaweeds and sea minerals to provide your body a natural and nutrient-rich experience. Our Seaweed Body Lotion is NOT made with animal fat and is a perfect choice for everyone who prefers not to use animal products or damaging chemicals on their bodies. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, and place your hands at the back of your head with your elbows opened wide. Pull your abs to your spine, and keep your back neutral while pressing your butt backward, hinging at that hips, until your back is almost parallel to the floor.
I would like some feedback from you readers as to whom you think is most likely to get the job.
I have always said that if you were in Hollywood and you wanted to make it big as a singer, but you were not a likely candidate for the Miss World contest; then you better have a really great singing voice, because Hollywood is all about image! If you are depending only on the fact that you have a great body to carry you through life; then you are going to be showered with an abundance of disappointments. The two other suspects involved in Wednesday’s gun attack against two off-duty police officers were arrested yesterday. This kind of body is unattainable by many women, yet the drive to conform to this bodily norm is abundant. Men tend to stick to olympic weight rooms to build muscle in an effort to conform to a muscular body image.

Some are concerned with normalising cholesterol, triglyceride, blood pressure and stress levels, through a structured exercise programme, while, believe it or not, some people don’t give a damn about the above risk factors and they just want to look good!
Here are a few teasers—You may justify hiring the Halle Berry look-alike, because you figured that the discipline she had in dieting and exercise would also be transferrable to good work ethic.
If a singer has a mediocre voice, but is aesthetically pleasing to look at, chances are that they will have a good career. A lady I know once told me that a man having confidence in himself is extremely important.  She said one of the biggest turn-offs for her, is a man with no confidence.
Besides a body, you need a whole lot of personality traits which include compassion, wit, humour, intelligence etc. One must acquire a habitus of bodily inferiority to begin the process of going to the gym to reach this goal. We see this in the numbers of women who attend gyms to flatten their stomach, tighten the abdominal muscles and tone and shape arms and legs. Here is a little scenario I am going to paint for you— Two women with similar academic qualifications apply for the same job at a large company, at which you are in charge of hiring personnel. However, bear in mind that her fantastic physique could be due to her being blessed with good genetics. So it would seem that while having a great body is not everything, it does enhance the whole package.
Having a body like this, or being well on the way to having a body like this is an example of Bourdieu's idea of social capital within the field of the gym. Female gym-goers typically attend gyms to burn off excess fat and tone areas such as the legs, buttocks and arms.

They both have great personalities, but one just happens to be 80lbs overweight, while the next one has a body like Halle Berry. Also, while they may both have engaging personalities, the overweight one may realise that she always has to try harder and may apply herself 150 per cent to her job and to forming a really healthy, friendly bond with co-workers. Remember, our first contact is always visual; it is only when we engage in conversation that we realise that this “Adonis” may have an empty space between his ears. If you maintain a straight body posture with a straight back you will keep a good body posture for longer.
In most gyms, there is a separate area for cardio-vascular work out and olympic weight training.
Women are confined to cardio areas through tacit symbolic violence, and the fact that they may feel out of place, or overly judged by males in a male-dominated weight room setting.
Your muscles and joints tell your brain how much pressure your body is feeling and it compares the pressure from on foot to another.
As time passes the slimmer the chance of using bad body postures become if you improve your body posture every day. These internal differences in field are hierarchical and are maintained through symbolic violence. If you don’t strengthen your muscles they become weaker in time making it possible for bad postures to be adopted.

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