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There's a hilarious Instagram account called brosbeingbasic that tries to show us what it would look like if men started making the same types of posts on Instagram that many women like to create.
Inspired by this account, other men across Instagram also started lampooning some of the posts they see women make most often. Discovery Channel shows such as Amish Mafia, Moonshiners and Big Giant Swords have embraced social media. Upon seeing this much activity on social media I tend to do research on a specific individual or show.
There are plenty of positive and negative reactions to Governor Corbett getting involved but we will leave those to political blogs.
The episodes have already been taped but, as with Robbinsville, NC on Moonshiners, the attention will start to build as the shows are aired on national TV. As stated, I have never watched this show but it is something I may tune into on Tuesday nights moving forward.
If you have any opinions on these cast members or would like to make some predictions as to how their relationships will evolve throughout the final season please feel free to leave comments below.
I am certain there is plenty more going on in Lancaster County and the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. When continuing my research on the city of Lancaster there are plenty of horse and buggy type photos in Google Images. In Lancaster there is a Tanger Outlets, a WalMart Supercenter, a Kohl’s and even a Costco.
In the preview for the final season Lebanon Levi states that Governor Tom Corbett does not know what goes on behind the scenes in the Amish community.
Molly Hendrick of the UNC women’s lacrosse team went to high school in Lancaster, PA.
Prior to the first episode of the final season of Amish Mafia there was a one hour show explaining all that had happened leading up to the final season. Throughout The Devil’s Cut show they interviewed Alan Beiler who was getting ready to get out of jail and make his presence known.
Paul Castline was the police officer that took to cleaning up the Amish Mafia and the Amish Aid in Lancaster county. With indiscretions being one of the worst crimes an Amish individual can commit Lebanon Levi uses the blackmail tactic on many of the Amish men and women around town.
Esther was a hot topic of conversation as she opened up to english ways dressing in seductive and revealing dresses and tight jeans. The Devil’s Cut show mentions how the Lancaster County Amish changed when the show Amish Mafia premiered on December 11th, 2012. The whole time a private investigator Sean Hall has been trying to keep tabs on all of the Amish Mafia.
At the beginning of the first show of the last season there was a brief overview as to where the Amish Mafia presently is. Throughout the show Alan offers insights as to how the Mennonites are going to take over Lancaster County.
The only reason Caleb went to the Mennonite mud party was to figure out who destroyed his buggies.
On the preview for the upcoming show we see Levi on the beach with her and she takes off her shirt and is wearing just a bathing suit. As predicted, the main plot has now turned to Devil Doug vs Lebanon Levi as in the February 17th, 2015 show Devil Doug recruited Caleb to join his side. In the preview for next week’s show there is a scene in which Merlin is walking through a huge forest fire.
By the end of the show Brent, with a T branded on his hand, ends up helping Levi to get back at the Mennonites. This show is a proof of concept of the outlandish things people will do in the name of religion. As with all reality shows, some things are blown up bigger than life; but I do think it`s based on fact.
My mother was an English driver for these godly people…they took advantage of her numerous times. I understand the language and can speak it fluently (my dad insisted we learn it when young). Also I have (aunts, uncles, cousins that aren’t Amish [we share the same grandparents who left Amish]) that lives in the Amish community in Lancaster that are involved with the Amish on a regular basis. Lebanon Levi and Devil Doug are having it out as we have basically gotten to the point that it is the Mennonites vs the Amish.

The executives at the Discovery Channel have realized the power of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social outlets.
What we do know is that the Amish Mafia TV show will conclude at the end of this season and the people of Lancaster County will not have to worry about being displayed on national TV for quite some time. Lebanon Levi has been arrested multiple times for drunk driving and is a member of the local fire department. The Discovery Channel is starting to take over Tuesday nights as during the winter they air Moonshiners and Big Giant Swords and Amish Mafia will replace Moonshiners in the 9:00 time slot on Discovery. Last summer I drove through Pennsylvania and almost ended up staying at a Marriott in Lancaster but ended up staying in Reading. This is not a surprise as some of these smaller areas just do not have much of an Internet presence.
This will be an interesting final season and I will do my best to document how it plays out.
He gave some very interesting insights as to what the Amish Mafia was doing and why they were doing it. Bundling is when a male and a female wear all their clothes and tightly wrap in blankets or sheets so they cannot physically tough each other but they are laying in bed together. Turn about is fair play as it was shown that Lebanon Levi has multiple girlfriends and parents.
Caleb is one of the younger members of the Amish Aid so he often does not get the respect he thinks he deserves. In the first episode of the final season we learn that Alan has a vintage antique business to make ends meet. He is in Holmes County, Ohio where he goes into a cornfield and says that god told him to go back to Lancaster County. In one of the early scenes of the show Caleb attacks and destroys several Black Bumper Mennonite cars.
It was also the case that Merlin was speaking a weird language when talking to the Amish in Lancaster.
There is also plenty of fire from all the fighting going on between the Amish and the Mennonites. He ends up going down to Pinecraft, Florida which is where all the rich Amish going during the winter months. The show ends with Levi having a backhoe dump manure on the car of the farmer that wouldn’t sell him the farm.
She didn’t have much of a reaction as she simply bent over, got her clothes and then it went to commercial.
While I had heard of Lebanon Levi from the Amish Mafia TV show it was not something that was consistently on my radar.
With DVR now being used by millions of Americans one would think a large percentage of people do not watch TV shows live anymore. If there is a Marriott you know there are plenty of other amenities that are not depicted on this TV show.
In fact, having an outlet mall puts them ahead of many small towns throughout the United States.
Coming out of high school she was not a highly recruited lacrosse player but she has become a starter on the UNC lacrosse team. At the beginning of The Devil’s Cut TV special there was a history of the Amish including the Anabaptist, Mennonites and how they established the Amish Aid, which is depicted on the show as the Amish Mafia.
By February 25th, 2014 the Amish Mafia decided they had had enough and they were not going to let the producers record the show any more. Harvey is considered the most dangerous person to the Amish community because he has Intermittent Explosive Disorder.
The mud party ends up becoming a place where Devil Doug rallies the troops and tries to get them prepared to take over the Amish. He has quite the anger problem as he has a temper tantrum when he learns about Sam Mollitt giving up information while in prison. I once knew a guy that ate bull testicles for protein but I have never heard of keeping horse balls in a jar just for memories. It seems that Susanna has quite the attractive body as she seems like she is 21 or 22 years old. Caleb ended up using a cannon to steal corn from the Amish and Doug shut down the taxi service.
Alan mentioned he had been a bookie for betting on volleyball in Lancaster County in the past.

I am 100% positive they are going to make this a plot moving forward as the previews show her taking off her top and wearing a skimpy bathing suit. The people speaking it are obviously examish or in some way know the language cause their accent is perfect. Some are going to be very sad to see this series end but it looks like it is going to come to a climatic finish. Well, now that the final season kicks off on February 10th I have seen YouTube previews, promoted Twitter tweets and plenty of other advertising efforts by the Discovery Channel.
If you know anything about the show or the cast from the show please feel free to leave that information in the comments below. It is interesting to note that she does not fit the bill as the type of person that would come from a community that is completely removed from society.
There were a few interesting tidbits that we learned about the Amish including their education concluding at the 8th grade level and the fact that they do not believe in hospitals or medication. While being interviewed some of these girls know about the others while some think Levi is in love with just them. Their criminal defense attorney Steven Breit basically threatened the producers of the show on national TV. I have met some people that get pissed off in my day but these seems a little over the top.
I am quite certain many people will be searching for a picture of Alan Beiler’s girlfriend Ashley in the very near future.
Caleb is not happy with this and I think we are going to see Devil Doug vs Lebanon Levi in future episodes. We also get to see Mary who is either married to Merlin or simply cooks for him and does the house work.
He also runs a Buggy Riding business that was attacked by the Mennonites during this particular show. The Book of Menno was buried in a farmer’s yard by Alvin but Alvin has since moved to Florida. Basically, anything in which Levi makes money is ruined by the time he gets back from Florida. In the first episode she was in you could not get a read on her body, but she looks like she is in pretty good shape from the previews. During TV shows millions of fans are watching while on their laptops, tablets or phones searching for more information related to the shows. I don’t think we will see Lebanon Levi at the Tanger Outlets shopping in any of the Amish Mafia shows but understand that this area is has plenty of entertainment options. I am not sure if the Amish Mafia show mentions any high schools or high school students in the area but Manheim Township will be something I look for and listen for in the final season of the Discovery Channel TV show. I would assume the Amish Mafia used a motor vehicle like a car or truck to hit a buggy and then drive off. What Levi doesn’t know is that Doug has an entire arsenal of guns, ammo and dynamite in a cabin. One of the most popular searches during live TV shows is to research the characters or actors.
It has basically come to the point of the Amish vs the English after the Esther Schmucker incident. She does have a large nose but other than that she is more attractive than most of the Amish girls and women on the show.
The show ends with Doug showing the arsenal to Caleb to let him know he joined the correct side.
All the TV show and movies I’ve seen, do a terrible job at accurately depicting true Amish.
He sends her back to Ohio on a bus as he won’t even driver her or send her on a plane home. I know multiple of the ppl in that (one an aunt) and they actually live just like that to this day.

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